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Classic yellow

South African design firm Jacket Interiors "marries comfort and functionality with beauty and style in contemporary designs born out of timelessly classic tastes." A definite flair and restrained elegance, carefully collected and curated, simple, liveable luxury. But perhaps it is the hero of the design, the bold choice of yellow as the statement colour that makes the house so memorable.

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The Chequit

Is it just me or is this week d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g along? I just can't take anymore. Time for a virtual getaway and since summer has just begun in the northern hemisphere how about we run away to the Hamptons? To Shelter Island to be precise. I've booked us into the quaint but cool boutique inn The Chequit. Trad with a twist and a soothing pink, yellow and grey palette ... inside that is. The exterior screams summer in simple white and green, its porches filled with wicker furniture and pops of bright colour.

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More kitchen love

Pardon me. I'm just an English kitchen junkie. Can't get enough. Like this renovation based on period design with an injection of colour. Sunny yellow, ancient scrubbed kitchen table, dresser filled with china and a comfortable armchair by the range. Bliss. Hampshire Kitchen by Max Rollitt.


Mid Century Yellow

You know I'm nosey. I like to stalk people's homes online. I like to look in every nook and cranny. The only thing better would be to actually stay in other people's homes and really look in every nook and cranny. I'm smitten by this Chelsea apartment with its fabulous collection of mid century pieces and a yellow kitchen that I never knew I wanted to replicate at my place. It would make the perfect base for any London foray because guess what? It's a vacation rental available through The Plum Guide. You can find out more here

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Earthy greens and yellows

I have never wanted to experiment with earthy, chalky colours like olives and mustards....until now. Lawd half mursey this home is absolutely stunning! The combination of these shades on the walls, and an eclectic mix of bold graphic art, rustic wood furnishings and modern lighting has me falling completely in love with this British location home via jj Locations

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