Rove Concepts


This week's finds

The Thrifting Gods have withdrawn themselves to their upcycled, restyled, reused and dirt cheap palace on the lofty heights of Mt Frugality leaving their poor minions unable to suppress their instant gratification by means of fiscal self-restraint . In other worlds I have found bupkis at the local charity stores. Doesn't mean I have found nothing in my travels though. Remember I have always been a little tardy in my ability to suppress my instant gratification. Behold the treasures (read other people's trash) I managed to dig up in a couple of secondhand shops.

The Vesuviana. No not Mt Vesuvius but a vintage stove top espresso machine. Consider it a poor man's Atomic. The day I find an Atomic dirt cheap at a thrift store is the day I will sacrifice my first born to the thrifting gods. (Note to self. I am childless.) Needs a clean but it does work. Remind me to leave the lid up when I finally run the coffee through. I didn't on the water only test run .... oops.


Next a small piece of shibori. Love Japanese tie dyed indigo. No idea what I will do with this. I'll just add it to the textile collection.


How about dozens and dozens of mehndi stencils? These will become a large bricolage. Lined up regimentally in a super large frame. Just have to thrift the super large frame. Hang on there is one in the garage! Fabulous!


The parrot formerly known as Sunny

Sunny would like you to know that he is now known as Pookie ... or is that Pooky or Puky? He was named by the pet shop owner but it seems that every sun conure parrot that comes through her doors is named Sunny. One day while I was inanely repeating "hello, hello, hello" he was calling softly back "pook, pook, pook" and well one thing led to another and he was renamed Pookie. I think I prefer Puki and will pretend it is the Finnish spelling. Or maybe his formal name should be Puca DeLucca, the Paraguayan Parrot. Anyway Puki/Pooky/Pookie it is.

He's starting to get his adult plumage. More yellow is coming in across his back and orange feathers are coming through around his throat. He's still cheeky and still madly in love with me. He even showers with me every morning. We both sing along to the radio :)


Channelling my inner florist

Help the flowers are taking over! I can't believe a week has past without me posting anything here on my page and then what do I post ... more flowers. Just some of this week's offerings at ES Traders. Heliconias tied with gymea lily leaves, bunches of beautiful lilies with dozens of heads ready to open, irises wrapped in lotus leaves and those acid green mums. With Valentine's Day on Tuesday we were steering clear of roses ... for now. Nothing like a 5.30 start to the day, a mad rush back to the shop, arranging and tying bunches of beautiful blooms while scoffing down cappucinos to stop the yawning. Shame I didn't get a shot of my first two bunches (big fuschia coloured dahlias with acid green mums wrapped in lotus leaves and tied up big fat posy-like with rough string). Those first two walked out the door before the doors even opened to make their way to a double birthday breakfast. This is not my new career :) Just helping a friend add more layers to the business. Still a beautiful way to start the day.


Heavenly way to start the day

Up soon after dawn to head to the markets to help my friend Kerrie pick up the flowers for ES Traders. The cold rooms were freezing but the flowers divine. By the time we got back to Ipswich I was ready to kill for a coffee. Thankfully the shop is right next door to Ipswich's best coffee at Bon Laneway. Next was the fun job of arranging the bunches and tying them off with lotus leaves, doda vine and string. Think faded colours for roses, lotus pods, hydrangeas, branches of summer berries and long long gymea lily leaves. A lovely and satisfying start to the day but now I need a nana nap I was up so early ;)


What do you do when you're waiting for a plumber?

Start something. Something that will involve ladders you don't have. Started my entry hall. It's going to be a library seeing that we never really use the front door. It's big and heavy and old and it sticks and the step up outside is way too high. Pages from a 19th century encyclopedia vol P-O. I'm hoping that it won't look too shabby chic by the time I finish. Large art on the walls, a vintage WWII Red Cross bookcase,  a 70s fibreglass chair and a marble tulip table. Still deciding on the lamp and a rug. I'll just recycle something from somewhere else in the house. Better get back to it.