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DHgate has all for travelling


New art

Picked these up at the SIZE MATTERS III: the end is nigh exhibition at the SWICH Contemporary Art Space. A great source for small affordable art by local artists. Here's a closer look using images from SWICH's facebook page... the flare off the acrylic is killin' me.

Elk - mixed media on board by Anita Kroeger

Ain't she pretty, pretty, pretty? - acrylic & collage on ply by Craig Amos


More rug and a peeved pooch

Mickey's on a diet. He needs to loose a couple of kilos. He's not happy because it is Christmas and there are tasty smells coming from the kitchen. He does like the new rug though. So do I. Still scraping the floor. I've had to stop for today and tidy up. We're eating lunch in here. What was I thinking starting a "small" job just days before Christmas?


Merry Christmas me :)

Quick snap via iPhone of my new kilim. On sale online. I had a discount code too so I had to buy it. I promise. It's 4.6 m long and 1.6 wide and it's perfect for the breezeway. But ... we had to take up the black and white check vinyl because of damage and black mould. (Everyone assumes they are tiles but it was just old scuffed vinyl.) Now we have to scrape the old paint off the concrete floor. Not all of it. I like old painted concrete floors but this stuff is super flaky. Guess what I'm doing on my Christmas break? Shots of it in the room soon.


DQF dining table and 6 chairs for sale ... SOLD

Photo by Brismod of Fun and VJs when she came to take away some of my thrift scores

It's time to let it go. I'm sad but my Danish Quality Furniture (DQF) table and chairs just don't work in my dining room. The scale is wrong and the dark blue walls swamp the delicate lines. Time for someone else to own them. DQF was a Brisbane furniture company started in 1958 by Danish immigrant Eric Peterson. The table is a six seater extension with a teak top and blackbean legs. The 6 chairs are blackbean with vinyl covers. The table and chairs have been professionally reglued and refinished. The colour is closer to the indoor photo as it was a very sunny day when I took the outdoor shots. I had originally covered the chairs in that mad floral fabric but it was removed when the chairs were refinished. The current covers have overspray from the restoration but are intact so you might be able to remove the overspray.  I haven't tried. I had intentions to recover them in leather.

The price is $900. 6 original vintage chairs and a table that extends from round to oval in beautiful condition. Replica Danish chairs are over $300 each on those repro furniture sites and that's before you add in the table and don't even get me started on the price in a vinatge dealer's shop. Why am I selling so reasonably? The chairs need recovering (but that is not an expensive job ... you can even do it yourself). I am not interested in delivering or arranging a courier or wrapping or waiting for said courier. This is a pick up from my house in Ipswich, Queensland only. There is a very, very faint circular mark in the centre of the extension leaves. You can just see it in the second photo. You can't of course when the table is closed or when you have your Murano vase or West German pot on the table. So that's why the price is only $900. Interested? Email me and we'll talk.


Are your cupboards still full Brismod?

Thrifting loot from today. Someone must have thrown out their Finnish and Danish glass in the past week. Of course I snapped it up in a heart beat. First a set of 4 Festivo wine glasses by Timo Sarpaneva in their original box.  The polystyrene insert still squeaks beautifully. What did I pay for these beauties? $3 for the set.

Next is a Tapio Wirkkala Ultima Thule bowl about 15 cm across. Grand total of $4.

Finally a Holmegaard Kluk Kluk decanter. I have 4 of these in various sizes and colours already including one just like this one. Of course I didn't ever pay the low, low price of $8. Bargain. So Anita are your cupboards and shelves still full? Or can I twist your arm to take these off me?