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I am constantly rearranging the knick-knacks around my house, in the hopes of coming up with perfect little eye-catching arrangements. They are usually far from perfect, as I have realized over time that creating the perfect vignette is an art form. That is why people pay stylists to whip them up. I went through my photo stash looking for vignettes that caught my eye. I'm taking notes...


Happy weekend!

Those of us trying to endure winter, stay warm. Those trying to endure a humid summer (ie. Jo, you b*tch), stay cool. I might go make me a nice hot cup of coffee....with Baileys...

(Photo below has nothing to do with this conversation, it's just awful purty)

UPDATE: The coffee is goooooooood....


Vignettes on a Friday

I had a FANTASTIC morning (thanks to Jordan and his wife for the memorable and fun experience) and now that the extra chaos has ended my regularly scheduled posts will commence next week. In the meantime, here is a quick post of vignettes to end the week. Have a great weekend!


Books on display

I adore this photo. Not only are the books organized by colour but by size too. Love the graphic effect.

Here are some more I really like. My favourite are wall-to-wall bookcases. But there are a couple of smart ideas below for books that maybe aren't the greatest to look at. Such as the third photo. Place a REALLY nice chair in front of your books and no one will even notice them because they'll be too busy admiring the chair. Or in the fourth photo - just turn the books around so the spines are facing backwards.


Religious trinkets

Jo has a thing for religious tchatchkies, and I may hunt some down next time I'm out antiquing. There's something so calming and mysterious about them. So this one's for you Jo.

Second photo from Bolig Magasinet, the rest from House of Pictures