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Kevin Dumais' tiny apartment

This was at one point Kevin Dumais' apartment. A Manhattan studio on the Upper East Side that is only 350 sq ft. It used to be painted butter yellow and baby blue, but Kevin had his way with it and spiffed it up into a proper gentleman's quarters. This was several years ago mind you and I am hoping he has managed to move up. Because I frankly can't imagine living in so little space for very long, especially since he was working from home. Photos: Hector Sanchez


A vintage home

I am off to tour some gorgeous homes today at the annual Glebe House Tour, and thought a tour of this lovely one bedroom apartment in the U.K. would be a start to a new week. it is located in a 1930's building and is packed with vintage charm. It looks like someone likes thrifting as much as I do. :) Via JJ Locations

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A Greenwich Village Pied-à-terre

This apartment designed by Antonino Buzzetta is HOT STUFF! In every apartment or house there should be a cohesive thread that starts at the front door and continues to the bedroom. In the case of this Greenwich Village Pied-à-terre, the first thread was our decision to bring this apartment to modern times without loosing it 's charm and elegance. In putting the elements together for this 700 ft apartment, I paired velvet and wool with a calming color palate of blues and grays. Geometric patterns were used to visual enhance the dimensions of the space. A unique mix of vintage furnishings, lighting and art adds its distinctive flair.

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Stalking in Surry Hills

I love the inner city suburbs of Sydney. Darlinghurst, Potts Point, Paddington, Redfern and the suburb that contains today's stalking victim subject, Surry Hills. You all know I love a Victorian era terrace house. I stalk enough of them here on the blog. Narrow and small, dark and dank, often difficult to live expansively in, a design challenge to update for the needs of modern living which is why I'm taken by this interesting interpretation of inside/outside, up/down living. A fab inner urban crash pad. Link here while it lasts.

P.S. The video helps explain the space much better than the photos.

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The White Room

White, blanched, chalky, snowy, milky, ivory, clean, spotless, pale, light, colourless, pure, unblemished, achromatic, without hue. The White Room by Barcelona-based Italian architects CaSA is a minimalist holiday apartment in Sitges, Spain just a few steps from the beach. At just 36 sq m with 11 sq m of terrace this tiny, shiny white box was renovated on a very small budget and is now a light filled refuge, a peaceful place for introspection for its owner, a French Art historian and curator, professor at the Sorbonne University.

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