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A fresh and colourful take on traditional

Bright yellow walls, grahic patterned curtains and stripes add some pretty bold and playful touches to this other wise fairly traditional home in California. Julie Goldman of J.Latter Design took things up a notch. Several notches really. 

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The idea of an afternoon nap has never been more appealing. A buttery bedroom delight by Amy Meier Design.


An edgy apartment in London by Jimmie Martin

A blend of antique and modern, edgy artwork and bold colours, and a provocative yet playful air is what you get when your home is designed by Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihimar of Jimmie Martin. This London apartment is sooooo sexy! (Photos: Montse Garriga Grau)

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A colourful home in Corsica

When you can almost reach out and touch the blue Mediterranean Sea from your terrace, when the sun baths your holiday house in golden light and when the views are of the green forested headlands then choosing a colour palette is easy. As to the style why it's relaxed luxury, simple yet chic. A colourful home in Corsica by double g.

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Yellow curtains

Now you don't see this every day - statement curtains in a bright lemon yellow. Not for those neutral loving folks. And to make them even more IN YOUR FACE they are hung right at ceiling height so there's even more curtain. This is pretty ballsy. I think I dig it. By Sarah Wittenbraker

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