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Stalking the girl with the pearl earring

A long, narrow, one bedroom apartment in a complex with great facilities. So often the private space pales in comparison with the public areas. But the girl with the pearl earring seems to have settled in a stylish pad. 80 m²and in most part only 3.2 m wide. Slick finishes, mirror and drama. Stalking an apartment in Redfern, Sydney. Link here while it lasts.

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The garden library

Down at the end of the garden is where you would normally find a folly. But how can you call a garden library a folly? Created by Czech firm Mjölk Architects, this fibreglass and wood box provides a reading room, a sleeping floor, a perch to observe your literary kingdom and of course books, glorious books. My head is swimming with possiblities. Just where in my garden will I place mine?

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An unexceptional old garage with an amazing view. What to do? Take it apart, re-use its components (along with a few more), build a structure that celebrates the vista, the moments and the memories. Layers of family history. Old materials, new life. Garage by Seattle based Graypants.

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Any dock in a storm

Sometimes I want to run away to a calmer life, a simpler house, less possessions, a safe harbour in a storm, to a house perched on a hill surrounded by bush. Today I am dreaming of chasing the late afternoon sun on a deck. Whipbirds crack the air with their song. A chill is creeping up the hill and I'm wondering how long I can leave it before I have to rise and pull the doors to. Perhaps I'll light my first fire of the season. But not quite now. Just a little more time in the sun. Bonnet Hill House in Tasmania by Dock4.

(Note to Tasmanian readers. I have an inkling that whipbirds are not found on your island but it's my daydream and they're my favourite bird call.)

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Fancy living in an old garage? Melbourne based architects Hearth have taken a small, utilitarian building and with clever use of space and salvaged or secondhand materials created a elementary but stylish studio apartment. Open plan, yes, and with private areas on view, the point isn't to be exhibitionist when friends come to visit but to live simply and well in a small space.

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