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A Californian home with a contemporary Scandinavian feel

The Amoroso Residence by Venice Beach based multidisciplinary design and architecture studio Electric Bowery took its inspiration from mid-century Scandinavian design and gave it a modern twist. A monochromatic palette anchored by concrete floors is warmed by light woods and natural fibres. Climb the simple modern stairs right to the top and what do you find? A roof top terrace perfect for entertaining in the Californian climate.

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Could you? Would you?

I’m sure it has the wood aficionados screaming at their computer monitors but if you’re going to paint how about stopping half way? And that’s not the only contrast. Super modern, almost space age rooms AND Haussmannian confection. Colombie by Paris-based RF Studio.

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A modern transformation of a seaside home

Guillaume Terver and Christophe Delcourt of Paris-based architecture and design firm Le LAD have modernized an old seaside home and made it warm and inviting. Loving the slatted wood details throughout, and the view is incredible. 

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Mountain House by Studio Razavi

Winter would be way more bearable if I could spend it here. Mountain House in Manigod, France by Studio Razavi Architecture. In this highly preserved Alpine valley, stringent architectural guidelines allow for very little freedom of architectural expression. Everything from building height/width ratio to roof slope, via building material and window sizes are strictly controlled to enforce what is locally perceived as patrimony protection but de facto creating camp architecture, endlessly mimicking traditional mountain homes.

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Kaemingk Design

A big thanks to Chelsea Kaemingk for contacting us about the home renovation business she shares with her husband Brandt, Kaemingk Design. I really admire their timeless, classic and authentic aesthetic. Here is a bit of info from Chelsea and their blog: My husband and I are designers in Portland, OR and love to create homes with that handmade feeling. We love age, patina and imperfection which we usually pair with monochromatic color schemes and simplistic design. Whether the space is new or old their motto remains the same, to create spaces that become more beautiful as they age.

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