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La Bandita

"Ever wish you had a friend with a stylish house on a beautiful hillside in Tuscany, one who knows the best local restaurants, towns and vineyards? Well now you do."

With a tag line like that you know have found the perfect holiday getaway. La Bandita is the creation of music executive John Voigtmann who had the crazy idea of ditching the big city and the celebrities and with his wife restore a derelict Tuscan farmhouse. It's relaxed, comfortable, modern yet rustic, stylish and no fuss. Sheep wander past the perfect pool, views go on forever and I wouldn't be surprised if lunch continued on till dinner. Down a long bumpy road is a slice of Italian heaven. The best things in life are always off the beaten track.

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A closer look

I had to go back. I just had to. Drawn like a moth to the flame. I clicked the link and took a look. Sucked right back into the portfolio of photographer Mark Gregory Peters. (You'll find my first post on him here.) Then I took a closer look. A closer look at the home of Spanish decorator Serge Castella, first published in AD Spain and captured in all its moody, dark and broody glory by MGP. Dramatic!

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Castello di Vicarello

"At Castello di Vicarello history lives on each path, in each stone and every wall sings a song of the ancient past."

Crowning a hilltop amidst olive groves in southern Tuscany is a fairy tale castle come to life. But this castello is no dream. It's a rustic luxe retreat that will sweep you up in its history, embrace you in its family's arms and spoil you rotten with its quirky luxury. Aurora and Carlo Baccheschi Berti have restored the ruins of the twelfth century castle over many years and now play host to lucky guests who have the choice of seven luxury villas and suites. Rooms are filled with exquisite antiques and furniture and artifacts from the family's life in Indonesia. As for the gardens and views. Sigh. A truly once in a life time experience. One day. One day I will go.

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Casa Olivi

In the heart of the Marches in Italy is a 300 hundred year old farm that combines tradition with the modern, minimalist with the sensory, rough walls with streamlined severity, luxury with simplicity. 360 degree views meet bastion like walls. Infinity pool reaches forever and cool stone is cave like. Casa Olivi, heritage protected, has been renovated by its owners into a luxurious holiday home. Design by Swiss architects Markus Wespi and Jerome de Meuron. This stylish piece of Italy is available for holiday let. More information at Casa Olivi. ***Update: Now available to rent via Paradizo Private Collection

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A gorgeous Spanish home

I have just a quick post for you all today as I am trying to enjoy a gorgeous warm and sunny weekend. I spent yesterday at my sister's cottage and today I've got some yard work, spray painting (my shoe shelves need another coat of sealant as many of my shoes ended up with random neon pink marks) and other random chores to get through - anything I can think of to do outdoors. I saw this home on Nuevo Estilo and fell in love. It's my favourite scenario - and old home that has been renovated and brought to life with mostly contemporary decor. It's extra special as it's located on the stunning island of Mallorca, in the Mediterranean Sea. Oh, and it's available for rent as a vacation home here

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