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The dark side

I got home late. The sun was down. I couldn't find my tripod. I had to use flash. The floor is dirty. Etc, etc, etc. Still couldn't take a decent photo. It looks fabulous in real life. Dodgy in this out of focus flash photo. Think I'll wait until the weekend. Clean up. Move some furniture in and snap again. Welcome to the dark side.

P.S. That board across the corner is the old clothes hanger. Think wooden pegs shaker style.

UPDATE: I got home earlier today. Found my tripod. The sun was setting so still not great. I took these photos. A bit better. God those floors need a wash!


I see a red door and I want it painted black

Apologies to the Rolling Stones but I have always wanted my burgundy doors to be black. Now they are. Lovely gloss black. You'll see in the post below that my office has gone gallery white but my bedroom has turned to the dark side. Black, black and more black. Walls, trims all black. The ceiling is starting white but may just go black as well. We'll wait and see on that one. Once again the ugly ceiling fan combos are going but I'm not sure what light fitting will replace it just yet. You can see the befores and my original ideas for the room here.

And here's one of the early morning light flooding into my office across the hall. Our bed is currently jammed in there along with all the other furniture. Can't wait to start putting things together at last (the distressed orange cupboard is normally to the left of the fireplace). 10 months since we moved in and finally ..... finally my "treasures" will find a proper home.


We have progress!

The painter has started upstairs ... office, master bedroom, hall and stairs. I snapped these on Saturday. The office is finished. Completely white. I'm using this as my art studio as well so a gallery style white was in order. The floors will need to be refinished but I'm used to them now and it helps that I don't have to be too careful with paint spills when I'm working on a canvas. (That's the excuse I am using at the moment anyway.) I can't set it up again because we have now moved our bed in as Paul the painter starts on the bedroom tomorrow. Things have changed since I snapped these photos. The doors and architraves are now gloss black. No burgundy anywhere and the window at the top of the stairs is also a sexy black gloss.  I'm going to have Paul paint the stair risers and treads black too but keep the rails in the original cedar to match the original floors. I need to put up more of the white silk lanterns and change out or cover the strings that are holding them.

The back of my front door is, guess what, black gloss. Everything looks so clean and bright but I kept the walls imperfect so their age shows through. The ugly brown fan light combo in the office is going but for now I'll be use a vintage fish trap as a shade. New light fittings are not in the budget right now. Who knows I may keep the cane trap if it looks cool enough. The plan drawers will get a coat of paint. I'm tossing up about window covers. Once again a long term plan as money is tight. The sofa stays and I have several other chairs and a great coffee table. My desk is to the left. Art all over the walls and I'll feel right at home.

Look at those old tongue and groove (bead board) ceilings! So high! So white! I saw the sun shining into this room on Sunday morning and it was perfect! Next is the bedroom. Can you guess what colour? Definitely not white. The black gloss doors should give you a hint.


Just after breakfast

The toast has been scraped through the last of the runny eggs. The second cup of tea is finished. The washing up is done. Sunday morning is one of my favourite times of the week. Thought I'd show you my new painting in place in the kitchen. Loose Ends by Craig Amos. The daisies are blooming all over my garden and surprise surprise there are freesias popping up in the garden out front. Divine smell. Thought I'd show you a couple of things we've picked up lately. The biggest coolest tailor's scissors. So sharp and they make that wonderful heavy chirrup sound as you cut along the tabletop. I love all things "tape measure" so 2 old folding yard sticks and a wonderful old bakelite tape measure reel. The Midwinter Stonehenge Moon coffee pot was a $4 Vinnies find. I have the Sun dinner set already as you can see. Nothing much is happening today. I did have plans to work some more on the kitchen but my poor sore gammy leg put paid to that. Guess I'll just be drinking tea, reading the paper and taking nana naps before I head back to work tomorrow. Sigh.


Japan black, new art and a chair

Please don't ask. The kitchen quick make-do reno ground to a halt and not much has happened for weeks and weeks and weeks. Finally the plywood for the counter tops has been cut and sanded and today I applied a japan black stain and varnish combo. It's a little dark for my liking because I couldn't thin it down. K picked up a stain and varnish combo instead of just the stain and well I was too lazy to go back to the store to get just the stain. It's turned the ply a rich dark colour with the grain showing through. This is one coat and it's still wet. It is quite matt when dry. I'll have to wait a day (which translates to next weekend) when I'll try sanding it back a bit to see what the effect looks like. If it looks like sh*t then I'll just apply another coat. I haven't glued and nailed it in place yet while I play around with the finish.


That's one of my new art pieces. Tyra Mail by local artist Ruffo. Here's a better shot. It may not stay there though. I have a fabulous70s metallic poster (tea pots and pop art stripes) that might just be the right size for that spot. It's at the back of the shed though. Hmmmm.

Here's the other side of the room. Remember I still have to glue the tops down and nail on a plywood trim along the edges. So maybe in a few more months I'll have more shots for you. One thing I do have to do still is repaint the cupboards in gloss. The matt finish is sexy but SOOOOOOO impractical. Marks and scratches, greasy fingerprints, water drops. Urgh! I tried waxing it but that was a complete waste of time. Thank God I only tested on one door otherwise I'd be stripping the wax grease off before painting!


2 more pieces I bought at a recent exhibition. The first is by Craig Amos, Loose Ends (I have 4 small pieces of his already in the kitchen) and a pen drawing by Sharon McKenzie, large and quite striking in person. The photo just doesn't do it justice.

I picked up one more thing this weekend. A depression era style chair (except I think it is 40s not 30s). It's made from an old wooden box and still "upholstered" in its original barkcloth. It is so ugly that it's really quite lovely in person. Here's a photo in the shop. I'll take a better shot at home when I can. I'm fascinated that someone made this for their home all those years ago from bits and pieces they cobbled together. That even though they had no money to buy the real thing, they wanted to be stylish, to have pretty things.