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The Boat House

One more small gem from Bosworth Hoedemaker. A boathouse renovation at Hood Canal on Puget Sound. Simple and subtle to balance the mighty view. The perfect spot to watch the sun go down, to listen to the soft lap at the water's edge.


A house for sale in Provence

You may remember Fabien from this post of his home back in '09. He emailed us recently, hoping we could help his friends out. You see, Olivier & Caroline are selling their absolutely gorgeous, renovated home in St Maurice de Cazevieille, Provence in the South of France. What a dream! It took them 8 months to execute this green renovation, using original materials such as lime and sand, wood and stone and combining them with very modern appliances to update this very rustic home. This couple are now looking to sell as they have discovered another project. So if any of our readers are on the hunt for the home of their dreams in the South of France, look no further! More details here. (P.S. I'm obsessed with the cat photo - go figure).

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Tiny house

A tiny house big on style, mighty where it counts. A small footprint, big use of re-use. Reclaiming, recycling, reinventing but definitely not rehashing. Fresh green design capped off with the freshest of new roofs, moss and green ferns. Jessica Helgerson's family home in Sauvie Island, just north of Portland, Oregon. Photography by Lincoln Barbour.

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Amelia Handegan

In keeping with the traditional theme I started earlier today, let me introduce you to Charleston, South Carolina interior designer Amelia Handegan. She has had the pleasure of working on several of Charleston's nationally recognized historic homes. Her mostly traditional decor is elegant yet comfortable and liveable, and I am smitten with the rustic cabins she designed. Really simple and really soothing. Lovely spaces. 

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A palace in Lisbon

We received the following email the other day from JoanaI thought you might want to take a look at Palácio Belmonte in Lisbon, Portugal. It's right in the heart of the old district of Castelo, two steps away from the castle. Palácio Belmonte was a noble family's residence for centuries; it has probably one of the best views in the city. It was one of the first palaces built in Lisbon (it dates back to 1449). It fell, however, in neglect; in the 90's, already in ruins, it was bought and patiently restored by a french entrepreneur. It is now a luxury hotel. I'm an architecture student and a photographer; when I came across the palace, by chance, I had no idea it even existed. You can walk right by it and not even notice it's there. There was a man playing the piano, though, and the music led to a cup of coffee, which led to a small walk inside the Palace. More than one year later, I eventually asked the owner for permission to go and take pictures; those are the images I'm sending you. WOW. I've always wanted to visit Portugal...and now I'm more determined than ever. This hotel is beautiful, and so are your photos Joana!

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