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Delicious. Divine. Dinesen. A Danish flooring company that sources floor boards that are so beautiful, so perfect that the best in the business must have them in their designs. Think Anoushka Hempel, John Pawson and almost any Scandinavian architect you can name. I stumbled across them when I found the MacDonald Wright Architects website. There, lurking in the links, was a company that puts the wood in my flooring love. Oh bad, bad pun but folks if I could marry a piece of oak or Douglas fir I'd tie the knot with these planks.

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A trip...and a cottage

When this post publishes, I will be on a plane to Las Vegas. An odd destination this time of year considering it's obscenely hot in Nevada, but I was given the opportunity to spend a few days there thanks to Traditional Home magazine. I'll be  taking part in some festivities at the Las Vegas Market show (#LVMkt) with a handful of other bloggers - including a "treasure hunt" (which you can likely follow via our Facebook page #LVMTHTH). FUN!!! Anyhoo, I'll have a few posts set up in my absence, and in the meantime here is a cottage in the UK that's mostly shabby chic, kinda Scandinavian, and just a whole lotta cuteness! Via Heart Home mag. 

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Reader's home - Dan's apartment for sale

Dan emailed us with a link to his Stockholm apartment that is on the market (apparently right in the block where the Millenium movies were shot). It's very small but he's done such an awesome job giving it character and not overcrowding it with stuff (although perhaps removed for these listing photos, but I'm thinking we give him the benefit of the doubt). And of course, it's all white, as the best Scandi homes are. 

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Reader's home

Lilou and her husband have finished renovating their Swedish country house and it's gorgeous. So what do you do when you finish your house? Put it on the market and share it with Desire to Inspire. What? How could you sell such a lovely home Lilou?

I've been reading this blog for a very long time and now that I'm about to sell my house I thought I'd send you the link to the "for sale" site. My husband and I have been renovating the interior since the day we moved in. We found out during our house-owning-period that city life with its restaurants, cinemas, and cafés is much more to our tasting than country living. I also long to sink my teeth into our new apartment :-)

Now that I can understand. Just wish I was in the market for a lovely Swedish home in the country. I'd be moving right in. Good luck with it all Lilou!

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SJ Interior Design

A beautiful scandinavian style farmhouse in the American countryside. Simple, classic, modern, stylish and achievable. In a word home. Sisse Jonassen of SJ Interior Design. When can I move in? I'm sure we would be a perfect fit.

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