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Saturday morning coffee

A ritual. A habit. An obsession. Saturday morning coffee. Do you jostle for a seat or grab a takeaway? Place your order. Flick through a well thumbed newspaper while you wait.  A quick pit stop or a more of a linger? You tell yourself it's all about the coffee but the coffee bar is important too. It's got to be cool, a little edgy, small because it's your little secret. A serious case of coffee bar love when it comes to the work of Melbourne based design studio Larritt-Evans.

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Hello yellow

Guaranteed to put as much pep in your stride as the caffeine you're about to down. A slap in the face dose of yellow at Hams & Bacon at Pope Joan designed by Figure Ground. Can you imagine this in a domestic kitchen, a bathroom? Wow!


Getting inspiration down at the pub

We don't always feature hospitality design on Desire to Inspire but when there are so many ideas that can translate easily to a smaller, more intimate domestic space then we just have to share. I'm dipping into the portfolio of Sydney design firm Alexander & CO again. Their design for The Sunset Room at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is as beautiful as it is functional. Coastal chic mixed with the found and the vintage all with a limited palette layered with texture. Colour provided by flowers and foliage in bright green demijohns draws the eye from space to space. Talk about getting inspiration down at the pub.

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FLO Design Studio

FLO: (noun.) The state of mind, process, or way of being abundantly present. Located in Long Beach, California, FLO Design Studio specializes in restaurants, spas and boutique hotels and residences, and can spruce up any one of those in mid-century, industrial, hollywood regency style and make it work. Megan, principal designer/partner is known for her ability to combine global glamour with spiritual edge. Megan's designs focus on the integration of vivid emotional and visual texture.  Her indoor and outdoor spaces incorporate powerful mid-century lines, geometry, sculptural and organic forms and materials, and are influenced by the multi-ethnic pulse that is one of the defining characteristics of Los Angeles.

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The Stables of Como

Let's meet up for a coffee. Perhaps a little cake? I'd love to while away an hour or two gossiping and grazing at the The Stables of Como. We'll be tempted by the gardens and the historic Como House but you know what, I think I'd rather sit and catch up with you in these cute cafe surroundings. We can always come back and do a house tour another day.

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