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While googling country kitchens (I have a hankering for simple, clean Shaker style lines in my hopefully soon to be renovated kitchen) I stumbled upon British bespoke kitchen designers deVOL. Beautiful freestanding kitchen furniture ... islands, cabinets, butcher's blocks, shelves and more. I love the display kitchens they have installed in Cotes Mill, the historic 16th century listed water mill that is their showroom. That's if you can call such an amazing building a "showroom".

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Pretty rough

So drawn to this rough luxe, girly vs rustic with a twist of vintage, imperfectly pretty bed space. A lovely look by prop and soft goods stylist Kate S Jordan. More fabulousness on her website and if you can't get enough her tumblr, The Modern Diary, will draw you right in.


Love this space!

Check out this vintage, rustic, eclectic space featured in the latest issue of Lithuanian e-mag Lamų slėnis. Lovin' the photography and post-processing too. 


Jonathan West

Dear Mr West ... er, um, ... Jonathan,

Bit overwhelmed here. Not sure exactly what to say. I ... well ... I really, really like your work. Cool shots, great light, beautiful colours.  Love the way you capture the sense of wabi sabi, of imperfection. that's it. Gee I guess it wasn't hard after all to say what a super photographer you are.


Photography by Jonathan West via CSB Management.

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Under the arches

White on white with archways of light. Really couldn't get any better. A fabulous apartment from locations agency Hi-Location. Rugged brick walls, stunning windows and stylish contemporary furniture. The best of European venues and locations from this young, dynamic Milan based agency.

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