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Saturday with friends

Late afternoon. The sun is hanging low in the west. A cool breeze nips and snaps to remind me that winter hasn't quite gone yet. I'm sitting waiting for friends to arrive. Wine, cheese, light the fire when the sun goes down. Jazz and chicken pot pie for dinner. Maybe mushy pies. A movie with orange almond cake during the interval. (Remember intervals and choc top cones?) Easy going, relaxed and just perfect. A bit like this warehouse space. Warm, cosy, real. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon with friends. Found at the always inspiring Airspace Locations. The Shoe Factory.

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Dar Kawa

A few steps from the spice market in the Marrakech's medina is the home of stylist, art director and designer Valérie Barkowski. Dar Kawa, a riad overflowing with style and a timelessness. Authentic with a twist. A modern take on the historic. A perfect escape in an exotic locale.

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Indulge me ...

... if you will. I have always wanted to find an old cottage, some place that hasn't changed in all the years it has stood. A time capsule. The simple life. A few spartan rooms stained with history, heavy with memories. A place like Railway Farm just outside of Malmsbury in Victoria. I have been real estate stalking and found a rough gem. This 3 room hut, let's face it it's hardly a cottage, was built around 1865. Slab and tin, brick floor, walls paper in old newspapers, hot in summer, cold in winter and wonderfully beautiful in its own way. A pioneer hut unchanged except for ever thickening coats of paint on ceilings and walls. 56 acres of land, a well, stone walls and no electricity. Perfect for weekend getaways for those who crave the rough luxe ... minus the luxe. Perhaps I can bring that along each weekend. Dreaming of how I would furnish it. Thank for indulging my daydream. Back to normal programming soon. Link here while it lasts.


The home of photographer Caroline Otteni

Sitting in a meadow of flowers, surrounded by fruit trees, not far from the Baltic Sea in Germany is Haus Otteni. This old farm workers' house has been lovingly restored by its photographer owner. It's a family home of interconnecting rooms, clay plaster walls, rustic beams and a dark cave like feel. Interesting sight lines and the play of light and shadow reveal the photographer's eye. A special place that is made even more lovely by its everyday practicality. Precious but not precocious. Even better it is available for holiday rent. Sunbathing in the meadows, relaxing in the shade of a fruit tree, soft breezes blowing in from the coast. Lazy, blowsy summer days with family or friends.

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The natural (brown) collection

I'm having a design crisis. I'm finding myself drawn to brown. Not just brown but neutrals, no ... naturals, maybe wood ... and stone ... maybe brick. Grass and feathers and gnarly old branches next to turned bowls of eggs and seed pods. It's clutter and collections and brown .... brown ... natural ... oh and copper and brass and antiques and hemp and sisal and hand made furniture and back to brown. It's driving me crazy but I can't help it. I found this home in the countryside just outside Berrima in New South Wales on my regular real estate stalking and I should be running screaming shouting "no", "no", "no" but ... I'm kind of hooked. It bothers me but perhaps it shouldn't. Link here while it lasts.

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