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Is there anything better....

...and more versatile than metro shelving? I think not. LOVE their functions in these photos.


I'm lovin'....

Ok, I'm still thinking about bookshelves and this room certainly isn't lacking in the bookshelf department. I adore this space. So light and airy and the furniture is so plush you would just sink into it after grabbing a book from the shelves. What a smart idea to break it up a bit with a space for a tall mirror. And don't even get me started on that light fixture...


I'm lovin'....

...this living room? office? I've posted it before but whatever it is I am in love, and it needs it's own post. I have been thinking alot lately how I need a proper place to put my collection of shelter mags. They are currently piled in my office and in a bookcase in the dungeon basement. I'm thinking of some type of unit in my office to replace the revamped wardrobe unit I have in there currently, or making the wall in my bedroom opposite the bed floor to ceiling shelving. The magazines in this photo just look...beautiful. A little bit of mid-century modern always gets me going - and those tulip chairs are perfect in the space. *SIGH* I'm definitively loving this.

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