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Maxime de la Falaise

Back in April I blogged about Evan Drew Harrison's dilemma on what he should do about the decor in his fabulous LA loft. He sent an email promising to send update photos as soon as he finishes up (he mentionned vintage Knoll, Swedish stuff, kilims and other ethnic touches....all of which had me totally intrigued), but the real reason he emailed was to share the former home of his dear friend, Maxime de la Falaise. Maxime passed away of natural causes in April in her Provence home, and she was quite a character. "Maxime made Cruella Deville seem like a pussy cat" Evan told me. She was a "celebrated fashion model and artists’ muse of the mid-20th century who was later a designer, food writer and the matriarch of a three-generation clan of international couture models" said her obituary in the New York Times. At one point during her career she also designed furniture and rugs. Evan loved Maxime's New York loft she sold in the early 90's and thought we would love it as well. Her loft is exactly how I imagine my home to be when I reach that age - filled with treasures and textures from years of collecting.


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Grand Tour

Call it serendipity but just as I'm ready to write today's post I receive an email from Jonathan Adler's PR Director Deb Willis letting us in on Jonathan's latest addition to his website, his monthly musings. This month he waxes lyrical on his Neo-Neo-Classicism range and mentions the Grand Tour. Grand tour! Here's the serendipity....

Today's post is an OMG gobstopper. Look at this outrageous one bedroom (yes one bedroom!) London apartment. Well-to-do young men of the 18th and 19th century travelled Europe improving their classical education and bringing home a few well chosen (dare I say pilfered) souvenirs. Think Elgin Marbles. What I'd really like to know is if this is the owner's collection or if they inherited it from their Europe trotting ancestor? My goodness I hope they have a cleaning lady! Although I could not live like this I secretly envy them this amazing collection and the passion needed to live with it. Perhaps I'll take just a soupçon of Jonathan Adler's pieces instead!



A wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities, is a place to gather your treasured collections. More than that .... the weird, the wonderful, the found and discarded. Nature's detritus or man made discards. A collection may contain the truly beautiful or the down right bizarre. This post started out as a look at how to display collections but I was quickly drawn into the wonder of the cabinet of curiosities.

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Australian Vogue LivingMy friends' house via The Courier Mail.

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