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The bachelor pad

Bright, cheery, light and fun. Not your usual brooding, heavy on the masculine cliché bachelor pad. At 50 sq m open plan living and full height storage make the most of the space while still being cosy and inviting. Garçonnière Marais by Parisian interior designer Tatiana Nicol.

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A small apartment 

A clever redesign of a small one bedroom apartment in inner city Sydney makes better use of the existing space without losing the character of this older style dwelling. The key was to make a small study area the bedroom with movable walls that borrow space from the bathroom and hallway. The original bedroom then becomes a dining room connecting to the living area, a luxurious addition to small space living in the heart of the city. Byron Hall Apartment by Stephen Collier Architects.

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A modern home in Hintonburg

I have driven by this home in Ottawa's Hintonburg neighbourhood several times and always loved how simple the exterior is. For an infill project amidst a slew of very old brick homes, this seems to blend in more than one would expect. I was also dying to know what the inside looked like, and now I know, because I discovered it was designed by built, and featured on their website. The architecture is simple and modern, with a WOW kitchen and some really cool bathrooms. Love it!! (Photos I think by Justin Van Leeuwen)  

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Charlotte Vauvillier

The 40sqm apartment of Paris-based interior designer Charlotte Vauvillier. A perfectly formed little gem of bespoke furniture and fittings accented with midcentury pieces. Small is beautiful.

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Teeny tiny paradise

It's not much bigger than a pocket handkerchief but it's a perfect piece of paradise in the inner city. Paddington courtyard by Sydney-based Think Outside Gardens.