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Ábaton encore

Showroom and workplace, home and office. Spanish architectural, property development and construction firm Ábaton live what they preach. Not hard to live like this though. Located on the outskirts of Madrid the building's clean, modern lines with white walls and concrete floors are layered with furnishings and textures that add meaning and beauty. You loved their converted barn (here) and I know you'll love this wonderful home too.

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To cook or to bathe

Jorge Rangel, an interior architect/designer in Barcelona, Spain sent along some photos of a project he just completed. It is a completely renovated 100m² apartment that Jorge designed in a black, white and gold colour palette. Several small rooms became one large living space....which even houses a large spa bathtub. Now as you'll see below, it's not your average location of a tub but hey, if you enjoy bathing and cooking, or enjoy bathing and watching someone cook for you, then this is the layout for you! (I do love the colour scheme, and the floors are fantastic, especially installed on a bit of a diagonal).

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Silvia Rademakers

Silvia Rademakers is an interior designer based in Barcelona whose work I discovered the other day when I blogged this home (she was the designer). Her spaces are understated yet very eye-catching, neutral without being dull, and modern yet liveable and certainly cosy.  

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LOVE this house

I absolutely adore this home - just about every inch of it. It's newly built, located in El Ampurdán, Spain, and is the home of a couple with three children. Priorities for the owners were the landscape and natural light having a strong presence, and creating a spacious and functional home...all of which were achieved beautifully. There is just oo many things I love about this home to list, so instead I'll just say that I don't think I would be interested in having a concrete bed frame, the tub in the floor looks like a health hazard, and I'd lose the tab curtains in the dressing room. (Have I ever mentioned by hatred of tab curtains? They make me want to vomit. Go with grommets!) Via Micasa.

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Reader's home on a Saturday

Saturdays are normally about helping readers with their design dilemmas. Today, instead, it is all about a wonderful retreat in an exotic location, full of creativity and it's a reader's home. Maureen Booth is a painter and print maker who lives just outside Granada, Spain in paradise ....in a chicken coop. Well her guests actually live in the coop. This bijou building is an artist's and writer's retreat.

"Yes, it was a chicken coop. After that it was a dog kennel, then a painting studio, then it was a junk room for years  before we got around to enlarging it, re-roofing it and renovating it. Artists love it, both for the peace, the atmosphere and the five-meter-long workspace."

Nothing grand, very honest, practical and wonderfully romantic. A reclaimed Spanish outbuilding with a view full of inspiration and a garden full of respite. El Gallinero.

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