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Montse Garriga Grau

I'm randy for some eye candy, so I thought I'd share some this afternoon by the talented hands of Spanish photographer Montse Garriga Grau. Love the very rustic European vibe of many of these spaces. It means leaving your shoes on and dirt not showing on the floors (and in my case cat fur just blends in), walls or furniture getting scuffed is insignificant, and the more rough and original the better. I could totally live like that. Easy living I'd like to call it. I think I'm going this route because 2 of my older cats (one is 20ish) who are having health issues have decided to pee where they really REALLY shouldn't (ie. my new leather couch, boots sitting at the front door, on all my belts dangling in my closet...). Perhaps if I pray hard enough I can be teleported to one of these spaces where cats don't torture me and I can live in peace and cat-pee-free.

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Dressed up for the holidays

I am finally done my Christmas preparations (besides food) and can start to relax for my week off from the day job (check out my super cheap gift wrapping solution on my page). Since I'm in the holiday mood, I thought I'd share a couple of really cute apartments I found on Micasa that are spruced up with a bit of festive decor. P.S. Jo and I never quit, so there will be blog posts up throughout the holidays. We typically do blog reading lists and favourites rooms from this past year so don't forget to stop by!

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Luminous beauty

European style meets Hollywood Regency. The transformation of this Madrid space from what was once shabby offices (and before that the headquarters of a religious order) to a sophisticated and glamorous family homes is nothing short of stunning. From the restoration of fine architectural details to the pure exuberance of the decoration it is the work of interior designer Soledad Suárez de Lezo. Can you believe she was once a lawyer before following her heart and training as a designer? Soledad emailed us to share her success at being published in one of Spain's hottest interior design magazines Nuevo Estilo. These are some of the images from the 16 page spread they did called Luminous Beauty. Congratulations Soledad - both on the feature and the amazing transformation. Luminous beauty indeed!

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An adaptive reuse project in Barcelona

Rodrigo Hirsch of architecture and interior design firm Planell-Hirsch, emailed us about a project they have completed in the Born District of Barcelona. It is the adapative reuse of 2 buildings spanning about 2200 m2. The original buildings date back to the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th Century. The state of deterioration found in the buildings, the lack of natural light, and the lack of functionality of its circulation cores, demanded an important degree of intervention. To do this, we respected the original structure of the supporting walls, courtyards, and the most significant pre-existing conditions were kept and their expression maximized. The aforementioned interventions included the re-enforcement of the structure and foundations, the replacement of slabs, the creation of a new courtyard or "green patio", and the creation of new communication cores as the buildings' spinal axes which now take on a presence they lacked before. The proposed goal was the creation of diaphanous, warm, bright, secluded and quiet interior spaces, in which one could feel comfortable and protected from the intensity of the neighboring streets. The distribution of the units revolves around different courtyards which freshen up and fill with light the interior spaces, and maximize privacy. I love this - modern without being too cold. I'm a fan of exposed concrete (when it's not too much) and the multi-story plant wall brings life to a downtown and otherwise barren landscape. I must add that I am totally in love with the wrinkly curtains in most of the rooms. They too help warm up the spaces and add texture. (Architecture = Planell-Hirsch & Tonet Sunyer, Interior design = Planell-Hirsch, Photos = Adria Goula)

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Touch of gold

For the longest time I hated gold. I would not wear gold jewelry, would never put it anywhere in my home...I though it was tacky and preferred silver/stainless steel. Over the years it has slowly grown on me and now I find myself happily wearing gold jewelry (even the pieces I got as a kid from my Italian relatives for religious events), I LOVE pendants with the underside in gold leaf, gold faucets, and I even asked for gold cutlery for Christmas. I love this Piso Barrio Gótico, Barcelona by interior designer María Lladó. It's just he right amount of gold and deep yellow that adds a decadent, slightly exotic feel. 

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