Rove Concepts



Say hi to the newest member of our family. His name is Gordon. He's 95cm tall, armless, fibreglass and just a little unsettling when you first set eyes on him. Actually it 's his eyes that freak me out the most but I love him still. I'm thinking drill a hole in his head, feed up some wiring through a hole in his foot (already there so I will only have to inflict pain on him once), a heavy base with pole to fit into the other foot where his old stand used to attach ... following me? ... and a lamp fitting on top of his head. Wack on a shade and we are ready to go. Maybe a dimmer switch. He's my next project. Okay I'm as weird as Gordon but you can't accuse me of being boring. I showed Kim before I bid on him and I can't print what she said ;P I imagine him sitting on this beautiful old rustic 16 drawer buffet I have with a large ornate mirror, an abstract painting leaning against it and some of my large WG pots as a counterbalance. Thanks to Katherine from The Old Boathouse for listing him on eBay! (The photos are hers. Think of them as befores.) Stay tune tomorrow I'll show you my other eBay and thrift shop finds.


1940s plywood chairs


The contract on the house fell over due to a very rusty, rotten roof. We had suspicions when we noticed that they had spray painted an old corrugated iron roof. What were they hiding? A rotten, leaking roof. Thankfully our builder inspected on a rainy day! On we go with search. To take my mind off things I have been working on some 1940s plywood chairs. Won them on eBay for pittance because they were in such a bad state. I was looking for something with a slight industrial look and these were perfect. After gluing, sanding and applying danish oil (they were SOOOOOOO dry they soaked up the oil before I could rub it in) it was time to recover the seat pads. I still have some vintage bus roll fabric left and convinced myself to use half a metre. I think they look great. What I really love is that you can read their hard life in their finish. Tough old chairs that have survived so much. I know exactly where these will go in my new home ... when I get a new home. For now they will live in the storage shed.


Here's what they looked like on eBay. I won two and then ended up buying 2 more from the seller. Hi Pete! The others are finished but I'm waiting to decide what fabric to use on their seats. I'm so strict with what I use my remaining bus roll fabric on as my stocks are getting low. I've also included a couple of shots of the work in progress. Time for the next project I think!




We have a new property!

Ha! It's a self storage shed we are renting until a house drops from the sky into our lap. I keep finding things that I just have to have and we have no more space at home. (There is a slight development on a house but I'm not saying more. Even now I know I have jinxed it!) What did I find this week? (Thanks to my main spy Ron!)  A 60 drawer card file. Happy dance, happy dance. (The photos had to be taken with a flash because there are no lights inside the storage sheds.) Bottom row of drawers needs work so they are at home waiting with all my other projects. This is bound for my studio/office space in my dream house ... or whatever house comes my way.


I'm out of control!


I have always wanted a plan file of my own ever since I was a young (cough, cough) interior design student at the Queensland University of Technology in the 90s. Those were the days when drawing plans by hand was still the way to go and although I was learning Autocad I still preferred a technical pen and T square (cue violin music and out of focus pull shot of interior design students wandering across a quadrangle). Today I bought one on eBay. I no longer need it for plans but it will be perfect for my art. A young friend is just finishing his apprenticeship in panel beating and spray painting and will be giving it a new coat of paint. I just have to decide what colour! That's the hard part. Any suggestions appreciated.

Here's my other purchase for the week. A tiny set of timber file drawers. I seem to have a file fetish going on. These will just get a clean and maybe a drink of oil. (All photos from eBay except the last ... I have no room in my garage to get a clear shot!) These drawers are old enough to have the "European labour only" stamp from the days of Australia's shameful White Australia policy.


No house, more chairs

We went to see a very "interesting" house on Saturday. Strange DIY renovations including lots of badly laid slate tiles and plastic milk crate trim to the window hoods ... don't ask! Busy road, overpriced and filthy. It is large though and would be an interesting challenge. We're going to offer way way below asking price and see what happens as it has been on the market for a year. You should have seen the other people there for the inspection run away, very quickly. I guess I can spray paint it all white and call it rough luxe. In the meantime I won these cane chairs on eBay from the lovely Katherine. I'm thinking sheep skin throw across the seat and maybe a canvas head roll pillow held on at the top by a leather belt. They are so low slung that I fear they will be a trap for old bones like mine. I may never get out!