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Matt Woods and Avido

Hip, cool and clever. Matt Woods again? No this time I'm talking about his design for Avido. Macramé on the ceiling (a Sarah Parkes piece), old brick walls balanced by warm timber counters, slashes of colour and an eclectic collection of classic furniture. Avido means greedy and I'm certainly eager to use some of these ideas in my own home. Photos by Will Reichelt.

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Good eats and good design

We received an email and photos from Ria about Barcelona Atlanta - a new Spanish tapas and wine bar in the Atlanta neighborhood of Inman Park and was just named as one of the best bars in America in Travel & Leisure Magazine. Ria's boss, Sasa Mahr Batuz, is the Creative Director and unlike other restaurants, he's involved in every process of designing the restaurants (there are several, located throughout Connecticut from the greater New York region to West Hartford and New Haven). The decor is out of this world - I love absolutely every inch. I would not even care what the food tasted like (as long as they had a decent red wine anyway). 


Union Jacks

Too cool! Rule Britannia! Jamie Oliver's new restaurant Union Jacks designed by Blacksheep. It's quirky, it's fun. It's cheeky and clichéd Brit through and through. Nostalgia and post-war echoes, childhood memories and great food. Not just a concept eatery with theatrics and bells and whistles though, it is a fabulously well designed restaurant as you would expect for a top chef like Jamie.

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My new favourite restaurant

Have a peek over on my page if you'd like to hear about my new favourite restaurant here in Ottawa...


Commute Home

We concentrate primarily on domestic interiors on Desire to Inspire. It's all about the home. Actually it's all about the room porn for the home. Every so often, though, inspiration comes muscling in from commercial designs. Commute Home is a Toronto based design firm and although what you see before you are restaurants and offices, shops and studio space I could with just a tiny bit of tweaking see these designs providing inspiration for your "not so tame" domesticated home. A little indie. A little edgy. Definitely with attitude. Urban cool. Inner city hip.

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