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This morning I'd like to take a moment to introduce a new advertiser. This is another one I got pretty excited about. FarFetchers is a bit like 1stdibs, but perhaps a bit more affordable. Below is a bit of info on this shop that I would likely pass out in if I got to visit it in person. And frankly, once someone mentions the words JIELDE and TOLIX, I'm pretty much SOLD.

FarFetchers was formed in 2010 to help interior designers, architects, and home owners find the right elements for their designs. We operate as a sourcing service to the trade and the serious home owner/decorator. We also have a listing service for products of select dealers all over the world. The two services work hand in hand. We list products and display the showrooms of dealers carrying European industrial products, rustic country antiques, French Art Deco, Mid-Century classics,  you name it we can often find it. Whether you need a Belle Epoque Carousel horse by Gustave Bayol, a Jules Leleu wardrobe, a Jielde factory lamp, or a set of marble bistro tables and vintage Tolix come to us and let us help.

One fun thing about our site is the showroom browser. We try to capture the excitement of antiquing in Europe, poking around the back corners for those discoveries that make the experience irresistible. Some examples of showrooms that we've captured are European industrial, Antiques of Sport, Classical antiques and Asian pieces, French Art Deco, and French country and rustic.

I spent some time perusing their online shop and came across the following awesome pieces...



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Mixed Pickles

I love the name Mixed Pickles for a vintage shop. We heard about a very cool vintage shop of that name though San Francisco based photographer Christina Schmidhofer, who happened to have photographed it. Christina put us in touch with the owners and they provided us with a bit of history:
Mixed Pickles is Sharon Hoyle, Roger Williams and a big pile of really great vintage stuff. Sharon opened the first location in North Berkeley in 1998. Roger wandered into the shop in 2002. They struck up a conversation about 1920's Jazz musicians, and have been talking ever since. The opportunity for a great new location in their hometown of Oakland presented itself. The new bigger & brighter shop opened as a partnership in December 2010 when the contents of their two homes reached maximum capacity. Favorite things: Salvaged and architectural antiques, advertising signs, furniture with clean lines, and finding new uses for vintage items. We dislike things made of brass, and the color lavender.

(Check out their blog and website for info, particularly their latest finds). The shop looks like a place I could spend a ridiculous amount of time in scouring each and every little square inch. Too bad it's so far from Ottawa...


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High Fashion Home

We've got a new sponsor in the house, by the name of High Fashion Home. It's another I could not help but get excited about because they have some reeeeeally hot furniture. I found at least 10 pieces I adore within the first couple minutes on their website. Yeah, it's yummy. They have a huge 125,000 sq ft location in Houston, TX, that looks like a playground for interior design enthusiasts. And you can shop online, and they currently ship only to destinations within the 48 contiguous states, so some of us (like Jo and I) will have to love from afar. They cater to all sorts of styles, as you will see below: Earthy Modern, Industrial Countryside Chic, French Gothic Arboretum, Rustic Zen Ranch, Boutique Hotel, Traditional Glam and Office Vintage Chic. (P.S. They have jumped on the blog bandwagon - check it out here.)


Blue blue days

One of our favourite interior designers Jason Martin (his DIY+ series for Desire to Inspire is here) is now the design director at Kristen Buckingham (see Kim's post on Kristen here). He emailed to let us know the website has been recently updated and to share a few photos of the new showroom on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles. Swoon! That blue! And I would never have thought to pair it with the strong presence of the black. The showroom looks perfect. I'd love to spend an afternoon taking a closer look. Now don't forget to send us any new work Jason ;)


Francine Turk at Buckingham ID

I love Julia Edelmann of Buckingham ID's showroom. I want to move in. Park my slippers under that Swedish couch. I'm sure Julia would let me and now is the prefect time. Works by Chicago artist Francine Turk (you may have seen pieces on the set of the Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn movie "The Break-up") are clustered salon style across the walls. Beautiful. So Julia when you least expect it you'll find a strange woman (moi) draped across a chair drinking it all in. Chill the champagne. I'll be over so.