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Let's make something beautiful together 

I was wandering through instagram when one turn then another brought me out at the home of the Jersey Ice Cream Company. Here's the thing. They do not actually make ice cream but their creations are just as delicious.

"Every space holds its own unique opportunities. Old houses are filled with secrets, little clues that lie hidden for years. The only thing better than rescuing them from layers of wallpaper, paint, and carpet is weaving those stories together with fresh ideas, creating spaces that feel new but instantly familiar. Though empty white boxes lack similar stories, they carry with them a certain sense of freedom. When a history doesn't already exist, it's ours to create."

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Kuća Kamena

It's Wednesday. The middle of a long working week. Hump day. Need a little daydream to make it through the day, the week? Time to take a virtual holiday to the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. To a simple stone house, to Kuća Kamena in Novigrad (of Croatia's four Novigrads this one is the one that is famous for not being famous). To the home of artist and designer Boris Kajmak and, if you like, yours for a little while. Rustic beauty in a beautiful part of the world.

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Amy Trowman

Casual, beachy, rustic, bohemian...South Carolina based interior designer Amy Trowman designs spaces that are all of the above, and so much more. Sophisticated yet don't mind if the dog scratches the floor and bare feet are a must. Her kitchens are soooo dreamy. My favourite one is up next. 

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Urban Cowboy B&B

They call it "Industrial Williamsburg/Adirondack/Cowboy Sensibility". I call it cool. Would you believe this is a Brooklyn townhouse? Hell no. Better still it's a B&B and there is even a log cabin out back. Time to pack the bags, check in and soak up the hipster vibes. Welcome to Urban Cowboy B&B.

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The Herringbone

Similar to The Oyster Catcher that Jo had featured a few months back, The Herringbone is another holiday rental property of phootgrapher Paul Massey in Mousehole, Cornwall, UK. After the week I have had I would love nothing more than to leave everything at home (cats, electronics, real estate agents, maybe even husband) and spend a few days here with nothing but good food and good books. *SIGH* (Via Unique Home Stays)

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