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Moonlight Cabin

I braved a shopping mall this morning. I lasted 30 minutes before running, screaming for my sanity, from the packed Christmas crowds. Mothers with shrieking toddlers in tow, elderly shoppers shuffling at snail's pace, gauche teenagers collecting in packs, frazzled partners fidgeting and furtive hipsters diving in and out before they can be seen in such a place. Blaring Christmas music, flashing sale signs, insistent kitchen gadget touts throwing themselves in my path, shopping trolleys with wonky wheels. At this time of year I'd love to escape to the solitude of a cabin, perched in the middle of nowhere, with only the wind to harry me. So if you're looking for a gift to give me a little stocking stuffer like Moonlight cabin by Melbourne-based Jackson Clements Burrows Architects would be perfect.


Accents in pink (again) by Peter Wilds

Earlier this week I featured an apartment by Peter Wilds that had a gorgeous pink accent wall and had a decidedly feminine flair to it. This apartment speaks to the same feminine vibe with ethnic and modern furniture mixed together, some glam bits and of course, accents in pink. It's gorgeous, bright and inviting. Even if you are not a chick. :) (Photos: Janis Nicolay)


A small bohemian apartment in Spain

Happy Friday! I leave you with another project in Santa Catalina by Bconnected. This super cute 60m2 penthouse apartment has a feminine, bohemian touch. As much as I love the simplicity and style of the interior, I would be spending every minute in that fantastic outdoor space.  


A modern apartment

I sometimes wonder how awesome it would be to be married to an architect....who could design me a home with this much attention to detail...where everything has its place. By Paris-based Agence Glenn Medioni.

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Pops of colour in a small London flat

Love the use of colour in this renovation of a one bedroom flat for young newlyweds in Hoxton, East London. Interior designer Cassidy Hughes has turned a tired space into something bright and airy with loads of personality.

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