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The best of both worlds

One minute I love modern...and the next minute I love rustic. Every now and then I come across a home that has both, but this home is pretty much the extreme of what is modern and rustic. It is located in Jaffa, Tel Aviv and from what Google translator told me, it is at least a century old and has been restored and modernized. I am taken with the juxtaposition of the stone arches with the polished concrete floors and sleek cabinetry and furnishings. (via Mimdap)


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The house at ...

... Hautefage. Take a 19th century farmhouse right in the heart of France. Original beams, old weathered floors, terracotta and thick stone walls. Excited yet? Add design classics and bespoke fittings. Be a little cheeky, a touch unexpected. Throw in amazing food and wine and be prepared to be amazed. Boutique hotels are always something just a little special. Medieval village meets mid century. Lavender, rosemary, dining al fresco, cobblestone streets and rolling fields. It's almost torture not being there. The House at Hautefage.

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Old Villa

I've got another London location home beauty for you today, thanks to the folks at Shoot Factory. This one is called Old Villa, and old it certainly is. A little rough around the edges (is that a hole in the bathroom floor?) and a bit more traditional than we typically post but I love it for those qualities. My only beef is that gorgeous porcelain kitchen sink stuck in a corner, mounted on a rickety looking table. ODD. And how annoying if you've got a pile of dishes to do.


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Mastership Wrights

You may be wondering just what in the hell is Mastership Wrights. Well, it's a London based location home that is available through one of our favourite location agencies, Shoot Factory. Michael, one of the owners of the agency, sent us some big juicy photos of this fairly raw space for your viewing pleasure. I love a raw space - I would LOVE the chance to buy a REALLY old home like this one and start taking it apart bit by bit while living in it so you get partially removed walls, peeling wallpaper etc. It's so dramatic and edgy. (P.S. Check out Michael's blog, featuring his home renos).


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Bed & Breakfast

Fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle? The idea of a guest house, a bed and breakfast more appealing than an impersonal hotel room? A little bit of paradise in the middle of the Italian countryside? Oh yes please! Toss aside your big city cares and settle into this Upper Tiber Valley barn conversion. It's part of the owners' home. Mid century classics and rural Italy. Sounds like a great marriage. Add a private swimming pool and five hectares of land to explore, fig trees to pluck fruit from, a bocce court in the woods. What more could you want for an escape to the country? Villa Metato Umbria, Italy via Welcome Beyond.

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