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Because their work is so stylishly serene. #0432 by 0932 Design Consultants.

P.S. Did you notice the walls of glass between the kitchens and living areas of both these homes? Great visual continuity, a sense of open plan but odours kept out of the rest of the small apartment.

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Duck & Shed - Nevern Square

This one bedroom flat on Nevern square in Earls Court, London is such a great example of space-saving solutions. Renovated by architecture and design firm Duck & Shed, the 3.8 m ceilings allowed for a mezzanine floor to be created to house a guest bedroom and extra storage. Bespoke joinery was then used throughout the flat, including a fold-away kitchen (so smart!) with a mirrored backsplash and part of the wall opposite the windows (also smart to make the space appear larger). There also seems to be tons of shoe storage so this is every girl living in a big city's dream!

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Julie Nabucet - a Parisian apartment

I am always drooling over Parisian apartments and how stylish they all seem to be, and this one is no different. Remodeled by architect Julie Nabucet (whom I featured here), this one has beautiful chevron hardwood, some sweet light fixtures and fun colours in the kitchen. Creating a banquette situation against the kitchen island was a really smart space-saver for a dining area. 

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Holzhaus am Auerbach

Only 4 meters wide this holiday house in the small town of Oberaudorf in Bavaria, Germany packs a lot of punch in its small footprint. Cantilevered balconies on either side allow for indoor/ outdoor living while a series of levels rise through the 2 storey interior. By Christine Arnhard and Markus Eck of Munich-based architectural firm Arnhard und Eck not only is it their own getaway but you can rent it too.

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Peti Lau

NYC based interior designer Peti Lau has coined her style AristoFreak™ The process starts with four words: worldly, drama, romance, and luxe. From there, I use the spaces that I have to work with, combined with the personalities of my clients with design elements by using color, light, patterns and textures to tell their story. With an eclectic flair her spaces have bits of mid-century, Hollywood regency and ethnic flavours. And she can work with even the smallest of rooms and make them cozy and cool.

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