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Expedition Happiness - home on a school bus

What happens when 2 creative travellers get their hands on a huge yellow school bus? 

They turn it into the coolest home on 4 wheels! Felix Starck, Selima Taibi and their dog Rudi (a rather large Bernese Mountain dog) are travelling in this converted bus from Alaska to Argentina - it's Expedition Happiness. The conversion was alot of work and there is now an incredible amount of storage without taking up too much valuable space. The sofa is designed with 2 large drawers for camera gear and folds out into a double bed. The queen sized bed in the bedroom area has one half that folds up so they can store bulky items like an outdoor table, guitar, and tools. The other half has 4 big drawers for clothes. Towels, toilet paper etc. is housed in the big closet and the cubbies behind the bed function as a nightstand alternative. There is even a 32" TV in there. On top of being totally functional with a complete kitchen and shower stall, it's beautifully designed and decorated in rustic wood and white. Simple and bright and all you really need. It is totally gorgeous and now I want my own school bus to convert!! You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or their blog. I am soooo jealous. 

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Stack of books

What do you do when you have a ton of books and no bookshelves? STACK 'EM UP! Great idea and looks pretty fab, but only if you don't plan on reading any side from the top few. :) Via a real estate listing in Sweden on Lagerlings. And because this apartment has a rustic vintage vibe I really dig, here are a few extra photos. 


A rustic, industrial library by Jamie Banfield

Beautiful slabs of walnut (I'm guessing here), reclaimed wood shelves, raw steel supports, some stunning artwork, a vintage typewriter (this one is incredible, it too is like art) together in a small space make for an ideal cozy library/workspace with a masculine, rustic, industrial feel to it. By Vancouver interior designer Jamie Banfield

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Magic egg guesthouse

And just when you think it can't get any better...the magic egg farmhouse has a GUESTHOUSE!!! 

A little spot just over a little hill from the Magic Egg farmhouse. The guest house was filled with spiders and piles (and piles) of books when we got there, but it was easy to see the promise of this space. We let the original floors and wood beams steer the style, and kept things simple and light. Textured linens, white plaster, brass accents, some hanging sage from the garden, and of course, some built in bunk beds. It’s the perfect sized weekend getaway. Jersey Ice Cream Co. does it again. 


Magic egg farmhouse

If you asked me what type of home I would want to live in for the rest of my life if I had to choose one, this is my answer. This home and everything in it. A late-18th-century farmhouse tucked away in 167 acres of fields and forest, complete with a barn, pool, pond, and tennis court. Over its many years the house has seen plenty of renovations and, we can only imagine, has lived just as many lives. Its most recent iteration featured a rainbow’s array of wall colors and strange furniture choices. It was immediately clear that all that needed to go, and that we’d basically need to start from scratch, while keeping just a few old details like the wide-plank floors and rich chestnut paneling. Such a relaxing, serene environment filled with all the wonderful textures and neutral tones you would expect in your dream farmhouse. By Jersey Ice Cream Co. (Previous feature here)

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