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I have this recurring daydream. I'm checking out my favourite interiors store. It's end of day and I'm locked in accidentally. No panic. In fact I'm really rather pleased. I get to pretend this is my home. Variation number two is where I hide in the bathroom to be deliberately locked in each night and it really is my home. And now that I know what Sydney store PAD looks like I'm going to be working it into my fantasy. Passionate About Design, PAD, is based in Waterloo and the team comprises Olga Lewis and Kellie Murray and business partner Chris Yang. Think Hollywood Regency meets vintage, Palm Springs, statement pieces, exotic Asian, luxurious fabrics and layer upon layer of loveliness. It's an aesthetic built on passion. From interior decorating to styling to renovations, from classes to one off pieces to pulling together a room and giving you heaps of advice. As for me, it's my new home. In my dreams :)

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Why I wanted a shipping container - part 2

Here is another store in Puerto Vallarta that I almost passed out in. It's called Ponciana, located downtown, and was filled with everything under the sun. Clothing, tons of linens (lace, tablecloths, pillowcovers, runners...), mirrors, furniture, glassware, dishes, pottery, name it. And I went a little nutty in this store knowing I could fit little bits and pieces in my suitcase. To my delight I did end up purchasing several items. Here's a peek inside Ponciana, and coincidentally you'll get a glimpse at a few of the things that came home with me (which is another post for later).


New at Castle

What's new at Castle? (Besides being a hit all over the blogosphere that is.) Rachel Castle just emailed me pics of her beautiful new pompom cushions. So yummy and velvety. The cushion images are high res so click to see just how scrumptious these beauties are. Too too many lovely linens available on her website! (P.S. Rachel I have a lust for that slip cover too!)



I adore bold colours and patterns, and as a result I am always blown away by Thomaspaul's line of home accessories. Lamps, rugs, pillows and more. All in graphic modern patterns and vibrant colours. I just can't get enough. All the products and ALOT more available through 2Modern.


In the red

Valentine's day is fast approaching, and you've got to get your significant other a gift - quite the dilemma. In the spirit of this occasion I found some great gift ideas at 2Modern, in red of course, in case you were in need of some inspiration.