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Cat on a rug

Thanks to Sandra for sending in this photo of her cat Schmoo (LOL!!) on a plastic rug made out of recycled coke bottles. I could use some plastic rugs - would make cleaning up cat puke a heck of a lot easier since they ALWAYS insist on aiming for rugs.


Rug request

Janine wrote us with a particular request: "With all the creativity in modern design--angles, curves, patterns, and textures--why do the shapes of area rugs always seem to be rectangular? I'm looking for an interestingly shaped rug, something asymmetrical perhaps. I have, of course, seen nicely shaped animal hide rugs and would love to find photographs using that idea but, please, not striped or spotted. Seen anything like that?" After searching through MANY photographs to find non-rectangular rugs, I came up with only round and animal hide. But considering all the different colours of animal rugs you can get these days, I think that's a great option. I bought one for my living room because it's such a small and narrow space - rectangular would have made it seem even more narrow. And, well, rectangular is boring. I'm not sure why stripes and spots (my favs) are not an option for Janine, but here are some ideas...

Bolig MagasinetKen Hayden
House BeautifulAlternative Design
Pieter EstersohnFrances Janisch
Apartment TherapyDiamond Baratta Design
House of PicturesInreda
Ken HaydenSkonahem
Studio IlseOak Management


Dog on a cowhide

Typically when we post animals, it's "dog on a chair" or "dog on a couch"....this time, it's a dog on a cowhide. And this I had to post for 3 reasons. First, this photo was sent by Jessica, of The World According to Jessica Claire, who has more animals than I do. 4 cats (2 sphynx and 2 cornish rex), 2 dachshunds and a great dane. INSANITY! Makes me want to go out and get a dog. Second, it's a photo of Jessica's great dane. I have wanted a great dane for a LONG TIME. Third, Jessica's harlequin dane Leya matches the freaking rug. FABULOUS!!! Thanks Jessica!


Art on the floor

I received an email from Kersti Ericsson of HZL by Henzel, a Swedish company that produces these stunning and unique rugs. HZL by Henzel is built upon a foundation of creativity and a desire to make rugs a key element of interior design. They call their handmade rugs bespoke tailoring for you floor. Around 40 percent of their rugs are made to order, mostly in collaboration with interior designers and architects, although special and wonderful requests from the general public include portraits and reproductions of children’s drawings. Definitely out of the ordinary, definitely gorgeous!

Images from HZL by Henzel


Smitten kitten

Since the first time I saw this rug, I was smitten. I didn't think it was possible to love a rug this much.....

The Rug Company

Thank you, Vivienne Westwood, for designing such a gorgeous specimen of a rug.