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A home with history

This Amsterdam home blows my mind. If I walked in someone would need to hold me up because I would probably drop to the floor. Seriously though, the architecture, the bold colours, the herringbone hardwood floor, the checkerboard marble tile, those freaking windows (!!!)...then throw in some cool mid-century furniture and I totally become weak in the knees. Again by interior designer Roelfien Vos

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A 19th century Brooklyn tenement turned brownstone

One of the blog posts I had done while I was down south was about architecture firm Creative Renovations. It seems some of the photos I had featured of a sparse townhome in Red Hook, Brooklyn, have since been transformed into an eclectic and stunning home. Creative Renovations worked on this project with architect Rafe Churchill and his wife, interior designer Heide Hendricks. The 19th century six-family tenement was a diamond in the rough, and when purchased had already been almost entirely gutted.

Lacking any character, it was repurposed into a single family home with a first floor apartment. Rafe and Heidi went a traditional route with the decor, with some loft-like qualities and a maritime theme (it is a few blocks from the waterfront). At first I was a bit put off by the somewhat odd colourful trim detail.... 

But with the furnishings in place - an eclectic blend of traditional and mid-century, it makes complete sense. It was an inexpensive way to add an architectural feature and make it pop. Just the right amount of quirkiness. (Photos: John Gruen)

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Noteworthy from Cloth & Kind

I adore this laundry room - particularly the sink set-up and the light fixture. *drool*

Afriad to go with dark walls? Why not give it a try on the trim instead? Talk about a bold, graphic statement!

Kitchen island waterfall action. 

Best blue

This wallpaper is beautiful. Would be amazing with navy glossy trim. Hex tile floor is a bonus. 

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Why I should maybe paint my trim/woodwork

OH HELL YEAH. The Brooklyn Home Company.


Reader request - going bold with trim

My apologies for not having done any reader request posts lately - stupid French test took over all my free time last month (and these posts usually take me a few hours to prepare). Anyway, this request came in a while ago from Ginger: I'll admit, I'm somewhat Colour Intimidated. Typically, I go for BM Cloud White for trim and some degree of greige on the wall. It's starting to look and feel somewhat uninspired. I recently finished up having alllll the floors in my house refinished and am now preparing to paint out my hall/living room/future nursery. I could blame being knocked-up or just Reno Exhaustion but I seriously cannot make up my mind over what to do. So I was wondering - can you show me some spaces that use dramatic colours (like black/charcoal/anything not BM Cloud White) on trim/fireplace mantles? I have an art deco space and I want to take it Over The Top. I am more than willing to help fellow DTI readers step away from the greige. But surprisingly this request turned out to be fairly difficult. Seems NO ONE really does much with trim except good 'ol white. I did manage to find a few photos of trim and/or fireplaces NOT painted white (mostly black) and I added some photos of cool wall colours too that I found while looking for trim photos - and for some reason they are mostly blue. Odd. I am not a huge fan of any blues but these look fab with lots of trim detail. Hope this helps you step outside of your comfort zone Ginger!

Philip Galanes
Elle Decoration SA
The New York Times
Pierre Yovanovitch
Jessica Helgerson
Jeff Andrews

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