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Small space ideas

My brother-in-law Dave sent me a link to a really cool office warehouse makeover in Brazil. It's the office of a sports marketing company and they asked architect Simone Tasca to work some magic. Some very clever ideas were introduced that are awesome for folks dealing with small spaces. First, there is the lounge room, with seating made up of painted pallets (and on the wall to hang the TV).

Then there's the dining room with an expandable dining table created by 2 tables of almost the same size on casters where one has it's legs cut slightly shorter so it can roll under the other. LOVE THAT!

This bathroom is adorable. A whole bunch of mirrors for visual interest, a concrete slab (?) counter made to fit in an awkward corner and a pail for a sink. Industrial chic! (Love that wall-mount faucet!)

Photos: Alexandre Dotta


Narrowboat home

Perhaps one of the more unusual homes we have featured on Desire to Inspire. This narrowboat conversion is by Dominique Brown (blog here). Built in the 70s, gutted and refitted for a simple onboard life for a young couple, the boat is just 9m long and under 2m wide. The seating pulls out to a double bed. Shelves drop down, the bathroom and wardrobe are behind sliding doors at one end. A simple yet stylish life on the English canals.

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A teeny tiny apartment in Pohořelec in the Castle area of Prague by A1 Architects. A mere 57 square meters in a 19th century building. Designed as a long term rental (and hence I'm assuming its somewhat spartan decoration) it offers clever ideas for small space living. By incorporating the kitchen into the hallway and opening it through to the combined dining living area the space seems larger than it is. Love the splash of lime green adding life to an otherwise white canvas.

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Saturday stalking

I think this post could also be titled "Living large in a small space". A Surry Hills Sydney apartment in a warehouse refit found during my regular real estate stalking. Two bedrooms, one bath under 75 sq m and loads of style. Art and impact. And a great example of how a camera angle can lead you to believe something completely different. Case in point, shot of the dining table looking down the hall. What a great space! Seems huge for such a small apartment. Turn the camera and shoot into the kitchen. Same painting and light. Completely different feel. No room for complaints from me though. I'd love to own this apartment, as is, in the centre of Sydney. Position, position, position and hip too! Link here while it lasts.


A girly pad in Denmark

A big thanks to Kristín for sending us a link to this adorable apartment in Copenhagen that is up for sale. It looks to be pretty small and I think the listing says it's 87 m² - if that's accurate then WOW this is SMALL! (I am soooo in love with those beams, which is a nice distraction from the fact that the front door opens right into the bedroom).

*UPDATE: I just realized that the calculator I used to convert square metres to square feet was wrong (here in Canada we use metric for most things but imperial in this case) and yes, I agree that 87m² is not SMALL. In fact, my single family home is slightly smaller. 

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