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Test stay in Paris

I received an email from Jenice Hartmann from ucinteriors today that I found very intriguing...

"On ucinteriors.com, people can upload photos of their flat, comment on the photos of other members, discuss whatever they might be having problems with in their flat or post articles on topics like "living abroad" or "do it yourself". Until June 4 we are having a special offer for our users: we provide an apartment in Paris so that people can spend a few days here and test the Parisian living standard! Everybody can apply and live in the apartment for free for up to four days. If that sounds interesting to you, you are welcome to visit our website."

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Paris!


Home Portfolio

Home Portfolio is a brilliant website that, as the name suggests, lets you create and save portfolios of products for your home. "HomePortfolio has spent eight years bringing together the best home design ideas, brands, products, and retailers (700,000 products, 100,000 retailers, and 1,700 manufacturer brands), all in one place". So it's like one-stop shopping. They also have some photos of rooms to inspire, and here's a few.


New Ikea site

Jo and I received an email today from David Farrer Faz about Be Brave, not Beige, a microsite created for Ikea. There's some hilarious videos of people dancing and a beige room that you can customize with some Ikea textiles (example I did below). "This campaign is a rallying cry to everyone who is tired of the bland beigeness which has taken over their homes in recent years. Enough of this tyranny of the middle-of-the-road, our houses should be bold, vibrant and individual."


ucinteriors and wonk

Sarah emailed me to let me know about a website she and some friends started, ucinteriors, where people from all over the world can share photos of their flats, young designers can present their work, members can post articles and ask questions and all sorts of fun stuff. It's only a week old and they plan to build up a social international network for everyone who is interested in how people live all over the world and who wants to get in contact with people from other countries. So go have a peek. Here are some photos from the site.

I also received an email from Tom at Wonk (in New York) to say they are opening their second shop in Williamsburg and are having a little party the 22nd to celebrate (6:30 pm 160 North 4th Street b/t Bedford and Driggs). Great store...here's a sample.

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