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Kelvin says I haven't shown you this ...

... and he's right. I haven't yet. He bought it from ES Traders just before Christmas when we were supposed to be on a spending moratorium but he never sticks to those anyway. It's an enamel washstand, basin, jug and soap dish from the Queensland Railway workshops at Northgate. Love me some enamel and I do rather have a crush on this. I was going to put it in the bedroom but there is another washstand in there already. Remember the moratorium? Well he forgot about it again just before Christmas when he purchased a cedar wash stand cupboard that came from a judge's chamber in the old courts in Brisbane before they were demolished. Got that one from the guys at Vintage Advantage who swear they can't reveal their source. Must take a snap of that one day :) In the meantime I pulled the enamel washstand over near the top landing window as it was the only decent light upstairs when I took this photo. So much rain. So many grey days. Thank goodness it seems to have stopped.

Here's the reason why I had to move it. The light was lousy. That used to be home to Mary and Jesus at the end of the strange balcony but they've moved in to share the office with me. Oh look at that pre-painting photo. Thank you Jesus ;) those burgundy doors have gone.



Love thrifting. Love secondhand shops. Love the bargain hunt for bits and pieces for the house. Just a few things I found this weekend. First up a Demetrio 70 coffee table by Vico Magistretti for Artemide circa 1966. Found it in a thrift store here in Ipswich for $10. (See one here for a lot more.) It's still a little wet in the photos because I dragged it in out of the rain to take these snaps. Don't think it will stay in the breezeway though because Kelvin uses it as a thoroughfare and a coffee table slap bang in the middle is a tripping hazard for a blind man. Bugger.

It has a few scratches but nothing too deep. I'll try some auto metal polish on it to buff them out and if I need to I can always have it sprayed. Love it. I already have a Stadio 120 table (1969) that I bought on eBay from Katherine so now I need just one more piece by Vico and I'll have a collection. LOL. I actually love the Atollo lamp and hope one day to have one or a Selene chair or 4 (just like these ones.)

For the same grand total of $10 I picked up 8 Poole duos in a lovely tiffany blue, pale grey colourway. Now I have plenty of cups if you all drop in for tea. Also on the bargain list are these 6 cane baskets from Glen and Grant at The Vintage Advantage. Cheap as chips and perfect for clothes sorting and shoes by the door. Might play around with one as a lampshade.


Little things make me happy

Like these new card index drawers I picked up last week. An absolute bargain, cute and great storage for weird little things. And boy do my husband and I love collecting weird little things. That's some of Kelvin's vintage hair clippers and a few of his "foot things". A couple of shoe lasts and an advertising leg. Apparently it was for displaying socks or stockings. They are in what we call our breezeway. A little enclosed space between the house and the kitchen wing. Old kitchens were built away from the house because of the fire risk. It feels a bit like a conservatory.


The other thing that made me happy this week was confirmation that our decision to paint the living room walls in a breathable paint seems to be the right one. We had well over a 100mm of rain in a day and the resulting puddles pooled on one side of the wall, slowly soaked through and are slowly drying out. You can see the tide marks which will fade away over the next few days. Walls will be dry again and no more mold or flaking render due to water trapped behind impermeable paint like before.

It's rare that water collects there. Maybe a couple of times a year but over the years the old paint layers kept the water trapped. Not any more. One day we will look at improving the drainage but that's a big and very expensive job. We will eventually have to take the front veranda off and rebuild it because it was badly refurbished in the 60s and a lot of the drainage problems are due to this. One day in the future we will have a beautifully restored Georgian style verandah like this old house used to have. One day.


Boot full of books

Or is that trunk full of tomes. Went to the Lifeline Bookfest in Brisbane yesterday with Glen and Grant from The Vintage Advantage and Kerrie from ES Traders. That's a Jag boot so you can just imagine how many books we bought between us. I'll admit to 9 bags of vintage Penguin books. I have a thing for Penguins in case you couldn't guess.


I need a "to do" list

Things are sliding by here at the new old house. Because funds have dried up for the moment I've conned myself into believing that there is nothing I can do. What a load of crock! So much to do. I've decided to start with something easy. I'm going to finish these drawers. Strip the remaining paint, sand smooth as silk and wax. I'll try to boil the paint off those handles too.

Second on the list is to "wallpaper" the hall. You can see part of it just past Mickey. Old books again. Big job. Need my head read. Ladders are coming and I have no excuse.

I'm also working on a 110 x 110 cm oil painting in pinks and oranges for the wall beside the surveyors stick. Need an injection of colour into the brown room. Hopefully I'll have it finished soon. Just an abstract. A lot like all the abstracts out there in blogland at the moment. Easy and fast to do and great for a colour jolt. Now that I've written this all down I'm hoping you hold me to it. I need someone to nag me out of my complacency or nothing will get done!