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Happy space

Not only do I love this Danish style sideboard "The Iconic" by Kira & Kira but their styling of this shoot at David Bromley's Secret Garden Byron Bay pushes all my buttons. Might just be my new happy space.



I understand it's as inner city Sydney as you can get (Darlinghurst). I understand it's a renovated 2 bedroom art deco flat. I understand it looks cute with its white walls, colourful kilim and funky artwork. I understand it probably looks better in real life than these photos and I'd fell in love with it on inspection in person. I just don't understand Sydney property prices. (Guide price over $950 000.) Link here while it lasts.


Friday stalking

I'm stalking a little weatherboard cottage in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond. Cute and colourful with a youthful vibe. Wish the photos were better and there were a lot more! I spy a few treasures from Fenton & Fenton I do believe. One of my favourite shops. Link here while it lasts.

P.S. Speaking of lots of lovely photos I had the super talented Elizabeth from Walk among the homes shooting at my house today. Great fun! I'll let you know when she posts the story. In the meantime pop over and see inside some of Brisbane's coolest real homes.

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Nuevo Estilo

Rugs. Love 'em. They add coziness to a room, texture, and are a great way to add texture and pattern (I am REALLY not a fan of a plain, neutral coloured rug - it becomes a focal point of boring). I have several in my home - except they're all packed away in the basement because rugs and seven cats don't mix unfortunately. I miss my vintage kilim I used to have under my dining table in the kitchen (seen in this post), but I was ruining it by all the vacuuming. And what is it about cats always insisting on aiming for a rug when they barf? Anyway, I thought I'd do a rug round-up today. Happy Friday!

P.S. Speaking of pets, I just noticed I still have hardly any pets on furniture entries for this coming Monday, so if you want this feature to return please send me photos! (Details here)



Anthology Magazine

covet garden

Anthology Magazine

Elle Decor España

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Kristofer Johnsson + 1

I think the idea of layered rugs is graphic and unique, but although I'm sure the space above was styled just for this shoot, wouldn't that be beyond annoying? Your chair getting caught on one of 5 rugs while you try and get up from the table? And OMG how do you vaccuum all these??? (...that's the 7-cat owner in me spazzing at the thought). Via Kristofer Johnsson.

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