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The perfect apartment in Barcelona

Yes, that's right. I am claiming this to be the PERFECT apartment. It is so perfect that I was thinking about listing off all of the elements that make it perfect and realized that the list would be a mile long. So all I will say is I am blown away, and YASSSSSS!!!!! Via Nuevo Estilo. Interior design: Marta Castellano. Architect: Serrat-Tort

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An apartment in Barcelona

Take an apartment with glorious architectural details, throw in some amazing graphic tile floors and place it in the heart of Barcelona and I'll be wishing it were mine. This beauty is the work of Luzio (more work seen here and here).  


A Barcelona home by Cirera+Espinet

I love the casual, eclectic vibe of this home in Barcelona designed by Cirera+Espinet. And those ceilings! I die for those Spanish arched brick ceilings. (Is it called bóveda?)
I leave you with this and wish you all a wonderful weekend! I'm on the hunt for a new wallpaper installer as mine has quit midway through papering my foyer (grrrrr) and I have some doors upstairs to paint (can't wait to be rid of all this mahogany varnish). Fun stuff. 

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"I think that I may never see ..."

" ... a poem as lovely as a tree." This home by Madrid-based designer Estefania Carrero is beyond beautiful but the tree, oh the tree is poetry.

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When eclectic is hot

This is a prime example of eclectic décor that is totally random yet perfectly executed to create chic, sexy rooms. This Madrid apartment was featured in the latest issue of Nuevo Estilo (AGH I could not find this mag while I was in Puerto Vallarta!) and was designed by Isabel López-Quesada. This talented lady does not follow rules and trends, and I admire her for that. The dining room above is my favourite space - SO HOT!!! (Check out Jo's past features of Isabel's work here, here and here)