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About as exciting as watching paint dry


Not much progress on the kitchen front I'm sorry. Looking a bit sad. Too many distractions! I'm not the most diligent of painters. Actually I hate it. Any excuse and I'll walk away from painting for a short break, a long break, any break. The cupboards are done though. Could perhaps do with a third coat but they are still drying and I'll see how I feel they look tomorrow. When I say done I mean on this side of the room. The other side still needs one more coat.

Still to do:

  • paint splash back white.
  • paint counter top. Not sure if it will be white or black. Ideally I'd like a butcher block top but this is just a weekend paint tart-up so butcher block may have to wait. The current top is a badly stained, faded and in places melted blue speckle laminate. I had even thought about building tops from recycled timber off cuts but that is also on the "must do it another weekend" list.
  • paint architraves around door to bathroom.
  • paint door.
  • "wallpaper" the end wall.
  • ? "wallpaper" the backs of the retro shelves.
  • ignore the old blue and white tessellated tiles. Just ignore them. Perhaps a kilim. Same with the rust on the old enamel wood burning stove. Ignore ... perhaps paint another weekend ...or just ignore.
  • Oil the floors.
  • Put up with the old microwave. One thing you never consider is how hard it is for blind people to use modern appliances. This old clunker of a microwave is the easiest thing for Kelvin to use. I want a new stainless steel one but can't find one with a basic "tactile" control panel that is easy for him to use.
  • re-arrange those shelves and get some 70s retro groove happening!
  • get a new camera or learn how to take better shots on a grey day.
  • eat chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits and chocolate anything washed down with white wine.
  • relax back at work on Wednesday.

This is a shot after one coat but the main reason to show you is that little industrial stool. It's the inspiration for this spend under $100 fix. Actually I think the $100 includes the wine and chocolate :) Oh I just noticed I got black paint on the white fireplace. Must touch that up ... tomorrow. Glass of wine anyone?


Quick, cheap and hopefully better

Actually anything will be better than my current kitchen. I can't afford a new one for another year or more so this long weekend I'm painting the cupboards and playing with some ideas for that end wall. I've already switched out the lights for a couple of industrial shades and when it is all done I will definitely tidy those open shelves (I promise). I'd love new counter tops and dream of heading off to IKEA for a few lengths of their wooden work tops but not this weekend and not without a car (or a driver because believe it or not I can't drive). I now live a two and a half hour public transport trip from the big blue shed and I can't quite see me lugging counter tops home on the train. Solution for now until I can con someone into a trip to Logan is to paint the benches as well. Just after I took this photo I climbed up and scraped off the last of the wallpaper then started on the first coat on the cupboards. Painting isn't as fast as you first think it will be is it? And there are more cupboards on the other side. Thank goodness I have the whole long weekend to go. I'll be back tomorrow with more progress pics.


Stalking childhood celebrity



A murmur passed through the crowd at the opening night of the art exhibition. The rumor went that he once was someone famous. I couldn't pick it. He was wearing pants for one thing and I can't remember him EVER wearing pants. Just a tartan vest, yellow tie and straw boater. NEVER pants. I also remember him as much younger and more hair. Wasn't he always just 4 years old? He was ancient now! Still my source swore it was indeed he. I must not tell anyone. I must not reveal his face. Who was he you ask? Humphrey B Bear of course. An exclusive! I can reveal his true identity! But alas I won't. Some things should remain a secret. After all would you like to have your face splashed across a blog for all the world to see if your claim to fame was never ever wearing pants?


Time flies

I can't believe that it is 3 weeks since I updated this page. It's all the "exciting" stuff at the new old house at present. Prep work. Boring you would think but K and I are quite addicted to scraping back the layers of paint downstairs in the living and dining rooms. We are trying to get as much done before our painter starts at the beginning of March. Anything to keep costs down. The quote is interesting to say the least. Ouch! But he is good, very, very good.



So this is what we have been doing. Each day we peel away more paint to get back to the original walls. These two rooms are affected by damp. Didn't show up in two building inspections when we were first buying but I guess at that stage we were in a 10 year drought and it had all dried out. Now after almost 3 months of non stop rain it is very apparent. This is a major job to fix and something we don't have the budget for right now. For the moment we will be doing a cosmetic fix and painting the walls in these rooms ourselves. It is a waste of money to pay a master painter to do these rooms only to have to scrape away the plaster and fix the problem in a year or so. As K moves around a room he moves the furniture and sets up a "vignette" each time. For a blind guy I think he hasn't done too badly. I laughed out loud though when I saw the little oak ladder back chair hanging high up on the window. He says it's Shaker style! At least it is out of the way. Normal people would clear the room out. Not us. (Don't tell K that I posted a pic of him napping on the couch. He'd kill me for showing his chubby knees and yes the curtains are going!)


I've had to rethink painting these rooms white due to the discolouration problems. I'm now thinking of painting them in a lovely rich and dark flat as flat  Murowash paint. A colour from the Sibella Court range for Murobond. A really dark inky blue for the living room .... or a dark dark khaki green. Perhaps a deep dark oreo brown in the dining room which will have a tribal vibe. Maybe a custom mix. Need sample pots to patchwork across the walls to help me choose. The joys of renovating a new old house! I'm looking forward to the hand sanding next (not). Lead paint .... eeek. But I'm loving my 150 year old render!


I forgot to show you the rest of the house!

With all the comings and goings at the new old house I just realised that I never finished showing you the rest of the before videos.This is the master bedroom. A huge room with loads of potential. It's on the first floor at the back of the main house ... just across the hallway from the office. Big enough I think for a second bathroom to go in. No more long, long walks to the bathroom in the middle of the night! 

My plans for the bedroom include black walls and ethnic textiles, tulip tables for bedsides and funky 70s lights. I took these just after the wallpaper came off. Much better! Thinking of painting the lights but I'm waiting until the room is done before I commit to a colour.


Not sure if the curly cane headboard will work. Perhaps the one below (picked up ages ago and patiently waiting in the garage). A bit more asian influenced to balance out the vintage suzani I have for a bedspread. But seeing them together here I'm not so sure. Think I'll have to drag the headboard up and have a play.

I wish I hadn't started this! Now I'm thinking about using these fibreglass sidetables instead and putting the tulips either side of my new 50s silk sofa in the living room. Bugger! Knew this would happen ;)

Of course lots of artwork. I'd like a triptych for the wall above the bed and picked up a set of three brass frames in a thrift store a little while ago. Want to do an ink piece mimicking this except three not four.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán

Still deciding on a rug. The floors are lovely old cedar boards and look great bare. I might wait until the room is split for the bathroom and then see what I can find. Sheep skins might be fun for winter or a big flokati. If Mickey would just let me have this one. Might be just big enough for the foot of the bed but not the whole room.  Oh and my 40s plywood chairs... yes I can see those in the room too. Have to lug those upstairs too to play with!

That's it for this week. Hopefully this room will be painted in late February and then the fun begins. If you excuse me now I still have to put the last coat of paint on my office bookshelves so I can get my books up from the floor. Getting there!