The entry hall or the "weird space" as we call it

I need a rug (overdyed vintage turkish would be cool). I need a lamp or a hanging light. I can't make up my mind what to hang on one wall. My 1940s Red Cross cupboard is too tall and cuts off half the window. I need to paint those drums and arrange something on top. I think I want the green egg chair in there not that Grant Featherston one (original 1950s vinyl .. I dare not recover it) but Kelvin has dibs on the egg chair in his indigo blue office. Bugger. Want to change out the bookcase already. Phew! At least the "wallpaper" is done :)

It used to look like this when we first inspected the house.


A few pretties for Faded Empire

More stock is arriving and we will be opening our virtual doors at Faded Empire soon. A selection of lovely kantha quilts made from vintage saris arrived today as did these pretty pink turkish kilim pillows. We have some amazing jewellery arriving soon and the linen sheets and duvets are in too. I have lots of photos to take, descriptions to write, zhush the virtual shop and off we go with a soft opening. Soon I promise. Soon.

Here are a few more sneak peeks :)



Hiding under the stairs ...

... is my ugly duckling chair. It's the perfect spot. Book page wallpaper is finished. Artwork hung. Floors clean. Phew! Thank goodness for the cleaning lady. The other side of the hallway/library/useless area is almost finished. And don't worry it is more colourful over there. I might even get some photos tomorrow. If you missed the story behind the chair you can read about it a couple of posts down.


Why not much progress at the new old house

People are starting to ask to see more of my renovation. I have to tell the truth. There isn't much progress at all. Yes I need to photograph my book page hallway properly but I'm waiting on a light and a piece of art for the space. Perhaps I'll have a half way done photo shoot this weekend if the light is OK. But the real truth why there is not much action here? No money. Some of you will remember that I took 6 months off from work due to ill health. This was mostly leave without pay. Hence the grinding halt to work around here. It's amazing what two salaries do for a house renovation. Full steam ahead. With one? Sputter sputter klunk stop. The good news is that I am much much better health wise. The bad news is that because I feel so good and the coffers are empty I shall be returning to work in about a month. Yeah! Money! Boo! Back to work for the government. The fun thing will be that I will now have 3 jobs. Public servant, blogger and soon to be e-retailer. Soon I promise. Oooh you should have seen the linen sheets that came in today. And as for the jewellery we just ordered! If edgy and large ring your bells you'll love it.

Slowly working on my painting. I'll have to speed up. I only have a few weeks left. What is it? Look closely. It's a portrait of Puki my parrot. I'm using a palette knife now to add his plumage and let some of the background show through. That's the plan anyway. Better go. I have some patterns to work out for embroideries we are having done in Kashmir for the website. Bye!



I'm meant to be working on my Faded Empire online store but instead I'm working on a large painting for my living room. The luscious dark brown room. I'm painting in oils and I now remember why I use acrylics. It takes FOREVER to dry. So I'm working the colours over the top and into each other. Fart-arseing around if truth be told. One day I'll finish it. When it dries. So I can add the top layers. If it ever dries. And no the hallway isn't quite finished. I'm doing my best stunt woman impersonation stretching up on a too short ladder :)