Rove Concepts


Bought myself this ...

... from here. Got it for a good price too (about a third of what I can get them online here). I know I know people say the suzani fad is over but I just love handmade textiles especially if they are 335 x 264 cm. And the suzani fad hasn't even really started in Australia ... really! I love that it is a dirty faded red brown. At least I hope it is :) Should be arriving in about 4 weeks. I may have to restyle my bedroom or cover a chair.


I love how this eBay seller photoshops the pieces into rooms. Somehow I don't think it's quite this big. A little eBay licence?


Chairs to cheer me up

The house hunt is making me scream. Two inspections today and BOTH were already under contract before we got there. Even though we specifically asked before we arranged the viewing, no, they were sold. We were the back ups in case the contracts fall over. A common practice here. So I went thrift shopping to cheer myself up. Usual bric-a-brac and these. Six pine dining chairs from the late 70s early 80s. I have always loved chairs like these. Look at those sexy rounded ends to the legs. I can't wait till the 80s are in full revival. I don't think I ever left. It was my time baby! I'm thinking new sling backs (they are removable) in leather (if I really want to blow the budget) or perhaps a natural coloured rough textured raffia like fabric. Wouldn't pigskin be fabulous and totally politically incorrect. I'm going for a rough luxe meets retro timber pieces with lots of texture look in the new house. Oh yes I forgot didn't I .... I don't have a new place yet. I hope there's room in my garage to store these!




Have I told you that I am addicted to thrifting? I love the hunt, the surprise, the re-use/recycle approach, the fact that money is raised in many of these shops for charities and the fact that I can buy things for next to nothing. Yesterday was a shocking day. I found nothing. But when I piled together my finds from the past couple of weeks I realised I had nothing to complain about. Sadly most of these will be packed away until we move, when we move, if we move. Oh but when we do I'll go on a styling frenzy! You can some of my recent finds here.


Now if I could just buy a house....

.... I might be able to fit these in. Hopefully good news on that soon. Hopefully. In the meantime I am buying furniture that won't fit in my apartment (groaning at the seams). The wonderful Katherine from The Old Boathouse tempted me on eBay with these and I jumped. I'm thinking either side of a bed in a boho guest room. I'm itching to see what my Tolomeo lamps look like on them. Or perhaps beside an old cast iron tub in the bathroom I don't yet have or on the large veranda of the large Queenslander that I know is waiting out there for me at a bargain price (ha-ha who am I kidding?!). One day, yes one day this page will be full of photos of my new home and the endless renovations I know I will face and not just my ebay finds. I promise :) We pick the tables up tomorrow.


The ones that got away

Sometimes eBay can be a bitch. It leads you on, promises so much then disappoints you bitterly. I love these chairs. I'd pay a small fortune for them but my idea of a small fortune is obviously in a much different league to the small fortune bidder v***n paid. Oh why eBay? Oh why did you show me these beauties and toy with my heart? I'm saving the pictures here and sending my spies out to find me some more. If one pair could be found in Brisbane then there must be more.

Here are just a few more shots. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. One day you will be mine!