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Luisa Olazábal

Occasionally I like to blog a designer/stylist/photographer whose style leaves me a bit out of my comfort zone. Luisa Olazábal is an interior designer from Madrid, and her portfolio filled with beautiful spaces does just that. They are classic with a contemporary flair, sophisticated and refined with soothing, muted colour palettes.

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Barcelona home ... a tapas of a taste

Welcome to the lovely home of the Barcelona based design duo Australian digital artist George Angles and Spanish painter and designer Blanca Cases. Just a tantalising peek but after the jump you can take a wander through their Barcelona shop Lu Ink where Blanca says "we make the things that we love: paintings, cushions, trays, assorted things made of and on wood, textiles and lots of other cool things for the house." Perhaps if we ask really, really nicely Blanca and George will send us more photos of their house ;)

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Isabel's home

Isabel wanted to share her home with our readers. All I know about her is that she is Spanish, is a mom to a little boy and girl, she has a really fantastic apartment and she seems to really loves her kids because they have the coolest rooms! (I've got a couple more reader submissions to share but I think I'll save them for tomorrow so stay tuned!)


oito interiores

Here are a few shots from the latest project (a renovated flat in Ourense Galicia - the north of Spain) of Spanish interior design firm oito interiores. LOOOVE the black walls!!!


Mauricio Fuertes encore

Please enjoy some more beautiful photography by Mauricio Fuertes while I study for my freaking French test and consume some wine.

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