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A colourful apartment

I found this fun apartment while doing some blog research and had to share. The 65m2 space is located in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France and is the creation of Turin, Italy based architecture firm MG2 Architetture. It's a funky blend of modern and mid-century, bold and sassy colour and some of my all-time favourite lighting. 

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Michelle de la Vega

Michelle de la Vega is a Seattle based visual and installation artist, designer and welder and I love her. I recall her 'mini house' made a tour around blogland back in 2010 when it was featured in the NY Times. I stumbled across her website recently and realized we have never plugged her before so I figured better late than never, especially since she is the queen of industrial/re-purposed design and I LOVE that. First up is a house she remodeled. This is industrial design at it's finest. I have dreams about finding a massive industrial vintage sink like this one. It really is the highlight of this kitchen. 

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Little white box

Could you live in 28 square metre apartment? I don't think I could. Where would I put all my stuff? I'm such a hoarder. But I'm always fascinated by clever spatial solutions to living small. A puzzle box of an apartment in Madrid, Spain by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos.

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Sit and Read

I'd love to take the time to sit in the sunshine in this Williamsburg studio. Perhaps read. Or drink coffee and flick through records with a couple of friends. Chat and relax and bounce plans for the day's activities back and forward. I think this would be my very cool friend's home and I would spend way too much time there. The sit and read reference is apt in this case. The studio was designed by Brooklyn based creative agency Sit and Read.  Photography by Brian W. Ferry and no not that Brian Ferry.

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A blank canvas, an empty page to be written on with life's experiences and daily detritus. A place on which to put one's stamp. Pure and puritan. Asymmetrical and multidimensional. Open plan and yet connected. Modern living in the Old Town and New Town, Vilnius by Lithuanian design firm Inblum.

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