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An art deco apartment by Allison Lind

I spotted this apartment by Seattle and New York based interior designer Allison Lind and had to share because it is bold, colourful, and glamorous with a fabulously posh art deco vibe. I am completely in love with the bedroom. Helloooooo crushed velvet bed!! Gold accents throughout add sparkle, and I'm impressed that she's combined 2 wallpapers in the small living room. Now that's ballsy!

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The Girl with the Green Sofa

Nicola Broughton is a friend of mine on Instagram (@the_girl_with_the_green_sofa). She is a mum to 2 boys Jack and Alfie, lives in Yorkshire, England, is an Investment Director, is a lover of interior design and is now a blogger. And she is the Queen of Maximalism!!! Nicola loves art, wallpaper, colour, patterns, fake plants, refinishing furniture, dark walls, and her made.com green sofa. Her home is cozy, inviting, family-friendly, fun, functional and total eye-candy. Love her home and love her. Thanks so much for wanting to reciprocate the favour and share your home with my readers Nicola! (Check out her post on my home here). 

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Maison Bergdorf

Part cuckoo clock kitsch, part hipster cool all wrapped up in a historic Holzchalet in Interlaken Switzerland, Maison Bergdorf is the perfect guesthouse for our weekend virtual getaway. With 8 bedrooms, 3 parlours, fireplace and verandahs we can rent the entire house. Now whether to relax and do nothing, put on the hiking boots and head into the great outdoors or wind our way along Interlaken's Straßen. Time to brush up on my schoolgirl German.

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A classic six Upper East Side apartment

This Upper East Side apartment in New York is so dynamic with lots of patterns, colours, textures and artwork and shine. Perfect for a growing family who was looking for something family-friendly yet classically elegant and rich in colour. Beautifully done by Marks & Frantz


Studio Gild

Studio Gild is a Chicago-based interior design firm co-founded by Melissa BenhamJennie Bishop and Kristen Ekeland - a trio of women who are insanely talented. I pulled a random assortment of spaces from their portfolio and they all have a few things in common. They are sophisticated, unique, and dramatic. And I love it all!

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