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A vintage Russian apartment

I found this really cool apartment in Russia on The Village and had to share. The owners - I think they're interior designers from what the translation came up with - decorated this almost to perfection (I have issues with the curtains but I can let that go). Filled with antiques and thrift store finds, the somewhat Parisian decor works so well against the brick walls and herringbone parquet floors. The sleeping lost is a little gem, and I adore the huge art wall and bistro vibe in the kitchen. This would be a fun airbnb.

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday dear readers! I leave you with this photo, a fine piece of decor ass if I may say. Sexy black floors, sheepskin extravaganza (my cats would lose their minds) and a SWEET brutalist light fixture. Via C Home (photo by Douglas Friedman).


From the Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market 

Last weekend was the Spring 2015 Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market and I was there helping my husband with his booth and snapping photos before the show opened. We had a blast, met alot of great visitors and vendors, and my husband sold some of his radios so it was a successful weekend. I thought I would share some photos of what I came home with and some other goodies I spotted at the show. 

Me! My t-shirt by Anna of Door Sixteen (from her Society6 shop K IS FOR BLACK.) was a hit. :-)

I got a great deal from a former advertiser, Ed Haldorsen, on this gorgeous African teak coffee table. Made in Canada By Imperial. It needs some sanding and oiling so it is yet another project to tackle this spring/summer. 

The glasses and teak tray were from a vendor whose name I can't recall (they sell at the Almonte flea market), and the West German vase and glass etched decanters were a steal from the kind vendor across the aisle from us, Peter Frampton. 

I also found this vintage Fly-Tox ad that is really cool and now needs framing (I have a ridiculous amount of art piling up since moving to this house that needs framing and hanging). From Montréal shop Décadisme.

Each time this show comes to town, I always have to check out the Samantha Howard Vintage booth. She has the most incredible collection of modernist and brutalist Scandi/Finnish/Canadian jewelry (along with pottery/ceramics) and I can never resist picking up something. This time it was a Finnish ring and a gorgeous bronze hinged necklace by Hannu Ikonen. 

This is my husband's booth for his company Daff Design. He guts vintage, non-working radios and builds custom speaker boxes with an amp and Bluetooth to fit inside. They sound amazing (IMHO). He is currently working on this full time and it has been a bit slow-going but there was so much enthusiasm and positive feedback at the show and he sold several of them (and ended up with a TV spot and an article in the Ottawa Citizen). I'm really proud of him. :)

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The Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market is back!

It's that time of the year again! The The Ottawa Antique & Vintage Show is back at The Fieldhouse at Carleton University this weekend and my husband (Daff Design) will have a booth there again this year for his vintage updated radios (he has sooooo many this time - and I love them all!) so I will be keeping him company, taking photos and shopping my little heart out! The show was pretty rad last year, and there are some new vendors this year that I am totally stoked to scope out. 

Here are just a few of the radios my husband will be selling there (all previously non-working - he guts them and puts in really good speakers, an amp and Bluetooth for a rocking sound)

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A guest house in Oregon

Here DeWayne Lumpkin goes again, creating another phenomenal guest house (in Ashland, Oregon) that no guest will EVER want to leave. He is a freaking genius when it comes to re-using existing furnishings and incorporating inexpensive vintage finds to create really fun and inviting spaces. The owners lived in this double-wide manufactured home while they were building their "Dream Home" further up the hill. We used 75% of their furniture - adding textiles, lighting, accent pieces and some furniture along the way. A broken pipe in the kitchen went unnoticed and caused much damage before being discovered. I was brought in to do the kitchen on December 27, 2014 - an insurance job and my first kitchen. After haggling with the insurance company over the difference between my bid and their adjuster's estimate. With ordering custom cabinets and rebuilding the kitchen from sub-floor up - that work took about 60 days. Then, last Tuesday we started on the rest of the house - which was ready to go in 6 days - I did have a few tricks up my sleeve and we had a painter, electrician & plumber deal with any issues that arose prior to the start date on restyling the rest of the house. We finished on Sunday afternoon and did all the other rooms in the house within the 6 day window. SIX DAYS????!!!!! Dewayne really is a genius. (Photos by Nikita Lee, and check out another of his projects here)

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