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Friday quickie 3

Stylist Mikael Beckman recently shared with us a taste of Christmas (here) at Svenskt Tenn. Now spring is on the way so with a few simple but stylish changes Mikael brings in the promise of the new season. Love his concept sketch. A quick, free and easy style that conveys the message perfectly.


Friday quickie

I'll have this ....

or this. Fab photos by Elisabeth Aarhus. Love!


A castle in Denmark


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away a castle awoke from its slumber, shook its traditional roots and decided it wanted to be thoroughly modern. Well almost. A fairytale castle always has to be just a little bit fairytale. I love this modern take on a traditional home. Katrine Martensen-Larsen of KML Design always finds the most wonderful places.




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Jonas Gustavsson

First photographer for 2011. Jonas Gustavsson. Swedish born and New York based and fabulous. What do you think of Anna Sui's wardrobe (3-7)? If I remember correctly she bought a second apartment in her building and converted it into her closet. The ultimate walk in robe and captured in all its OTTness (not a word I know!) perfectly by Gustavsson. I love the composition and angles of the photos. Somehow the rooms feel so full, bursting with inspiration. There is an intimacy. Like snooping while the owner is out. The holiday season may be finished but I still can't get enough of Scandinavian cosy winter homes (after the jump).

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Summer magic

Beautifully told stories, pictures painting an enviable lifestyle. TeamLiving, the Danish picture agency seek inspiring interiors and then weave their magic. They'll have you under their spell with their incredible team of photographers, stylists and writers. This is just one photo story from their impressive body of work. A Scandinavian summer house to dream about as northern snow piles high, or the rain incessantly falls or southern summers swelter. Gorgeous!

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