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Muted mulberry

Scandinavian white walls anchored by dark floors. Muted mulberry and muddied browns flirt with slaps of black, dashes of blue, fresh flashes of cool green and slivers of silver. It's a sophisticated look, an elegant look, a muted maturity, a casual luxury by Wenche Holth of Suzani Interiør.

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Still far from the norm

Definitely far from the norm. Minimalist, white, mid century classics, a dash of black to heighten the mix, bagged bricks and bleached floors and just because it's amazing how about the IKEA PS MASKROS sitting cheek by jowl with Hans Wegner's Wishbone chairs. The Fredensborg house by Norm Architects Copenhagen. White perfection.

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Eva Kylland

While I sit in French class day after day suffering (it's one-on-one, with me talking on and on about my day job), I desperately find myself requiring some mental relief. I steal moments thinking about the new boots I ordered, humming songs by the new band I discovered (I can hear them practising as I write this) and dreaming about inspiring interiors, such as the ones below photographed by equally inspiring Norwegian photographer Eva Kylland whom I discovered the other day. I will spend today thinking about the photo above. DREAMY.


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Not so shabby

Not your usual Scandi boho apartment. Not the shabby chic meets edgy urban meets industrial with mid century splashed with neon bright colour / black, grey and wood with square tiles in kitchen and bathroom. (Have I left out any Scandi combinations?) Yes it's white but think easy elegance. Gustavian. Relaxed traditional. Old world, old money but in a bijou modern apartment. Not your ordinary everyday Scandi boho but instantly recognisable a Swedish none the less. Not so shabby at all. Link here.

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Myrica's house

Welcome to stylist Myrica Bergqvist's home. It may be a tiny apartment but it's packed full of style. How do these Swedes do it? Is it in their genes? Not only has Myrica created a beautiful small space home she is also responsible for the cool laser cut acrylic headboard and acrylic bowls.(You can see more of her range here.) It's a funky mix of retro pieces and scandi white with Myrica's personality shining through. My favourite spot? The kitchen/dining table ... and the bedroom nook. What's yours?

(Photos by Patric Johansson.)

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