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Triplex Victoires

It was a while back that Jo featured a few of the photos from this home, and when I stumbled across it on architect Laurent Bourgoiswebsite recently my heart melted and I thought it deserved a complete post. It is quite clear that I am becoming soft for traditional spaces that really highlight and celebrate original architectural details now that I finally have a home where I can celebrate in my way (adoring my wainscoting, curved ceilings, archways, leaded and stained glass windows). I don't really know what exactly it is about this house, only that it has a very magical quality to it. And its elegance is indescribable. (Photos: Nicolas Tosi, Interior design: Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi)

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A traditional green, marble and brass kitchen 

I found this deVOL kitchen the other day on JJ Locations and I was completely shocked to discover how much I really REALLY love it. It could be because living in a traditional home for a couple of years now is rubbing off on me, or the fact that my kitchen can barely fit 2 people standing in it so anything roomy makes me envious. This kitchen is situated in a 1846 Victorian in London, and while I would consider changing a couple of things (that sofa in the corner isn't working - I love the idea of a settee just not that one, the table is missing a bench and I would paint out the inside of that hutch black and fill it with white dishes), this is the best take on a traditional kitchen I think I have ever seen. I don't even really like green and I love this. Crazy! 


Parker & Company

Welcome to the traditional yet whimsical world of Parker & Company - an interior design firm based in Connecticut. Where deer, dogs, rabbits, foxes and horses run amok. 

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So much to see. So much to touch, to turn over, to stroke. I would be the most rude of guests fidgeting in my seat, jumping up to flick through a book, pick up a trinket, open a box, to take in the beauty. Somehow I don't think the owner of this Birmingham, Alabama home, interior designer, artist and neo-traditionalist William McLure would mind too much. I think maximalists love to display their treasures and to have others secretly covet them. I know I do ;)

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Kristen Panitch Interiors

There is something about this house that caught my eye. Yes there is a traditional feel to the decoration but at the same time it reveals a love of retro and a definite desire for contemporary living. A well considered series of discrete rooms that all in all create a beautiful family home. East Norwich House by L.A.based Kristen Panitch Interiors.

P.S. Never knew it before but I need that vintage, multi-armed lamp on the piano. Hang it. I need the piano too.

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