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Louise Jones - A Swiss chalet

Perhaps I would be more tolerant of our horrendous winters here in Ottawa if I could "slum it" in a place like this. This chalet in Switzerland is epic. It has everything you could need - including indoor pool, movie room and spa. I would be begging for a snow day so I could have an excuse not to leave. Designed by British firm Louise Jones Interiors

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So much more than a pile of stones. The transformation of a ramshackle series of buildings into a minimalist, contemporary home is a thing of beauty while showing respect for place, materials and history. Rustic yet ultra modern the stone house in Scaiano, Switzerland by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects.

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I'm dreaming of a weekend in the snow. I'm sure winterphobe Kim will scoff at my hankering for the white stuff but snow is so much better when you're looking at it from the picture window of a renovated barn perched in a picturesque village high in the Swiss Alps. Rustic meets modern minimalism by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes.

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Bed & Breakfast 9

As my crazy, busy, mad, mad , mad work week draws to a close you'll still find me daydreaming of escapes and holiday homes, B&Bs and exotic places. Today you'll find me in Lucerne, Switzerland in the stylishly domestic Bed & Breakfast 9. A small guesthouse that promises respite from the madding world, beautiful simplicity, a gentle stay. It doesn't always have to be about cutting edge and high fashion. Sometimes it is about hearth and home and welcoming hosts. Bliss.

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Vallée de Joux house

Here is another house designed by Swiss architect Ralph Germann that I received lots of big juicy photos of. This one like the one I blogged Friday is another take on a modern cabin so I'm totally smitten right off the bat. I have always been intrigued by homes with odd shaped windows placed unconventionally, and the windows in this home are just that. I love that some are low and horizontal (perfect in a bedroom so you have a great view from the bed), and others tall and narrow only providing a glimpse of the scenery beyond. 

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