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Montse Garriga Grau

I'm randy for some eye candy, so I thought I'd share some this afternoon by the talented hands of Spanish photographer Montse Garriga Grau. Love the very rustic European vibe of many of these spaces. It means leaving your shoes on and dirt not showing on the floors (and in my case cat fur just blends in), walls or furniture getting scuffed is insignificant, and the more rough and original the better. I could totally live like that. Easy living I'd like to call it. I think I'm going this route because 2 of my older cats (one is 20ish) who are having health issues have decided to pee where they really REALLY shouldn't (ie. my new leather couch, boots sitting at the front door, on all my belts dangling in my closet...). Perhaps if I pray hard enough I can be teleported to one of these spaces where cats don't torture me and I can live in peace and cat-pee-free.

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Paradise at Patonga

I couldn't resist. I've featured this home before but when I found it again on the Koskela website with even more pictures I had to share. It's Dickebusch, a 2 bedroom holiday home, with separate cottage in the fishing village of Patonga north of Sydney. Renovated by the duo behind Koskela furniture - Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky - it is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Relaxed and stylish. Warm and fashionably laid back. Imagine your perfect holiday shack full of Koskela furniture, lighting and objects. Throw in some vintage pieces and collectables and it is just about heaven. Sleeps 8. Now there will be two from DTI ... that leaves 6 more. Just leave your name if you want to join us ;)

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More please

I'd like to see more please. I know that the new building has been designed to impact on the landscape as little as possible but I want to take a virtual walk through. See more of those stone walls, that dark bedroom, the retro furniture. Just a little bit more. Barn extension by Toulouse-based Puig Pujol architectures.


Zumthor Ferienhäuser

Take me away to a land of snow, a land of steep mountains and tumbling valleys. I want to hide away from the world in a wooden house clinging to the slopes in an age-old hamlet. Annalisa and Peter Zumthor's timber houses perch above their age blackened neighbours in Leis in Val, Switzerland (population 20). Once inside the houses wrap you in their close embrace, while classic midcentury and modern furniture plays against the soft golden gleam of the wooden walls. But turn outwards, look through those windows and a wonderland awaits, winter or summer. Zumthor Ferienhäuser - holiday homes to rent.

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Richard Bubnowski

Richard Bubnowski is an architect and furniture designer based in New Jersey and I am totally digging his portfolio. He's all about casual homes that are contemporary with a nod to the traditional, and have a rustic, beachy vibe (and often happen to be right on the beach!). It's so fresh and liveable that I'm just eating it up! (I don't know what it is about cedar shingles but I want some on my next house. Somewhere). 

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