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Stalking reality TV episode 3

One more from the TV show The Block. Michael and Carlene's apartment features warm exposed brick walls, slick kitchen and a generally panned main bathroom, the weak link in an otherwise well resolved space. Link here while it lasts.

P.S. You can find the remaining 2 apartments for sale here and here.

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Stalking reality TV episode 2

Welcome to my second reality TV stalking. Brothers Shannon and Simon's apartment this time. For those of you who don't know the contestants start with a fixed budget and vouchers from certain suppliers/sponsors. Each week they compete to complete the best room, winning more money to help with following rooms. No wins and the budget gets tight by the end of the build. What starts as high end may rapidly drop to low. See more over on The Block. In the meantime the real estate listing is here while it lasts.

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Stalking reality TV episode 1

How do you describe one of Australia's most popular reality TV shows? I cheated and consulted Wikipedia.

The Block is an Australian reality television series broadcast on the Nine Network. The series follows four or, more recently, five couples as they compete against each other to renovate houses and sell them at auction for the highest price.

Except this time it's an old office block they gut and convert into 5 apartments. I've been stalking and the latest Block renos are listed ready for auction. Welcome to Dee and Darren's apartment. Link here while it lasts.

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Now you see it ... now you don't

Another clever apartment design by Brazilian architects Ouriço. Panels slide and walls open. Doors swing wide and secrets are hidden. 

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Cool kitchen layout

This kitchen was included in a recent feature in Real Living magazine - part of the home of a fashion designer and her family. When they renovated the kitchen, new cabinets were installed in an island-style layout since the kitchen is in the middle of the living space. GENIUS!

The homeowners aren't fans of TVs being a focal point so they had the TV built into the back of the island. Once again, GENIUS!