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More to love from Leanne Ford

I love this limited palette of whites and creams married with the deep warmth of the stained wooden walls. (Great inspiration for those faced with a renovation of retro examples.)  I love the luxury of a thick beni ourain rug against the raw concrete. I love the stone of the kitchen, the handthrown pottery and how the tile runs across the bathroom ceiling. I love the mid century classic pieces and the rough hewn wood. I love it all but then again I have professed my love for everything by L.A. and Pittsburgh-based interior designer Leanne Ford before.

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A Queen Ann period location home

There is something about original detail in period homes (especially in the U.K.) that gets me every time. There is nothing really to write home about with respect to the decor in this home, except maybe the collection of kitchenware, but I mostly wanted to share this home because of the vestibule foyer. LOOK AT THE DETAIL! AND THE SIZE! OH, and the kitchen sink. XOXO Via jj Locations

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Victorian modern 

When Victorian and modern come together in one home to create something pretty awesome. To be frank, I am so in love with all the woodwork in the old part of the house I could not care less what is going on in the rest. I mean, look at the photo above! AH MAH GAWD!!! Interior design by Fern Santini, architecture by Mell Lawrence Architects

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Internal courtyards and screens allow this home to be open and light filled without sacrificing privacy. Concrete grounds the open plan building providing solidity while walls of glass, slats and perforations allow light to penetrate throughout. Plantings soften and mellow, golden timbers warm. A contemporary family home by Melbourne-based Schulberg Demkiw Architects.

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Pond Hollow Lodge

It sounds wonderful as it rolls off your tongue. "Pond Hollow Lodge." It looks wonderful too. This is where I'll be spending this weekend ... in my day dreams. Nothing to disturb the rural idyll except the chorus of frogs and the pop of champagne corks. By Reese Owens Architects.

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