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This house!!!

This house has given me heart palpitations. This is the 1884 Swedish 'Italian villa' of KK Living stylist Marie Olsson Nylander. Her work continues to rock my world in every way possible. Photos by Sara Svenningrud. (Her previous home here, and more of her work here)

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Beating the heat with green

It's crazy hot right now where I live. My thoughts turn to ways of beating the heat ... with green. Not greenery. No ... with green. How refreshing is this all white retreat by French interior designer Luis Laplace? Made even more so by the green. On the ceiling. Yes please!


One apartment three ways

One report, three interior stylists, one apartment, three ways. When Sweden's leading real estate brokerage firm Fastighetsbyrån wanted to know what effect styling a home for sale had on the price and how fast it sold they enlisted the aid of design psychologist Sally Augustin. Her report shows that home styling works if done correctly. The buyer must connect consciously and unconsciously with the home. They need to imagine themselves living there, moving right in, daydreaming and scheming how to get it. OK we all say. Fair enough. Nothing new there. That could have been the end of Fastighetsbyrån's research but ... they decided to take it one step further. They took one apartment and let three stylists, Mikael Beckman, Hans Blomquist and Tina Hellberg, mess with our minds and our hearts and make it into their version of our dream home. They put the research in practice. So now there is one apartment three ways and I have one big problem. I can't make up my mind which one I am moving into. They are all tugging at my heart strings.

First is classic modern by Mikael Beckman.

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Park Avenue Duplex

It's a Park Avenue apartment but loosened up. Not your typical over tweaked, over stuffed, over styled, karate chop designer pad. Simplified, formality removed, family friendly, relaxed. An oasis of calm in the maddening Big Apple. By multi disciplinary design practice De-SPEC.

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Central London apartment

The flexible design of the space within this London home allows it to be used by in a number of ways by family members. A pied-à-terre at one end with loft bedroom, turn another way, open the doors and now a three bedroom flat. The folding screens providing privacy to the loft are polycarbonate. A modern redesign with elegant Victorian proportions by VW + BS Architecture and Design.