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Jumping the queue ... my messy office

Think of this as a before. Not unpacked. The right furniture isn't in. Latest box from Kim with fabulous Mexican tin and textiles as well as retro fabric and all sorts of thrifted goodness is piled on my desk. (Thanks buddy I love all of it!) I can't go any further with the set up because THE PAINTERS ARE STARTING MONDAY!!!!!! Everything white. Brilliant white. Except the floors. It has taken 150 years for them to get that wonderful beaten up patina so they are staying just as they are. Not sure about that kilim there. I have several others so I'll wait till it's painted and the furniture is in. Think mid century and recycled furniture and found objects, lots of art and natural timber touches. My desk is an old wooden trestle table with loads of character (read as dings and dents). Hopefully this will be the first room completed ... or almost completed because I plan to change my mind ALL the time. The soft toy dolphin is not an accessory. It's a Mickey toy. And I really should have moved the duster. Oh well it is a before!


Third bedroom back through the dining room and into the breezeway 


That was a mouthful! I just realised that I was missing lots of video. Seems that flickr only uploads a max of 90 seconds (ish). Here is just a taste of the grand dining room, guest room, breezeway and kitchen spectacular ... just kidding. Just a few befores for the archives :) Apologies too. My editing skills are very crude (read no software just a stop button).


Dining room before

Another week has passed and I still seem to be drowning in boxes. Half the furniture is still to arrive (long story) so we are making do. There is some movement forward though. The first painter is coming next week to quote on the interior. I don't even want to think about the exterior yet. The conservation architect is due in the next few days too. I have quite a few ideas to run by him ;) Today's video is of the dining room and peek towards the third bedroom which will become Kelvin's office (more next week). Thinking white walls for the dining room with a fab 80s glass table and some funky chairs. Maybe multiple bare frame lampshades hanging from the ceiling and one huge art piece for the longest wall. The office will be dark and cave like with a gentlemen's club meets eccentric artist vibe. (You can read more of my ideas here.) I managed to video the entire house before most of the "stuff" arrived and will be posting one each weekend until I have some afters to show. I need to make myself a strong cup of tea and run a hot shower. I'm dusty and sore from lugging furniture upstairs. Don't you hate it when the bookcase is 2cm too big to fit beside the fireplace?

The blurry befores with the previous owner's things. The lighting is low in these rooms and my hand unsteady but you get the idea.



Update - Kelvin doesn't want the third bedroom as an office. He just wants a space at the end of the breezeway. You'll see that next week. Looks like the third bedroom is now the guest room for Kim and Jeff. Should I still paint it Oreo brown or a dark dark black blue?


The living room ... before

Welcome to my living room. There isn't much that needs to be done here. Paint ... white I think. New light ... a Gino Sarfatti 2097-30 by Flos is high on my wish list. New curtains. A rug for the floor because the tiles will have to stay for a loooooooong time and move the furniture in and hang the artwork. Done. Any bets on if I'll still be unfinished by Christmas ... next year?


The beginning of the befores

I managed to shoot video before most of my crap furniture arrived. Kim hounded me and I'm actually glad I did it. This first video is just a taste of my "front" door positioned at the side of the house. It opens onto the staircase and leads you down to an entry space or up to the bedrooms. Tomorrow I've got the living room walk through scheduled to publish here instead of WINKS or a reading list. Wish me luck for tomorrow. It's the last day of the move. Then the fun really begins!