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Seth Smoot

Beauty in simplicity. Beauty in the imperfect. Beauty captured by photographer Seth Smoot. Soft natural night, rough natural surfaces. A story teller with a lens. Hello new photographer crush.

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Just because ...

... they are so beautiful. Inspiration today comes from the stellar portfolio of food and lifestyle photographer Brett Stevens. OMG! The colour, the pure saturated colour and don't get me started on the lighting, the composition, the angles. It's official. I have a new photographer crush and these shots are of ... food vignettes. Beating heart, short of breath, slightly feverish and not a wide angle room shot in sight. Can a table full of tomatoes be sexy? Can a bowl of cake mix make me weak at the knees? Can I smear that blue all over my body like a woad warrior? Dreaming of colours and textures, mixing and marrying for new room inspirations. Beauty is everywhere and today it is here captured through the lens of Brett Stevens.

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More colour, more light, more curious objects, more beauty, more clever vignettes. More more more from the more than fabulous photographer Keith Scott Morton.


Vignette love

Simple. Spare. Stunning. Beautiful corner of a stranger's home captured by the super talented photographer David Christensen. Great shot of a great shot.


Reader request - bookshelf vignettes

Today's reader request is from Eva in Toronto: I was wondering if you could perhaps provide some inspiration on how to decorate and style some build-in units in a main living space? I would love to see how others around the world have filled these spaces with treasures/books/objects d'art so that I can do the same in my home. Simple enough request, but sometimes quite a daunting task to get vignettes looking just right. I constantly change items on display in my house as I am never happy with them and get bored quick. Observing how others display objects can help us rethink how our own pieces are used. For example, I have a bunch of spray painted black vases (leftover from my wedding) on some shelving, and I took a wide/short vase and stuck 2 skinny/tall vases in it. I have a stack of about 8 books on the same shelving, standing upright with the tallest at the back and shortest at the front that way you get a peek at the cover of each book (seen here). Hopefully the following group of photos help to inspire Eva's built-in displays.

all about you
Hus & Hem
Jen Fong

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