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A dude lives here

It really could not be more obvious that a guy's guy lives here. I may be stereotyping but I'd wager a cat. It has everything a masculine pad could ever dream of - brick walls everywhere, steel beams, loftiness, reclaimed wood, a decent media centre, a just-big-enough kitchen to eat take out in....and it's even got pets made out of conduit! Via The Village

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Reader's home - Ely's light-filled villa in Bali

Ely Gordeeva is an architect and decorator and painter from Russia now residing in the most wonderful villa in Ubud, Bali. Ely designed her Balinese home and it's filled with light, warmth and a bit of whimsy - the DIY light fixture over the dining table is so cute! (Do you think she'd want to switch places over the winter??!!)

High roof saves the cool air inside the house - the floor is gipsum - woven mat of palm leaf in living room

to have more light in the room I decided not to make cabinets under the countertop - love this colourful woven dining chairs from Java


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Rough around the edges

This itty bitty home is a renovated worker's in Melbourne, Australia designed by Edwards Moore. A perfect description: Retaining the existing street frontage and primary living areas whilst fragmenting the building addition beyond. Creating courtyards which serve to separate yet connect the functions for living. A collection of raw and untreated finishes creating a grit that compliments the owners desire for an uncomplicated living arrangement. Echoes of the homes history are reflected in discreetly choreographed gold panels located throughout the space. An abundance of natural light refracting off the all white interiors create a sense of the ethereal, an otherworldly environment hidden amongst the urban grain. I love the grittiness - lots of finishing details in a home is really not my thing. This may be on the opposite end of the spectrum of a "finished" home but I find this homier. (A previous post of their work here)

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Capri Suite

Located on the Italian island of Capri, Capri Suite is a modernized 2 suite hotel designed by ZETASTUDIO Architects. It was originally part of the St. Micheles’ convent built in the XVII century, and the juxtaposition of the rustic architecture with modern furnishings makes this a pretty funky hotel IMHO. 

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Dobrodošli u Prugu

All the hard work is done. The doors are open. Guests are arriving. Welcome to Pruga, two acres of peace and quiet and bed and breakfast. After many years in the UK, Andrijana and Vanja returned to Croatia, to the idyllic countryside of Istria, to just outside the tiny village of Lovrinići. Blood, sweat and tears and finally they created a beautiful stone building containing two apartments for guests, a lovely pool for hot summer days and all the tranquility one could want. Oh and the bars and restaurants that abound in this part of Croatia. More on their website and you can follow their progress on their blog.

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