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Meet the neighbours

Just some of the beautiful old homes within a block or so of my new old house. (This one is 2 doors down.) This is such an historic part of town. Convicts arrived in the area in 1827 calling it Limestone because of the soft white stone they came to mine and the settlement was renamed Ipswich in 1843. I grew up in this town but left when I was 17 to head off to university and a new life in Brisbane. Now many many years later I'm returning.

This last house was built about 20 years later than ours and shows the much simpler lines around the verandahs that have been replaced on our house with metal lace. Up until a month or two ago the house also had a slate roof like this one but it was in dire need of repair and the owners opted for the cheaper option of corrugated iron. A sad but completely understandable decision. Slate is prohibitively expensive. I can't wait to explore "my hill" more after we move in. Camera in hand and water bottle swinging I'll rediscover my roots and hopefully drop a few kilos! :)

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to be honest, i am not sure how i happened upon this blog and clicked over this post to see your new neighbors. BUT I AM SO GLAD I DID!

we are in the beginning plans of building a home. these homes, at least the exterior is similar to the style we want to build.
what would you call these style of homes?
cottage plantation homes? particularly the 3rd picture - tin roof & all with large wrap around porch.

we fell in love with our rental beach house in seaside, fl this summer & are wanting to duplicate, expand & add.

thanks for any info or sources of names you can give me.

congrats on moving back to your hometown. what an awesome feeling & neighborhood!

best wishes.


Hi Kellie. It doesn't really have a "name" as such. We call it colonial here in Australia. It's a brick colonial, mid- Victorian I'd say. You'll find a similar style in most British colonies from the 19th century. Perhaps google some images for British colonial houses. I know a similar style can be found in say the former British colonies in the Caribean. Hope that gets you started OK. Good luck with your dream home :)

22 Aug 2010 | Registered Commentermidcenturyjo

I think Ipswich has the best collection of heritage houses. There is a tour/map and has about 40 of them. Good luck with your new home. Just think Ipswich could be the new Indooroopilly. Love

1 Sep 2010 | Unregistered Commentersuzanne

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