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Beach house + a book lover's dream by Luigi Rosselli

A beach house on stilts. Impeccably designed stairs with storage. A book lover's dream. This beautiful home is creation of Australian architect Luigi Rosselli. Behind the white picket fence on the front street, a circular stair leads to a relaxed timber veranda , ultramarine weatherboards and the original white timber windows make for a breezy, summery house. Bleached interiors reverberate with crisp and clear classical violin practices and hold a myriad of books encased in every wall stud and recess. At the back of the house, facing into a small tropical garden dense with palms and ferns, there is a garden room with a massive sliding shutter that can be secured, and protects the fully furnished room when no one is at home.  The stair takes position centre stage in the house, supported by a solid stud wall filled with bookshelves and bathed in natural light.

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Kelly McGuill update

It has been an eternity since Jo featured some spaces by Boston-based interior designer Kelly McGuill. In all that time it seems her style has become more subdued with a bit more rustic and elegant elements. And I love every bit of these rooms. The neutral colour schemes are so soothing and I am absolutely in love with this first kitchen, which happens to be Kelly's, and THAT GREY CARRARA MARBLE IS MY JAM!!!

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Latest work by Katie Lydon

This home designed by Katie Lydon is soooo pretty! I mentioned in this post that her style is about bridging the gap between classic and modern and that is evident in this project as well. She took spaces with the most gorgeous rustic wood floors (I'm seriously dying over these) and architectural details that lean towards country cottage and added unexpected contemporary/modern touches that add some excitement. 

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Light, bright and colourful apartment in Spain

You know how we are always writing "light, bright and colourful"? It's a bit of cliché isn't it? If a house isn't painted black and full of goth like furniture then it seems that we bloggers pull out our standard phrase book and choose that old chestnut over and over again. Except that this family home in Spain IS light, bright and colourful ... and super stylish. Las Tablas Apartment by Blossom Studio.

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Through the back door

I don't know what I like better, the view through the back door or the kitchen itself. Doesn't matter. It's a definite case of kitchen love. By Sydney-based interior architect Sally Rhys-Jones.