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Art and stuffed animals

I'm doing the boring stuff around the house at the moment. I just repainted my kitchen cabinet doors (as in an hour ago ... this is my break). Gloss black because matt black is a bastard to keep clean. Tomorrow I hope to put the counter tops on. Yes I still haven't glued and nailed them on. There are some shelves going up in the living room either side of the fireplace on Wednesday if all goes according to plan. We planted out more of the garden yesterday. A wall of bottlebrush trees (if four makes a wall), some calatheas, a strelitzia, a tibouchina tree, rhoeos and a white mulberry tree. Not all in the same spot though! Why this hive of activity? I'm hosting the family christmas this year. I've successfully avoided it for 10 years :) Not anymore. On a cheerier note I bought a few more small paintings. Local artists at a local exhibition. The first three mixed media pieces are by Krystal Ingle and the cut acrylic piece is by Dough Nemeth. I pick them up on Dec 23 just in time to hammer in a nail or two and hang them for the big day.


I need some help from overseas readers. Are these squirrels or chipmunks? No the question was not whether they are ugly or not. Just want to know what sort of animal they are. Stuffed and dead do not qualify either. My husband found them for me. Bless his little heart. He knows how much I love taxidermy. I do not love the green flocked base or the lights (they used to be green and red) and I'd rather a vintage wooden case not a glass, mirror and metal "shrine" but hey they're cute in a brain sucking, bite you to death, zombie squirrel/chipmunk sort of way. I just need to tone their "cage" down a bit. It looks so much better after I removed the plastic flowers that were nailed all over the branches. Hope this isn't my christmas present. I had my eye on a life size stuffed horse.

I need name suggestions too. Bill and Bob. Cecil and Derrick. Posh and Becks. What do you think?


Jo pays homage to the Leningrad Cowboys ... or vice versa

A few days ago Kim showed a magazine tear out of a hair style she wanted and the resultant DIY hair do at home. Just goes to show everything old is new again! I had an undercut and massive styled "flop top" in the early 80s. And here are the pictures to prove it. Well they don't actually because they are such bad quality :P These are from my 4th year Medical School yearbook. Dark grainy photos taken at dark grainy functions that usually involved bed sheet togas and kegs of beer. As I look back through the haze of my life I tell the people who bother to ask what I looked like back then that I was channelling the Leningrad Cowboys. The who? An obscure Finnish rock band that did cover versions and toured with the Red Army Choir in the late 80s early 90s. Did anyone else see their movie Leningrad Cowboys Go America? That's how I remember my hair. This massive quiff walking 2 paces before the rest of me. But no mullet. Definitely no mullet like the boys. I had an undercut. Come to think of it I was sporting this look in 1984 and the boys were formed from a Finnish punk band in 1986. Ha! They were copying me!

I had to censor that last photo. I was doing my best Nosferatu impersonation that night. Dark red lips, black pencilled eyes, leather and merino wool sheath dress that left nothing to the imagination and killer chandelier earrings. It was a med ball. I think he went on to be an eminent surgeon. Typical 1984 female medical student behind me. Pageboy cut, taffeta and pearls. Note too that med students not only drank too much in those days but they also smoked. Enough of the reminiscing. It's obvious why I never finished my medical studies. Didn't quite fit in. But if I had then I'd never be writing this blog. I'd be too busy making good money ... ooopps sorry ... saving lives.


My office

Just a little sneak peek into where I blog today. I'm so lucky to have a very large room with lovely old windows, french doors to a verandah and a fire place. Spoilt aren't I? It's presently set up as three areas. My desk where I blog, a space to paint and a sitting area. I love the light in the morning and the cool breezes in the afternoon. As always it is yet another work in progress! Must work on those shelves. That's half the fun of taking photos. It helps you focus in on areas that need work.

My husband and I found these framed 50s book covers in our favourite store The Vintage Advantage today. They'll be perfect in the room and I love the saturated colours and the melodramatic artwork. I just turned round now and took this shot of my architect plan drawers to show you the late afternoon light. I've been working on some ideas for a large painting for over the mantle. If I could only find the time to work some more on it! Must go now. I have to start thinking about what to cook for dinner. Bye!


My boys

Latest photos of Sunny and Mickey. I'm sure Sunny thinks he's human and I know that Mickey definitely is. No not a dog at all :) Just a big fur covered kid. Sunny is a ham. Strikes a pose anytime the camera is out. Mickey hates me taking his photo. Always has that "god mum not again" look on his face. Caught him by surprise this time when we were out shopping. Love the last photo. Looks like he was sniggering at the gossip we were sharing with the shop owner.


Progress report ... my bedroom

I was in a state of panic. My bedroom had been painted weeks ago and it was still in disarray. I had blog friends dropping in to visit and I knew they'd be going over everything with a fine tooth comb. Don't we all when we visit fellow bloggers? What if they opened the cupboard doors? Saw the mess?  OMG! Anyway back to the bedroom. I tidied, I hammered nails into walls and hung art, brought out knick knacks, put them away and found others, cursed that there were still two boxes in the big shed right at the back behind the old couch and I'm sure that's where the murano glass bowl was and I wanted it, needed it .... I was hyperventilating. Calm. A room in progress would have to do. My to do list includes sewing curtains, changing out the ugly fan lights on the ceiling, upholster that love seat not just drape a kilim, paint a large triptych for the wall above the bed, find that damn murano bowl and change the knick knacks over and over and over again :)  I can't believe that except for a couple of the larger pieces of art (two of which I didn't even get into shot), the screen (a student exhibition piece bought when I was at uni too many years ago) and the actual bed and basic bedding everything is thrifted, bought on eBay or Etsy. Oh the leather chairs were bought from a friend of a friend at a bargain price so does that count as a new buy? I needn't have worried. Anita and Katherine were too busy checking out my west german pottery and scandinavian bits and bobs to look in the cupboards.

Things I have learned from photographing my room? I'm going to paint those eye ball lamps. Not quite the right colour. Suggestions for new colour? Not sure if the fibreglass bedsides should stay white but my husband had them professionally sprayed for me and he'd kill me if I changed them. Need a better mirror cleaner if I'm going to do reverse mirror shots. Streaks!! And yes Kim I need a wide angle lens.