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Behind the shutters

Take a stylist and her builder husband. To this creative mix add a lovely old house on the northern beaches of Sydney, furniture sourced here, there and everywhere and you have the perfect team when it comes to creative homemaking. With stunning photography by Simon Kenny for Content Agency it's an inspiring way to start the week on DTI. I'd love to take the credit but it's another fab story from the pages of the generalist. You can read more here. I promise it won't be the only one you'll read. Many many thanks to the crew at the generalist for sharing all these luscious images. I'm moving in I tell you. Moving in.

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the generalist

We know you love blogs and online magazines. We know you love original content so we know you're going to love this. There's a new kid on the block and we're excited. "the generalist is an oasis of extraordinary spaces, places, design, decoration and the people behind them. Living in general. Homes in particular."  Houses, design, people and places. It's perfect. With access to the archives of the Content Agency, the generalist is a must read full of inspiring spaces like this South Fremantle home of artist Alessandra Rossi and her husband Piero Castellati, a building conservationist. The place is, as they say, their very own “work in progress” using alternative materials and building methods while still paying homage to the house’s original features.

Images Simon Kenny/Content Agency via our new crush the generalist.

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A peek at a loft in Antwerp

This loft is the home of Jon & Masa of the duo behind the design studio LMBRJK (check out their stools - DROOL!). It's just a little peek. You'll have to go over to Coffeeklatch to see the rest. 

And for a bonus treat, check out designer Piet Hein Eek's workshop on ALL ITEMS LOADED (from the folks behind Coffeeklatch). More drooling!


The quintessential Parisian apartment

I have never been to Paris, but if I were to go, I want to stay here. This is exactly how I picture living in Paris to be like. A studio apartment with original herringbone hardwood floors, fireplaces, massive gilt mirrors, ancient looking leather club chairs, classic antique light fixtures and portraits, stacks of old books and suitcases...it's perfect. I'd spend all of my time here or in a café drinking copious amounts of coffee and wine. Via The Village

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Llamas Valley Autumn

The latest edition of Llamas' Valley magazine is live. The Autumn issue explores the faded beauty of the season. Perfect places, imperfect people. Editor-in-Chief Alge Ramanauskiene has sent us a teaser. It's the beautiful home of Venetian family Brittany Hymore and Daniele Vallot, interior designer and her architect husband. Photography by Milda Bendoraityte. Head over to Llamas' Valley's new website to find the Autumn issue and so much more.

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