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Head colds and 50's dresses

I had a great time yesterday helping my friend Grant at a vintage fashion fair. I managed to pick up some pre WWII kimino silk panels and a stunning men's kimino (a present for a friend), a bag of old silk pieces and buttons from the 40s and 50s, the most amazing pair of curly toed snake skin shoes from a film stylist and a very bad head cold. I still have to take photos of my loot but it is hard to hold a camera and sneeze and snuffle at the same time. I'm just about to test out a well known cure .... alcohol. I'm sure I'll feel better after a drink or two. In the mean time here are a couple of the stunning original dresses we had for sale on the day. Just wish I had the 24 inch waist needed for these. The feathers though I could totally rock. (Apologies for the weird exposure.)


I've always wanted one of these ...

It's a newspaper holder/spreader/paddle. I remember travelling the first time in Europe in the early 80s (yes I am that old) and being super impressed by the newspapers hanging in cafes on these clever little holders. I would wander down to my favourite cafe on weekends when I was working pretending to work at the Chirurgische Universitätsklinik in Heidelberg, drink coffee and read Die Zeit. I would struggle with a lot of it but I always thought I looked cool paddle in hand. Have to get a broadsheet this weekend and try it out. Weekend Australian I think. At least I won't struggle with that. (Found it at the Vintage Advantage.)


Hello Harajuku Girl

A pre peak hour ama-loli. Bad iPhone snaps from across the railway lines. My favourite bit was the pink bonnet with two large fabric roses either side and long flowing pigtails pulled up and out from the top. Oh and the free afternoon trash paper she is reading. I love Fortitude Valley where I work.


Woke up this morning and what did I find?

I bought an old table in a thrift store a month or two ago. Nothing special but it was solid wood and cheap - $30. I thought I would have it dipped (I'm sick of stripping paint off myself) and maybe use it by the back door as a potting table. It is a horrendous burgundy/mahogany colour ... that colour of  hair dye that women of a certain age should never ever use. I was hoping that by sending it to the dipper/stripper most of this finish would dissolve away. The table disappeared and I thought my husband had sent it off for me. He had but for something different. I had remarked in passing that it would be great with a zinc/galvanized top. Woke up this morning and this is what I found.

The old table had a zinc top. Kelvin had found a sheet metal worker to cover it for me. Great! One problem. He hadn't sent it to be stripped first. I have a job to do after all. Maybe I will strip it by hand except I have a feeling that I won't get all that purple red stain off. Time to paint I think. Grey? Off-white? Maybe a sagey, olively dirty green.

Kelvin had placed it carefully on the front veranda. He put down a rug, arranged chairs around it and even popped two candles on top. There are two tables out there at the moment. The neighbours must love how Kelvin arranges the furniture. We are carrying it down the front stairs and out the back when I finish this post.

The zinc man told us that it will age with time and that we can smear water across it to help it along. He did say that if we are impatient diluted hydrochloric acid really works. Where are my rubber gloves, goggles and mask? That sounds like my sort of furniture restoration!


Second best

Apologies for not blogging here for a couple of weeks. So busy. So much going on but not much about the house unfortunately. I promise more photos tomorrow but for now here is a small trophy/dish I found today. I fell in love. Imagine getting a prize for second best ... OK I realise it is second place in the best and fairest competition but I like my version better. I think I'll pop it on my desk and chuckle every time I see it.