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My new sofa from Furniture Maison

I recently found out about a new furniture company and was so stoked to learn they are Canadian - and their style is fantastic! Furniture Maison is an online furniture store specializing in clean design and simple aesthetic products. From their direct partnerships with independent designers, to their emphasis on use of high quality solid wood, they are all about curating thoughtfully designed, well-crafted pieces. Furniture Maison's moto is to inspire a calm and comfortable environment — one of intimate sophistication and culture that is completely unique to each individual. I was really stoked to partner with them because I really do love everything they carry. Funky yet simple and stylish. Mid century modern furniture with a bit of a Scandinavian edge. 

The lovely folks at Furniture Maison asked me to choose my favourite sofa and they would ship it to me. YES! It was an easy desicion for me because I have always wanted a mid century sectional. Husband and I love to spread out for movie night and a sectional is perfect for that. I went with the Ruby Reversible sectional because it has great lines and as modern sofas go, it has an edge to it I really like. And I went with the grey since my living room is all about tones of grey. 

I had no idea anyone made a sectional so compact - if you're on the market for a small sofa CHECK THIS ONE OUT! It has plenty of room for husband and I to stretch out. The size is really quite amazing. I love the fabric (although wool with a bunch of cats was maybe not the best choice, so I solved this with a sheepskin) and it seems very well made. Also loving the fact that it only has 2 cushions, which makes it more modern in style. The shape of the back is pretty sexy too. They have several really fun sofas to choose - you can see their sofa collection page here. (And all at super prices)

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A' Design Award & Competition - Winners / Results Announced

The A' Design Awards & Competition has ended for another year and the winners have been announced. Here are the interior design related winners for 2015-2016.

A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award 2015 - 2016 Period Winners

The Urban Foundry Restaurant And Bar by Ketan Jawdekar

Adda Multifunctional Cafe by Ketan Jawdekar

Samba Elite Brazilian BBQ Steakhouse Industrial Rustic Design by Matthew Lim & Team

Mini Punjab Restaurant by Ketan Jawdekar

A' Lighting Products and Projects Design Award 2015 - 2016 Period Winners

Baggy Lamp by Elnur Babayev

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New art from CanvasPop

The folks over at CanvasPop contacted us the other day offering a canvas print from a photo of our choosing. I jumped at the chance because as I have mentioned many times here, photography is my favourite form of art. I had a 16"x24" canvas to work with and chose this incredible photo by my friend Tom who loves to shoot around the streets of LA where he lives. He kindly sent a copy to me in high resolution so the result would have good clarity. I am in love with the finished product! This company is fantastic and makes it SO easy - especially if you are working with a photo that is not quite up to snuff. You can print from any source - mobile photos, Instagram, Facebook or directly from your computer. If needed you can use their filters and effects to tweak the photo into exactly what you want. They even offer design services if you aren't so photography saavy. When your photo is ready they have tons of options for layout and sizes - including triptychs and panoramic prints. And this is nuts - they have a love it for life guarantee, so if you don't love your canvas they will reprint it or refund you. I hung the canvas over my new sofa (more on that soon) and the size ended up being a bit too small for the space so I hung some Puerto Vallarta finds around it to fill it in more. I think I will look for something a bit bigger for this space but I have other ideas for this awesome canvas when I do. Thanks CanvasPop!


Bathroom plans

Lynda Gardener

Whether you're starting from scratch or renovating your existing bathroom it's easy to pin pictures and fill a virtual file to overflowing with ideas and wishlists. I know. I'm guilty as charged. After many years and a few false starts we will (fingers crossed) start our own family bathroom renovation over the next few weeks. Sleek and über cool or vintage and earthy? As you can see from my inspiration pictures I'm leaning very heavily towards a vintage, scandi, boho, black and white but maybe with a touch of sleek modern. Surprise, surprise. Our bathroom will be in the old stables at the back of our 150 year old house because a) it is a lovely old room with painted brick and a small fireplace and b) that is where a lot of the existing plumbing is, making it a cheaper job. I promise to take photos as the job progresses.

DISC Interiors


Norris & Pip

Zachary Leung via Remodelista

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Stunning ways to add texture to your home

Having a modern decorated home is fine, but it can be a bit bland. Smooth surfaces and clean walls were once a minimalist fashion statement, with their only use being as a good backdrop for a colorful piece of art. Adding some designer texture into your home can create a focal point, or an overall theme to a room, depending on how far you want to go. For some ideas to inspire you, here are some stunning ways to add texture to your home.

Home Furnishings

Simply adding attractive furniture and lighting can bring a room alive, with no actual need to redecorate. Adding mood lighting will change the atmosphere from bright and alive, to calm and soothing. A well placed antique desk or sideboard can add functionality as well as style.

Even using a simple wicker basket will lift a dull corner, as well as giving you some storage. You can also use oil lamps, or modern lamps that give the same effect without having to worry about safety concerns from a naked flame and fumes. The soft, flickering light will cast dreamy shadows and create a relaxing vibe, which is perfect to help you unwind. The advantage of making these little changes is that you can alter them if you want something different.

Wall-art and Crafts

One of the simplest ways to introduce texture into your home is to add wall art. This can range from framed needlepoint designs, to metalwork or wooden craft pieces. There will always be something for everyone, depending on your artistic tastes. Even if you just fancy a painting, a modern artwork can give a burst of color to accentuate or compliment.

Wood Tile Panels

Use wood tile panels for an instant effect. These are made to lock together so you don’t have to space them yourself. The advantage of using wood tile panels is that you will get a professional look without having to use a tradesperson to fit them, though if you aren’t very handy at home improvements, then by all means hire someone to fit them from you.

You can source reclaimed barnwood wall planks to give an eco-friendly finish to your home. They will certainly transform your kitchen instead of using normal tiles. Alternatively, create a feature wall in your lounge. Being reclaimed, they won’t have that newness to them, which can often look a little too fake.

Natural Materials

Instead of having normal flat, painted walls, why not use natural materials such as stone or timber. This look can be complimented by using natural materials for the floor, such as stone tiles instead of carpet. The overall effect is to give an organic feeling of warmth that only natural materials can do. Nicely aged wooden furniture and accessories will help tie the overall feel together in a way that synthetic materials are unable to do, as they can feel cold and lacking in this respect.

Adding texture to your home to create something stunning isn’t that hard to do, and doesn’t have to mean a full makeover. Just a few additions here and there can make the world of difference.


This post was written by a guest writer