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Glamping in the snow

... in Les Giettes, Swiss Alps, Switzerland. Except I've heard that it has been the driest autumn in Switzerland since .... well I wasn't listening that closely ... and there is no snow. Tell me it isn't so! A girl from a subtropical land can dream of deep banks of snow though. And a girl who hates camping can dream of glamping with bathrooms and beds and hairdryers and heating and dinners provided. Whitepod. My kind of camping. Via Welcome Beyond.

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House hunting in the country

House hunting sounds so much more "adult" than real estate stalking. Not that I'm looking to bag any houses this particular house hunting season. My bag limit was definitely one and I'm done. Still I seem to be drawn to country cottages and getaway boltholes. In places with fruit trees and hedges, a vege garden, old wooden sheds, quiet country lanes and a well stocked local deli with cheese room and wine cellar just down the road. Perhaps a cafe with a famous, now "retired" barista. Somewhere I can rough it with a cappuccino or some gelati. This cottage might just do me fine. It's just outside Daylesford in Victoria. A little decluttering, a few more found industrial pieces and a wine fridge. Every weekender needs a wine fridge :P Link here while it lasts.

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Rustic spaces

Rustic farmhouse-style spaces with a sense of history. So charming. The works of French interior designer Isabelle Heureux


Casa Talìa

Run away, get away, fly away. Slow down, pull up, take time. Drink wine, tell stories, find friends, explore. Want to come away with me to Casa Talìa in Modica, Sicily? Yes I thought so. Life is too fast. It's time to slow down, rewind, relax. Another stunning property through Welcome Beyond.

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Warm winds

So evocative of the warm wind and a warm welcome. For those in the northern climes who need a little cheering as winter sneaks towards them. Fab shot by photographer Dylan Thomas. (See my previous Dylan Thomas post here.)