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Parker & Company

Welcome to the traditional yet whimsical world of Parker & Company - an interior design firm based in Connecticut. Where deer, dogs, rabbits, foxes and horses run amok. 

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So much to see. So much to touch, to turn over, to stroke. I would be the most rude of guests fidgeting in my seat, jumping up to flick through a book, pick up a trinket, open a box, to take in the beauty. Somehow I don't think the owner of this Birmingham, Alabama home, interior designer, artist and neo-traditionalist William McLure would mind too much. I think maximalists love to display their treasures and to have others secretly covet them. I know I do ;)

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Kristen Panitch Interiors

There is something about this house that caught my eye. Yes there is a traditional feel to the decoration but at the same time it reveals a love of retro and a definite desire for contemporary living. A well considered series of discrete rooms that all in all create a beautiful family home. East Norwich House by L.A.based Kristen Panitch Interiors.

P.S. Never knew it before but I need that vintage, multi-armed lamp on the piano. Hang it. I need the piano too.

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Classic comfort in the city

A peaceful oasis in the hustle and bustle of inner-city Sydney. Layers of colour, pattern and texture. Layers of personal trinkets and memories. A palette of bone, ecru and licorice and a more classic sense of style imbues an almost country comfort. Surry Hills apartment by Natasha Levak for Coco Republic.

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A traditional home for modern family living

When did "traditional" become a dirty word? Why are we obsessed with boho scandi, mid-century modern, crisp concrete minimalism or funky inner-city hipster cool? This traditional yet modern Santa Monica house by architect Tim Barber is the perfect family home. Stylish and sophisticated but also practical and child friendly. And as much as I like the interiors it's the exterior and outdoor spaces that have me rethinking my mid-century boho hipster scandi minimalism.

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