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This house!!!

This house has given me heart palpitations. This is the 1884 Swedish 'Italian villa' of KK Living stylist Marie Olsson Nylander. Her work continues to rock my world in every way possible. Photos by Sara Svenningrud. (Her previous home here, and more of her work here)

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Citizens of the World

Dominic Loneragan and Meghan McTavish are CITIZENS OF THE WORLD. People, places, product. They promote, collaborate and support creatives while producing the most drool worthy candles, COTW Artisan Fire, themselves. Kim recently featured a house they shot and since then I've been losing myself on their website, especially their COTW HOMES. Here's a little peak into the places and spaces you will find.

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One apartment three ways

One report, three interior stylists, one apartment, three ways. When Sweden's leading real estate brokerage firm Fastighetsbyrån wanted to know what effect styling a home for sale had on the price and how fast it sold they enlisted the aid of design psychologist Sally Augustin. Her report shows that home styling works if done correctly. The buyer must connect consciously and unconsciously with the home. They need to imagine themselves living there, moving right in, daydreaming and scheming how to get it. OK we all say. Fair enough. Nothing new there. That could have been the end of Fastighetsbyrån's research but ... they decided to take it one step further. They took one apartment and let three stylists, Mikael Beckman, Hans Blomquist and Tina Hellberg, mess with our minds and our hearts and make it into their version of our dream home. They put the research in practice. So now there is one apartment three ways and I have one big problem. I can't make up my mind which one I am moving into. They are all tugging at my heart strings.

First is classic modern by Mikael Beckman.

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This dining room brings a smile to my face. Don't you love it when that happens? By interior decorator and stylist Marion Alberge.


Sunday vintage

The last few days have been a little crazy. I thought I was going to rescue kittens on Thursday but the plan backfired. The husband and I drove to Montreal Friday to pick up our new tulip dining chairs (and ended up also bringing back a headboard and bedside tables), then we spent the evening at Ikea because we found out one year that Halloween is the BEST day to go. I bought a new desk there that turned out AWESOME (photos to come soon). Yesterday we went to the Third World Bazaar, which I should point out is only open for a handful of weekends around Thanksgiving every year so there are only 2 left, and I scored some gorgeous kilim rugs to hide my icky yellow/orange stained hardwood (photos of that soon too). Today I have to paint the living room alcoves (I was supposed to start yesterday but ran out of time) and then it will finally be finished! 4 freaking weekends! AAGGHH!!! Needless to say I only had a few moments to spare to find something to blog today. I came across this apartment and had to share mostly because it is a chair porn extravaganza! The space, located in New York, belongs to stylist and designer Marcus Hay and was featured in Architectural Digest Russia. Marcus is a collector, and he is very smart about grouping his collections in small vignettes so the compact space doesn't look overcrowded. 

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