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A very small space that lives big

We received an email from Robert Garneau of Studio Garneau, an architecture firm in New York, about one of their award-winning renovation projects called Transformer (a derelict pre-war studio apartment). This is one of the coolest and most efficient uses of a small space I have seen in a LONG time. Here is a quick breakdown of what they did and the features of the space. 

  1. Sliding a wall carves a bedroom from the living room, while revealing a library or a home office.
  2. Sliding wall transforms into surface for projector for movie-watching.
  3. Tilting down a wall-bed unveils a walnut clad sleeping nook complete with bedside niches.
  4. Wall-bed tucks away tp create yoga niche.
  5. A tiled washroom wall opens to expose walnut clad laundry hampers and linen closets.
  6. Pressing a button converts a dining table into a countertop, complete with secret compartment inside.
  7. Custom modular sofa can be configured into queen size bed. 

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Itsy bitsy reader's home

Mel Munroe lives in Culver City, California. Mel lives in a 210 square foot apartment. (I had to convert it to square meters for it to sink in just how small that is. It's 19.5) Mel lives small. More importantly Mel lives large. She has put all her skills from her day job as a visual merchandiser and freelance product designer to work here in her little home. Could you do it? Could you live in under 20 square meters? More importantly could you live large in a small home just like Mel?

Thanks to Mel and Jermaine Saunders for the photos!

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Small is stylin'

Another real estate stalking to end my posts for the working week. See you can live large in a small space! There is something cute and youthful about this bijou apartment. Perhaps it is because a cool look has been achieved with not much money. 42 square meters. And it's up above Bourke St in Surry Hills, Sydney. Just a short stroll to so many of my fav Sydney spots. Link here while it lasts.


Alia Bengana - part 3

I have one last project to share with you by architect Alia Bengana. This one is a 150 square metre apartment in Paris with a very cool layout. The place was originally a classic apartment in a building of the 20s. The clients wanted a contemporary space without completely losing the atmosphere of the place.  Attention has been focused on the central living space which distributes all the rooms of the apartment. Five doors open on this place, they have been refined and lengthened, custom designed and opening around the pivots for enabling the discovery of the spaces hidden behind, each of different colors. The doors have also been put into perspective in order to always see one in the axis or diagonally from the surrounding rooms, thus creating a space that is both calm and dynamic at the same time. I love how Alia made features out of the large amount of doors leading out of the main living space. And I must mention that my dream bathroom is after the jump.

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Swedish neutral apartment

My twin sister sent me a link to an awesome little Swedish apartment for sale. According to the photo of the plans it's a studio but has all the amenities - decent sized kitchen, a great built-in desk, lounge chair for TV watching, washer/dryer and a balcony. What's even better is the decor - it's everything I'm obsessing with these days - black/white/touches of wood, industrial lighting, white tiles with dark grout, linen.....