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A Chelsea home full of drama 

I could not be more enthralled with this home in Chelsea (London) home designed by Shalini Misra. Impeccable attention to detail, totally unique and so much drama. I absolutely love every single thing in this home....except that dining table would make me completely mad with all the fingerprints (and I don't even have kids!)

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The dreamiest of bathrooms

I have adored this bathroom for years, I think having first spotted it in the portfolio of Paul Raeside, one of my favourite photographers. Now I come to learn it is designed by Les Trois Garçons. Dreamy!!!


Green tiles and other lovely things in a Holland Park townhouse

Everything Hubert Zandberg designs knocks me off my feet. Here is another example. This Holland Park, London townhouse is full of colours, textures, drama and sophistication. That green tile in the kitchen totally makes the space come alive. YUMMY! Also, I would die for a walk-in pantry/china cabinet. Not only do I desperately need the storage, but I want to paint it a crazy colour like in this house. What a gorgeous surprise. 

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Kaemingk Design

A big thanks to Chelsea Kaemingk for contacting us about the home renovation business she shares with her husband Brandt, Kaemingk Design. I really admire their timeless, classic and authentic aesthetic. Here is a bit of info from Chelsea and their blog: My husband and I are designers in Portland, OR and love to create homes with that handmade feeling. We love age, patina and imperfection which we usually pair with monochromatic color schemes and simplistic design. Whether the space is new or old their motto remains the same, to create spaces that become more beautiful as they age.

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Opening up an old home

When a home hasn't been renovated since the 1950's, you know you're going to get small, dark, uninviting rooms and lots of unnecessary walls. Put a crew like Regan Baker Design on the project and you'll end up with something that is now fabulous like this West Clay Park, San Francisco home. It blends the traditional architecture and historical details of the home with the homeowner's contemporary, eclectic and tribal style that features unique artwork and collectables from Africa. And with the main living spaces now opened up there's a clear view of the kids causing mischief. Also, lots of graphic, bold tile! 

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