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The power of simplicity. Photography by Zach DeSart.


Manifold Architecture Studio

Manifold Architecture Studio, based in New York, really knows how to make a space come alive with their creativity and innovative space planning. From lofts to small apartments, Philipp and Kit von Dalwig's designs are fairly simple yet super functional. They rocked that staircase in photo #4. 

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Master of light and shade

So serene, so sophisticated, so deceptively simple yet intricate in the detail. Classic, tailored, considered and carefully curated. A master of light and shade. Interior designer Michael Dawkins.

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Apartment as sculpture

When is an apartment more than shelter, more than home? When it is art. The sculptural form of this loft apartment in West Melbourne by Adrian Amore Architects blurs the line between habitation and installation. Curvaceous and twisting, the staircase leads to first the sleeping level then rises to the rooftop terrace.

(P.S. You may recognise the space from my real estate stalking here.)

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Cottonwood Farm

Please, please, pretty please can I go to Cottonwood Farm? Right now? Do not pass go, do not collect $200? I'm exhausted. I think it's Monday. I spent one day in bed and the rest of the long previous days at my new venture (more of that to come soon I hope). I think I deserve a fantasy break. In real life fabulous but even in my dreams pretty darn good. 61 private acres below a World Heritage National Park, stylish cottage, peace and quiet. Bliss. Ah! if only ....

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