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Paradise in Puglia

escape (noun) ih-skeyp ~ a form of temporary distraction from reality or routine.

Elysium (noun) ih-lizh-ee-uhm ~ any place or state of perfect happiness; paradise.

daydream (noun) dey-dreem ~ a reverie indulged in while awake.

Masseria Tenuta Potenti via Welcome Beyond.

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Desert farmhouse

Modern family needs and aged Mediterranean patina and all of this is Scottsdale, Arizona. Based on a rural farmhouse the home surrounds a central courtyard with pool providing ample opportunity to tie the inside to the the out. A series of intimate rooms not large open plan areas ensures the home, though large, is on a more human scale. New yet old, relaxed yet sophisticated. By Oz Architects with interiors by David Michael Miller Associates.

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Slopeside chalet

I thought I would share another beauty by Pearson Design Group (interior by Wick Design). This one is located in Montana and is the perfect winter chalet getaway. Not only is the exterior picture-perfect but the interior is gorgeous - cabin-esque with a bit of a funky edge. LOVE!!! 


Modern in the sticks

This absolutely incredible home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by Pearson Design Group has rendered me almost speechless. It's an absolute dream. Whenever I talk about wrecking and re-building my home, my description is always "modern cabin". This is a modern cabin at it's finest. I adore everything about it. I won't bother waxing lyrical about each element because this post will never end, but I must point out how cool the concrete porch floor is with the inset wood "rug". How sweet would that be in a living room?! 

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Monday getaway

Run away! Run Away! It's Monday. Let's keep the weekend going with a virtual getaway to the Hospedería Convento de La Parra in the Extremadura region of Spain. We could call it a retreat. It is a 17th century convent after all.

"Sorry. You are not going to find a television set here, not even a radio tuner. Only spaces for reading, a table for playing board games, corridors for reflection, cloisters that will bring back to you the smell of orange blossom, lime, wood, rest, peace, water and sun."

Aaaahhh! A heavenly cure for Mondayitis.

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