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Jason Gibney created this beautifully crafted apartment in Bronte for his family. Minimalist. Streamlined. Honest in its materials. Clever in its use of space. Look closely and you will realise that he has extended into the roof space of his typical "six pack" apartment block. As for the kitchen hidden behind the wall ... brilliant! Jason is Managing Associate Director at Sydney architectural firm Tobias Partners. All I wish for (besides the ability to live so simply) is for larger photos! Via the Houses Awards.



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Magdalena Keck

White, bright and not a Scandinavian in sight. Interior designer Magdalena Keck hails from New York but her work turns its back on the Big Apple glam and looks inwards to hearth and home. It's clean lined, simple but well considered. Her colour palette is restrained but all the better to provide respite from the bustle and clash of everyday New York life like this Greenwich Village pied à terre, a wonderful retreat.

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Vintage style ... Empirical Style

Life is too short for dull decor. Or so the duo behind Empirical Style, Steve and Helena Trupp believe. Take a look at their Sydney apartment. Too cool for school! Filing cabinet and locker storage, train station memorabilia, X-rays in the kitchen, drawers on the walls, leather chesterfields, toucans, vintage posters and porcelain birds complete with painted droppings. Quirky to the max and full of fun. If you click over to the website Aussie readers may just recognise Steve as one of the final three designers on the recently aired Top Design.

P.S. While you are on the site check out the online shop. Vintage style Edison light bulbs Aussie readers? Yes please. Please forgive me. As much as I want to embrace CFLs I go weak at the knees for a good old Edison. CFLs are sooooooo ugly.

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Never let your husband and his son near your computer

Jo - Hey honey my anti-virus thingy expires in 14 days. Should I renew or buy a different one?

Kelvin - I'll get D (my stepson) to install a different one. I have an extra licence.

Jo - Thanks honey.

That was Wednesday. 4 days later and I'm still without my computer. They decided to change my operating system and screwed it up once and after 6 hours today apparently we are still waiting for "number 3 of 4 to install not turn off your computer". Or was that 2? God I hope it isn't 1. Then we still have to install that illusive security software. You know. The one in the conversation above. The one mentioned 4 days ago. I can't get near my files, my Photoshop, my Snagit, my bookmarks. (Help I'm lost without my bookmarks!) Those who are tech savvy will shake your head at my inadequacy but I'm like most of you. I drive the bus. I don't build it or service it.

Long story short I'm on my teeny tiny netbook and it's another stalking post. They're easy to do especially when you don't have all the fancy tools you're used to having at your finger tips. Hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow .... or the next day .... or the next.

Oh the house. I almost forgot. Who could believe that behind its tiny unassuming facade is such a lovely house? Favourite bits? The spiral staircases, the garden and the wine cellar. I could live and die in a wine cellar I do believe ;) Link here while it lasts.

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Myrica's house

Welcome to stylist Myrica Bergqvist's home. It may be a tiny apartment but it's packed full of style. How do these Swedes do it? Is it in their genes? Not only has Myrica created a beautiful small space home she is also responsible for the cool laser cut acrylic headboard and acrylic bowls.(You can see more of her range here.) It's a funky mix of retro pieces and scandi white with Myrica's personality shining through. My favourite spot? The kitchen/dining table ... and the bedroom nook. What's yours?

(Photos by Patric Johansson.)

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