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The past few days have been all about a pared back, modern design. Earthy and organic in its feel. Today's post embraces luxury and hedonism. It's sumptuous, layered with sophistication and overstuffed with comfort. It's Branca. A room by Alessandra Branca draws you in and seduces you with its mix of antiques and linen, silk damask and colour, colour and more colour. It's a new twist on old world charm.


Saturday celebration of absolutely beautiful things

I've been sitting in front of this computer now for over an hour. Although I'm supposed to be writing WINKS I find myself clicking through the pages of Absolutely Beautiful Things, my mind wondering from one pretty picture to the next. Most of you will know that Anna Spiro has decided to step away from her blog for awhile. Family, her successful decorating business and the whole big interesting world out there are consuming her time as they should. I'll miss Anna's daily posts of all things lovely. Hers was the first blog I turned to everyday. Truth be told I still do just in case she's come back. I'll miss Anna's blog but at least I'll have the joy of driving past Anna's Black & Spiro shop windows and marvelling at the stylish riot of colour and pattern. So this Saturday is not about loss it's about celebrating a stylish women and her absolutely beautiful body of work.


Sia and this season's serenity

It's all about reclaiming our inner peace at Sia. Finding this serenity through calming décor. Collections include a fresh and relaxing blue and white palette, neutrals and naturals and a striking contrast of black with white and naturals. I love the natural vibe, the well rubbed timber, the organic shapes, the splash of colour. With stores now around the world the Sia spirit may just be close to you.


Brazilian beauty

Some of the best inspiration is coming out of retail spaces these days and one of the hottest spots for design inspiration? Hair dressing and beauty salons. This amazing urban industrial meets eco chic with a splash of venetian glass girliness is to be found in a country that is white hot with hip design ideas - Brazil. Felippe emailed these photos of his Sao Paulo salon ... "the salon is called "bob salao de beleza" (roughly "bob beauty salon"). it is named after my partner, bob toscano, the hair stylist and makeup artist that leads the team. our website is under construction. for now it features basic info such as directions, phone #s, etc: (we are currently having some problems with our web host, but that should be sorted out soon.) interiors and most of the furniture by brazilian architect marcelo escanuela (still working on his website) and photo credits to roberta dab dab."

Check out the lighting! And the cave like brutalist concrete juxtaposed with the organic feel of the timber. And that red sink! Thanks Felippe. It's a fabulous cutting edge (pun intended) salon. I'm sure your work is just as hot!


Scarlet & Violet

Charlotte sent me a beautiful bouquet via email. She sent me a link to the gorgeous London florist Scarlet & Violet. Can't you just smell the luscious perfume wafting through your screens? Vic Brotherson creates these beautiful arrangements. I just love the blowzy overabundance of blooms and the sweet vintage containers and vases. Definitely not granny. Definitely granny chic!