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Orange punch

It may not be large but this one bedroom apartment certainly packs a punch. Harper Lane by Neometro.


Livin' large in a small space

I am loving this little 56m2 apartment in Warsaw, Poland - the work of Klara Wesol of KW Studio. It is located on the 4th floor of a modernist building built in the 30's and was reconfigured and totally renovated. Gorgeous herringbone-style whitewashed oak floors, an exposed brick wall (plasterwork and several layers of paint have been removed) and decorated with vintage Polish posters and bits from all over the globe - Moroccan carpets and pillows, Iranian seat cushions, Argentinean kilims and Georgian soumaks.

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Stalking a little blue terrace

It's no secret that I love these little terrace houses. I love the way that people live their lives in homes that are only a few metres wide. How do they cram in all their "stuff"? Do they look cluttered? Is it necessarily a spartan life or a hoarder's horror? I wouldn't be able to resist stalking this powder blue end of terrace with its perky red door if I was walking past in real life. What's inside? Can I peak through the window? Thank goodness for virtual stalking! Come on in. Let's look around. The link for this Surry Hills, Sydney home is here while it lasts.

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Stalking 1

Sunshine streams in through the stairwell of this teeny, tiny Paddington, Sydney home. Stylish living in a sp[ace that is barely 3.5m wide. It's the tiny gems I like the most when I'm real estate stalking. Link here while it lasts.

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Stalking the 70s 40 years on

First home buying in Australian capital cities can sometimes mean sad, down at heels 70s apartments (or 60s or 80s ... you know what I mean). Cheap and often larger than their modern counterparts the temptation is to paint, change the flooring, slap up some white tiles in the bathroom and figure out how to fit in an IKEA kitchen. Not in this case. Here's how you bring the 70s right up to date. Not your everyday cookie cutter first apartment. Stalking a funky pad in Armadale, Melbourne. Link here while it lasts.

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