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A little country

We don't post many traditional/country spaces here, I mostly don't because I am generally not a fan. But these spaces designed by Montreal interior designer Scott Yetman are an exception. I really enjoy these tranquil, liveable designs and their neutral colour palettes. There just needs to be a dog and some cats curled up in front of the fireplace and a cup of hot apple cider in my hand and LE SIGH. 

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The Studio at Harrods

I recently learned via some googling that Harrods department store has its own team of architects and interior designers that form The Studio at Harrods. Their style (not surprisingly) leans a bit towards traditional but the homes they have designed are so beautiful and this style really suits the landscape. Serene, classy and timeless. It works. 

P.S. Sorry, no pet post today. I'm short on entries again. :(

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Mixing old with new

It is a holiday here in this fine province, and coupled with the fact that our blog interface is being ridiculously slow and I have too many chores to sit around and wait for everything to take forever to load, I leave you with this only this photo. A mix of old and new. A juxtaposition that always makes me smile.

Jake Curtis


Casa Kulanu

Casa Kulanu is a collaboration between interior designer Rela Gleason and architect Bobby McAlpine. This home is so stunning (although the decor is more traditional than I typically get excited about) - the windows are my absolute favourite (*sigh*) and the high ceilings, exposed beams and stonework are the icing on the cake. I am a little taken aback by the kitchen setup with 3 islands - not sure how conducive to decent flow that is. It's a bit strange but hey, THOSE WINDOWS! :-)

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It's a good Friday

Jo doesn't need to twist my arm to take a day off. I have a million things on my to-do list (one of which I'm actually excited to tackle = making new vignettes with all of my Almonte shopping finds). So I hope you all have a lovely Good Friday, and I leave you with this beautiful photo of Granny's house, captured by Jason Loucas