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As eclectic as they come

I thought this post might cheer Jo up and make her forget she's sick. It is an apartment in a converted Victorian school house in London. With alot of re-configuring to make the space more liveable and bright, and some crazy eclectic designs, interior design studio Avocado Sweets turned this space into a super fun, totally creative and full of personality dwelling for the homeowners. Complete with Penguin book cover wall - look familiar Jo?


Casa Mollino

You have got to head over to All Items Loaded and check out the full story of this incredible home, Casa Mollino, in Turin. Here is a snippet:

A house should be a reflection of both the essential and what is really important to you. If that is the case, good luck with deciphering the home of Italian designer Carlo Mollino (1905-1973 Turin). The apartment located in a picturesque two-story 18th century villa on the Po River, was never his actual home. He simply never lived there. Mollino designed the rooms from 1960 through to 1968 as a lavish and intricate settings for one of his more obsessive photographic interests, female portraits to create an inexplicable, vast collection of erotica.

(Text: Magali Elali Photography: Bart Kiggen)


Oh yessssss!

* Sublimely glorious * Dimore Studio *


A guest house in Southern Oregon

DeWayne Lumpkin had quite a challenge put upon him. He was given $15,000 to completely furnish this 2800 sq ft guest house in the middle of southern Oregon wine country (it only had beds, a leather sofa and four wooden dining room chairs). The owners, David Gremmels & Cary Bryant who own Rogue Creamery, requested an industrial, agricultural style that could hold up to use by families, friends and even strangers through airbnb (listing here). DeWayne completed the project in 5 weeks and had to purchase EVERYTHING, from dishes, silverware, glassware, linens for bed, bath & kitchen, alarm clocks, hair dryers, etc. ...everything you need to stay and not want to leave. And it's so fantasticly vintage/industrial I would absolutely love to rent this place and never leave.  (Photos by Nikita Lee)

Several Craigslist scores in the living room - the green leatherette sofa was $150, the chrome armed settee was $100, the burl root coffee table was $150 (LOVE). 

The rolling metal warehouse ladder used as a bookcase in the corner was found in the storage sheds at the Rogue Creamery. 

 I designed and manufactured most of the lighting throughout the house using equipment & elements from the Rogue Creamery Cheese Factory (and other sources). My nephew Justin, an appliance technician helped me with all of the welding, fabrication and much of the wiring.In the living room - the two floor lamps were made from parts of a cheese press that went together to remove excess liquid from a wheel of cheese. 

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Two beautiful homes in Spain

I had to share these 2 beautiful homes I found on Nuevo Estilo - both are in tune to my architecture and interior design obsessions. This first one I adore - a rustic farmhouse in the country (located in the town of Sant Martí Vell, Girona) that is furnished with antiques mostly from the mid-late 90's. The juxtaposition of eras makes this home so eclectic and intriguing. (Details here)

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