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Can't get a decent shot of my blue walls

My camera just can't seem to focus on the walls. Oh they will with flash but not without. This is without flash but focused on the white ceiling. Still blurry. The cedar isn't that orange I swear but I guess the tiles are :) Such a difficult colour to capture in low light. In the end I went with Mr Jason Grant's Faraway for Murobond and it is a beautiful rich blue. I didn't go darker (see my original choices here) because I was unsure how the room would read at night. Even in the day it appears a lot darker than it is because the room gets so little natural light (read none).  Here's a better shot of the colour because it is from Jason's website. A better shot too because Jason is in it ;) I can't get enough of the Murobond paint. It is so luscious.

The floor will be covered with a large rug (oh how I hate those tiles) and I have decided to go with my danish dining suite instead of the glass and chrome 70s set I had .... mainly because the glass table broke. LOL. A huge piece of art on the wall you are looking at. My Red Cross WWII cabinet full of Scandinavian, Murano and Sklo Union glass on the left wall. Change the paper shade out. I'm trying to find something vinatge as the extremely expensive Taraxacum light I lusted after is just too big for the room. The scale is all wrong. That and I'm afraid the ceiling will fall down with the weight. And I can't afford it .... even the replica version.


Almost done

My deep chocolate living room walls. I just want to lick them. Gorgeous. Murowash by Murobond in Murobond Brown. Matte as matte can be and rough to the touch. Completely breathable so hopefully the answer to my damp problems. You can see the lead up to my colour choices here. The cedar doors and jambs were just lightly matte varnished showing all their history. Slight problem with the windows being painted the wrong colour ... white gloss not a gloss Murobond Brown so they disappear as opposed to standing out like dogs balls like they do now. Being fixed soon I hope. I took these photos today without styling the room. Just started dragging things back in. That's actually a lie. I'm home sick with a gastro bug and Kelvin dragged the few pieces into their rough spots after Jane the cleaning lady (best one I've ever had!) cleaned the room of the inevitable painter's detritus.  Rug needs to be pulled a bit closer to the wall than where it is in the photo but don't those terracotta floors look so much better now the walls are brown. (The string hanging down in the middle of the picture is the on/off cord for the pendant light. Told you it was an old house!) I haven't taken shots of the fireplace side of the room. You'll have to wait because there is a pile of furniture stacked there and anyway you can't see it all at once. I want to string out the reveal.

The colour scheme is browns, dirty black and white, natural tones of timber, some cane, lots of brass. Basically building on a palette of earth tones then accents of reds, pinks and oranges brought in with art work and accessories. Well that's the plan but maybe that will change by the time the room is styled .... The photo below is the sun coming in very early in the morning. The room faces north east so gets sun streaming in for most of the morning. (I'm in the southern hemisphere remember so I'm the opposite to you guys up north.) There is a lot still to do. More texture, smooth art glass and metals, leather, linen. Layer upon layer. A never ending journey of styling and re-styling. I'm in heaven. Dining room shots soon. It's dark blue and just as gorgeous.

And just a little reminder of what it looked like as we first moved in last year.  Before we tore down the wallpaper to find the damp and mould. Yum! So much better now.



For the record ... furniture before

I spent this morning moving some pieces into the bedroom to see what works. Needless to say I washed the floor again. The room is quite large and allows us to have a sitting area at one end. This will change with time because we have no bath upstairs and this end of the room will eventually become an ensuite and walk in robe. Of course that is waaaaaaay down the track as we wait to save up the money for this part of the project.


On to the furniture. I wanted to keep a record here of how things started out and how I worked on bits and pieces. The waterfall dresser is an art deco piece we picked up Newmarket Lifeline thrift store quite some time ago. We have had a couple of pieces of the chipped veneer replaced and I still need to stain and refinish it. I love doing this sort of hands on work. I'm hoping this is my project for next weekend. The leather chair is one of a pair of Robert Dunlop Tanderra chairs from the 70s. I like to mix up my eras. The screen is the rear side of a student piece I bought at auction when I was in design school. The other side is very elaborate with veneer and perforated metal but I think for the moment this brushed aluminium side is a good foil to the rich caramel colours that are starting to develop in the scheme. You can see to the side one of my 40s plywood chairs found on eBay. I have restored 2 but I still have this one and another to danish oil. The seats I covered in vintage bus roll fabric.  Finally a small love seat in flame stitch fabric. The fabric doesn't work colour wise in the room and is in bad condition anyway. I see an upholstery project coming on. I have a couple of striped kilims I'm thinking of recovering it in.

Of course there are rugs to go in and art for the walls. The fabric for the curtains still has to be bought then made up. Lamps need to go in. I have a fabulous brass 5 arm arc light that might just be perfect for the corner beside the love seat. Jewel like colour will be added in small doses through accesories and the art although most of the art is black and white. You'll just have to wait and see it develop over time with me. And I still have to show you the bed end of the room!



Cruisey Saturday. Coffee, thrifting, shops, got some great bread, chatting to friends. Thinking linen for my black bedroom curtains. Can get a good deal on the fabric (yes those are napkins but I can get the linen by the yard). Natural or ecru. Not sure. I'm leaning towards the ecru except now I don't want to call it ecru. It's more grey natural. Anyway .... that's my vintage suzani that will be my bedspread. Maybe some tortoiseshell cane blinds behind the linen drops. Reminds me I better buy a sewing machine. My old one is dead. Oh ombre! Maybe I can dip die the ends of the linen drops to get an ombre effect. Maybe not. There will be an awful lot of curtain!

I can't get enough of these inspiration images of Scott Newkirk's Brooklyn home on Michael Mundy's An Afternoon With ... but with black walls and a slightly more grey natural (let's not call it ecru) linen.


Back in black

I can't stay away from taking photos of my black room. I'd say it was because I was practicing with my new camera but you wouldn't believe me. Still haven't got the perfect picture yet. I'm sure you'll get sick of it soon :) The painter did the stairs today. I'm stuck upstairs on the computer listening to Adele and blog surfing. When the stairs are dry I can clean up the dust in the room and wash the floors. Didn't want to risk dust floating through the air and settling on my new old black stairs. Treads and risers only. Cedar rails, balustrades and stringer just tidied up with a matt estapol. Love love love love love. Everything stinks but hey that's the price you pay :)