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From the love list ....

.... these bedrooms styled by Sophie Andersson. I've featured her before but the first is new and the second has always been a favourite. Sweet dreams!


Stalking in Sweden

I’m real estate stalking a little further afield today. Sweden in fact. I’m a lot like Kim. I can’t get enough of Scandinavian homes and this apartment in Göteborg is gorgeous. So much white and a perfect porcelain stove. Pity it’s sold. Actually probably for the best. I have my eye on a property here in Australia. All this loveliness via brokers Alvhem.


It's like a drug

Scandinavian design is like a drug to me. I need it and when I don't get my fix I get really crabby. Today it comes from one of my favourite sites, House of Pictures.


White hot

I just can't get enough of white. So here is more.

Photos by Bjarni B. Jacobsen & Anette Eckmann


White is the new white

Coincidentally, I found more photos of beautiful drenched-in-white homes. This time it's a Scandinavian delight. I would move into this place in a second. I think Scandinavian spaces are some of the most inviting, comfy spaces going. (Anyone want to take my 6 cats for a couple days so I can paint my floors white??? ANYONE????)

Photos by Bjarni B. Jacobsen & Anette Eckmann

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