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Mea Culpa

It's a cliché I know but where did the time go? So many things have changed in my life and so many haven't. I have a new "career" as a caterer and function co-ordinator. A new business in a new old house that for the past 12 months has sucked up all my time. That's it above and below. The Ipswich Club. More to come on thet soon I promise.

Not much has happened around home. Maintenance on an old house often sucks away the funds needed for the pretty stuff. Just today we are getting new guttering and downpipes to stop water flooding down the walls in the kitchen and breezeway during torrential downpours (and haven't there been a lot of those around here lately). Those of you with old houses will know that there will often be an initial rush to get the basics done then a time of settling in, of getting used to the old girl, of hatching plans and dreaming. Perhaps I fell asleep because it still seems to be all dreams and not much action. Maybe this year :)

So my apologies for neglecting this page and you. Here's to a new year and here's to breathing new life into Jo's Page.

...a side of my house your probably haven't seen with shonky guttering and drainage. You can see how the house is half buried into the slope.


My house through other eyes

Denmark Hill – Desire to Inspire – Jo’s home. Photo – Elizabeth Santillan

I know I have been very slack around here. I don't post on this page very often it's true. I could promise that this is about to change but I won't so I don't feel bad when I break my promise ;) I know you want to see more of my home so today I will share with you my home through someone else's eyes.

Denmark Hill – Desire to Inspire – Jo’s home. Photo – Elizabeth Santillan

A few weeks back Elizabeth from walk among the homes came to photograph my house and she has the first part of the tour live on her blog. It is so strange to see how someone else sees my home. Head on over and say hi. She's covering the ground floor this week with upstairs to come soon. Thanks Elizabeth. I love your photos!

P.S. Most of the green has gone from the breezeway. I've been painting it white. And the good news is that in the new year, fingers crossed, we get new cabinets and benchtops in the kitchen! Oh I hope I haven't jinxed myself saying that!


Kelvin's office before and after

A small room off the dining room serves as my husband's office. Originally a bedroom, it is a strange "landlocked" room with windows opening onto other rooms, a consequence of alterations over the years. We think it was the maid's room when the house was first built. Here are some blurry shots I snapped on our second inspection of the house before we bought it. It's a difficult room to photograph because of its size. I have labelled them "before" just in case you didn't realise ;) The furniture naturally belongs to the previous owner.

After we painted it a couple of years ago (Murabond Faraway, same as the dining room) it basically became a dumping room for Kelvin's computer and any other electrical equipment. A desk, a chair, a small bed for when people came to stay and rolls of cables and strange unidentified pluggy inny things (that's a technical term). We found an old metal coke sign from 1964 for $50 in a salvage yard and with the help of a friend and very strong bolts we hung it on the wall. The only picture I ever took had a green egg chair strategically placed underneath, then cropped to hide the mess.

Years passed and nothing happened. We kept finding things for the room. Kept promising to do something about it but never did. Until a couple of weeks ago. The break through came when we decided to ditch the double bed we had jammed in there and make it a dedicated office. A couple of months back I found a beautiful brown leather couch in a thrift store for, wait for it, $70. No scuffs, no tears, no stains. Real leather and down filled cushions. Score! It lived for a while in the living room but as lovely as it looked it was too small to stretch out on (don't you know that is all a man wants in a living room couch) and it was as slippery as hell. A few seconds after sitting on it you felt yourself gliding down the cushions towards the floor. The very high arms and back I had admired in the shop also meant there was no way you could rest your arms comfortably and reaching for anything on a side table required major contortion. This was probably why it was donated to the thrift store in the first place. We dragged it into the office and at last it had found its perfect home.

Kelvin loves to collect as much as I do and some of his special objects found their way into the room. Model boats and tribal spears, whisky jugs and Boys Own Manuals, old motor racing posters as well as quirky bits and pieces. Once again everything is thrifted, found in secondhand shops or on eBay. The only splurge was the kilim bought before we moved in. There is still a bit to do. We are thinking of changing the industrial pendant light (not in shot) and I still have to wrangle all the computer cables into something neat and tidy. That's the reason why there is no full on shot of the desk. Nothing changes. I still strategically shoot or crop :)


At last!

I've been mired in indecision, trapped in a torpor. Bugger it I had lost my mojo. Then when one of our advertisers offered me some chairs to try out I jumped at the chance. Yes. I started work on the dining room. I have ignored that poor room ever since it was painted dark blue a few years back. I just couldn't make it work. Well I could if I used furniture from other parts of the house but then those rooms would look like crap. What's a girl to do if she doesn't really have the money to splurge on a room she doesn't use.

In able to take semi-decent photos of the bentwoods in the room for the sponsored post I had to come up with something, anything. Then it hit me. The wooden bead chandelier. I had bought it after visiting the trade fairs in Sydney in February. I confess I could only really afford it because I got it wholesale through the shop. Retail and I would have had to say no. Too much money! Especially when we have lots of real jobs to do around the house. It was originally earmarked for the living room (which still has a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling ... now you know my dirty secret and why I don't take photos of said ceiling) but if I used it in the dining room ... hummmm ... wheels turning, brain working, mojo firing .... Yes!

I still have to pick up more chairs or perhaps I'll mix old and new bentwoods. Artwork needs to be worked out and hung but I'm on my way. YAY!


Lost ...

... in instagram. I've only recently started but I can see how people get addicted.  Will I ever escape from instagram? Will I ever come back to this page? I don't know but until I can break free you can find me here.