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Reader request - small bathrooms 

Here is request #2 from Jeffrey and Julia of Stamford, CT: "I found your site when trying to come up with ideas for my small but master bathroom. My wife and I have three kids and are stuck with a bathroom that needs gutting and we have no idea where to start with picking colors and textures to do this project (on a dime, too.) The space is approx. 100 inches long and 60 inches wide. The sink and toilet is on the left, just as you enter this rectangle space and we have about 32 inches of shower space where we want to convert into a tub. I am at a total loss for what to do. I just know the shower wall is rotting and needs to come out. That causes me to loose all the other walls, too so it has become a total re-do, therefore leaving me with a blank canvas. All I know is that it needs storage and I want it to be the center piece of our already black wood furnitured-home, with white walls and ceilings, and natural-colored wood parquet floors. Ugh. So I write you in desperation for inspiration for something to do with our (god-awful) space and need for our simple family of five." Yikes. That is quite a small bathroom, and a master at that. I personally would try and leave the shower instead of a tub because a shower will save space (plus how do you fit a tub in 32"?). Here are some very small bathrooms that I hope can provide you with some ideas on where to go with your teeny tiny space.

James Shanks Bolig Magasinet
voon wong & benson saw Sköna hem
Rachael Smith Bo Bedre
Bolig Magasinet Urban Spaces
The Selby Zuzana Fischer

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When you're horrified by white (and a bonus)

Nathalie is horrified by white. So naturally she gravitates towards colour. And she's not afraid to use it....all over her apartment. In wacky and wonderful ways. (And after the jump is a genius small space solution).



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Small dining spaces

Continuing on the "small" theme, today I thought I'd showcase some small dining spaces. My favourite small dining space includes a built-in banquette - preferably in a nook. LOVE THAT. I am determined to one day buy a house that perfectly suits such a thing. I would spend every waking moment there - eating, blogging, reading mags etc. There's a few banquettes below (and in this post), among other seating arrangements.

Apartment Therapy Colorama
design*sponge design*sponge
design*sponge Gridley + Graves
Residence Polly Wreford
Sivkraft Sköna hem
design*sponge Turquoise

Living at Home
Kelly Hoppen
Cottage Living
David Jimenez
Apartment Therapy
Living Etc.
Living Etc.
Living Etc.


Small kitchens


Teeny tiny, white and shiny


Could you live in 2 rooms with a bath? Something as teeny tiny as this 47 square metre apartment in Göteborg? It's white, it's light and of course it's a home styled and for sale through Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör.  Think modern living meets great bones in a historical building with a great position. Small though, very small. I think I could - if I gave up the husband and the guide dog :)