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Runaway to Mallorca

Today we started with a stunning restoration in Morocoo, then a home in the most beautiful bay in Florida, and I just spotted this gorgeous holiday villa in Mallorca that I had to share. It is owned by Lutz (and architect) and Bente (the designer) Reimers who live in Hamburg Germany and this is their paradise escape from harsh winters. I love the combination of Danish and local design in this home. Wonderfully unexpected and works so well together. Via Bo Bedre, photos: Morten Holtum.  

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Light, bright and colourful apartment in Spain

You know how we are always writing "light, bright and colourful"? It's a bit of cliché isn't it? If a house isn't painted black and full of goth like furniture then it seems that we bloggers pull out our standard phrase book and choose that old chestnut over and over again. Except that this family home in Spain IS light, bright and colourful ... and super stylish. Las Tablas Apartment by Blossom Studio.

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Raising the mid-week standard

It's Wednesday, the middle of the working week and there is no chance of escaping the everyday drudgery. No chance of running away to the fun and sun of Ibiza ... unless you count a little virtual getaway. Nothing too large, nothing overdone. Just a simple casita, an old stables now converted to a contemporary getaway by Dutch architects Standard Studio for Ibiza Interiors.

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Beatriz Silveira

Beatriz Silveira is an interior designer from Madrid, Spain whose spaces I am completely lusting over. They are so full of personality and unexpected touches. A sort of elegant eclecticism that is floor to ceiling eye candy. The details are impeccable - right down to the super hot, skinny brass legs on the sofa four photos below. *SWOON* 

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A small bohemian apartment in Spain

Happy Friday! I leave you with another project in Saint Catalina by Bconnected. This super cute 60m2 penthouse apartment has a feminine, bohemian touch. As much as I love the simplicity and style of the interior, I would be spending every minute in that fantastic outdoor space.