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now this is narrow

I am always intrigued by narrow homes as I live in one and wish it wasn't, so it's always interesting to see how people design around narrow spaces and how homeowners cope. FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects managed to build a minimal masterpiece on a piece of land that is 4m by 35 m, making it a total of 2.7 m wide and 27 m long. I love all the grey - on the exterior and in the gorgeous hardwood and concrete flooring. Soft walls made of curtains are brilliant to keep the space from being too cold, and are great space savers. I'd certainly be taking cues from this home if I had to build a narrow home when rebuilding (thankfully my lot is "normal" size). (Thx Aimee!)

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Field of dreams

Like a child's drawing. A rudimentary shape recognisable as a house. It wasn't there yesterday. Now settling softly in a new mown field with walls closed, little hint of what awaits within. Throw open the walls and breath deep. A simple structure, a simple life. Simply a dream. The ÁPH80 portable home by Spanish firm ÁBATON.

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Tel Aviv apartment

Here is another project by Chiara Ferrari Design that also caught my eye. The large open living room and minimalist kitchen are sooooo lovely. The studio has been appointed to refurbish an apartment within a historic building, in the Bialik area of Tel Aviv, into a minimalist home. The concept of seamlessness has been an important aspect in the design of the apartment. Its open-plan arrangement allows the natural light from the large existing windows to flow through the building, and the materials used, spans the surfaces with no visible joins. The high ceilings have allowed the space to split into levels to create flexible, functional spaces. A glazed extension provides the Master Bedroom and Bathroom with natural light and creates a scenic view into the local area. Adding locally sourced materials has kept the design true to the buildings past and surroundings.

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Feeling blue ...

... in the best way. I love this small atelier designed by Parisian designer extraordinaire Sarah Lavoine. To drown in the deep sea blue yet be bouyed by walls of white and rafts of texture. Petite yet packed with style.

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Stalking small on Steel

There's a saying - "When it rains it pours." I'm finding too many great homes real estate stalking. It seems to be either feast or famine when I'm pounding the "virtual" pavements, stalking all the good homes on my local real estate site. I promise this is my last for the week. Promise ;) I just thought it was so cute. Teeny, tiny, two storey in Surry Hills, Sydney. An old home with a lot of life in her yet. Link here while it lasts.

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