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Oh my! Slats and sheds and simplicity and pavilions and pergolas and polycarbonate and oh my! Sun and shadow and solid and see through and repetition and raw. Seaview Avenue house by Melbourne architects Jackson Clement Burrows.

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The boathouse

Perched upon the shoreline, its face turned modestly to the water this modern reinterpretation of a previous 19th century Norwegian boathouse no longer provides a home for a boat but instead is now a summer place. Honest, simple, referential, almost reverential and very clever. As the weather warms the boathouse lifts its walls to the sun. Beauty in building, beauty in place, beauty in purpose. The boathouse by TYIN tegnestue Architects.

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Apartment in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Simplicity is deceptive. What appears to be sleek and clean lined and refined is highly thought out and designed. Spanish-German architectural design firm YLAB arquitectos (Tobias Laarmann and Yolanda Yuste) have taken a 130m2 apartment in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter and created a space of warmth and elegance, public and private, luxury and practicality. It is as if light and shade, white and earthy, cool and warm, natural surfaces, layers of texture, stone and wood, history and the present have all been distilled into a beautiful home. Deceptively simple. Simply wonderful. Images by Jordi Canosa and Daniela Cavestany.

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Loving the connection between inside and out in this extension to an existing Newtown, Sydney house by CplusC architects. The warm tones of the timber finishes against the bright white, the polished concrete providing thermal mass as well as good looks, the expanses of glass and the flow from space to space. A courtyard in the centre of the plan encourages natural ventilation throughout and signifies the transition from the old to the new. "CplusC is an Architectural Workshop. We offer a unique architectural proposition and specialised service – we are architects who offer the capacity to build our own projects. From the initial client brief, through to design, project management and building, the practice is committed to a well-crafted, sustainable and innovative design outcome."


Walls of wood

I was thinking about doing a blog favourites post today as I typically do on Sundays but I am a bit too distracted to spend the time blog surfing. You see, back in April I mentioned (ok, bitched about) a French oral test I had at work. Unfortunately I did not get the grade I needed, and since then I have had no French training (due to lack of a training budget). All of a sudden on Tuesday I found out I am permitted full time training for the month of October, then I have to take the test, and once again I need to pass the freaking thing or potentially lose the position I have been working towards for the past 8 years. No pressure or anything. So if I have any spare time for the next several weeks, I need to have my nose buried in my French notes. *insert expletives here* The joys of working for the government of a bilingual country.
I was trying to figure out what post I could do relatively quickly, and realized I had some photos saved of "wood walls" - inspiration for my house when it finally gets renovated (on that note, we're now considering tearing it down and rebuilding, which has thrown me for a loop, as that was never the plan when I bought this house). I want a rustic touch to the place, and what better way than a wall covered in wood slats...or maybe panels, but I'm leaning towards slats. Here are some photos with walls of wood that I really like. (See also this post on wood panelling)

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