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Apartment in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Simplicity is deceptive. What appears to be sleek and clean lined and refined is highly thought out and designed. Spanish-German architectural design firm YLAB arquitectos (Tobias Laarmann and Yolanda Yuste) have taken a 130m2 apartment in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter and created a space of warmth and elegance, public and private, luxury and practicality. It is as if light and shade, white and earthy, cool and warm, natural surfaces, layers of texture, stone and wood, history and the present have all been distilled into a beautiful home. Deceptively simple. Simply wonderful. Images by Jordi Canosa and Daniela Cavestany.

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Through the lens of Mark Gregory Peters

It is no secret that Kim and I have a more than healthy respect for photographers. It is through the lens that we slip into a room like Alice down the rabbit hole. A beautiful home exists in a specific space and time and we will never get to experience it except through images. Not just any images today. Wonderful, evocative photographs by American born but Barcelona based Mark Gregory Peters. Light and shade, composition and angle, texture and earthy colours. Spare almost but magical.

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An abandoned stables in the western province of Cáceres in Spain carefully renovated by architectural and development firm Ábaton. A stunning family home that not only makes you want to pack your bags and book a flight to Spain because someone made a mistake ... you're sure this is your home ... but also makes you feel warm and fuzzy because it's sustainable as well. Solar panels supply energy during the summer while turbines take advantage of the two streams that run through the property providing electricity in the winter. Rain water is returned to the ground. Materials are recyclable.  Large expanses of stone floors provide thermal mass. Una casa de inspiración.

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Vintage modern loveliness

I adore this vintage modern apartment in Barcelona (found via The Locals). It's the perfect mix of vintage and modern, except I think I'm over the whole miss-matched chair thing especially in this case.

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Rustic idyll

On Monday I featured a French dream of a house by Isabel López-Quesada. I thought I'd round out the week with another of her rustic projects. Corrugated iron is part of the Australian building vernacular. The rusty iron shed is burned into the Australian psyche. Never quite saw it done like this though. When faded chic meets iron shed. I'd love a weekender just like this ... in a moderate clime I think. Not so fab with heat or cold but we're dreaming here right ;) ? Speaking of a dream ... that kitchen! Sigh.

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