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Smash, crash and it wasn't me

I think the kitchen is jinxed. I tumbled down last weekend. This weekend it was a kitchen cabinet. Kelvin was in the man cave listening to the football on the radio. I was in the kitchen nearby pasting more book covers to the wall. A pot of stock was bubbling on the stove. We are having pea and ham soup with pumpkin sour dough bread for dinner and I love to start from scratch making my own chicken stock before adding the ham hocks and finishing with the peas. Our football team was loosing. Mickey was lazily barking at a passerby. Smash, crash and the cabinet came down.

Not much damage. Just a broken cannister I use to wrangle my wooden spoons. Oh and a carrot. Crushed. It couldn't be saved. Maybe the kitchen isn't jinxed. I was intending to take the ugly cabinet down anyway to make room for open shelves. It just did it by itself :) Mess to clean up. A new home to be found for tins and jars, spices and potatoes. Makes that sad, cheap fan extractor look even more sad and cheap. A stainless hood is on the "to do" list as is a fix for my counter tops ... when I get time. I never seem to have time to finish anything.

Good news bad news with the wall though. Good news is that I am almost finished pasting but the bad news is not quite finished. I have the very top to do but I'm still finding it hard to hold on to the ladder with my sore paw. Next weekend maybe? Then the final push to finish the painting. I need to wax the cupboards. I'm getting sick of the flat matt finish already. It "marks" and gets dirty so easily. I wouldn't use it again. Thinking that waxing and buffing up will provide a more wipeable surface.

I went to a couple of art exhibition openings on Thursday night. A music inspired exhibition, a black and white showing and a local homewares store was also having a birthday party. Punk band, then jazz band, champagne, cheese, cupcakes and interesting people along a top of town street. Bought these 4 little acrylic paintings. They were the inspiration for a number of CD covers for a local indie band. Cheap as chips. Cute and perfect for a corner in my office. That's all I've got for you this weekend. I have to head back and finish cleaning up. Oh and finish the soup. Yum!


I tumble for ya'

Right off the ladder on Saturday. Sprained wrist. Bruised arse and equally bruised pride. Looks like I'll be starting again next weekend.



It's dark when I get home ...

... so pardon the flash. I glued a couple more last night. I'm going to do the major push this weekend (after I go to Pia's Brisbane book launch). I'm liking it more and more but it does need toning down a bit. Yes I am gluing it with PVA glue directly to the wall. I plan to leave this house in a pine box so it will be someone else's problem to remove it if they hate it :)

P.S. Need more coats on that skirting board. Told you I threw in the brush in frustration.


Sneak peek at the "wallpaper"

I have been so busy this weekend with family gatherings that the kitchen saw no action ... almost. I admit defeat as far as a professional finish on my painting. My edges are crap. I've got splatters all over the place. My photos are very "selective" :) I definitely need help. Painting should be fun. Because I am so bad I've left lots of jobs undone or worse half done. To cheer myself up I started a small section of my feature wall to see if it works. I'm wallpapering with vintage Penguin and Pelican book covers. OK it really is decoupage but I'm not finished yet. I need to sand and glaze and create a unique wall. I like an aged and worn look.


Don't worry about the bubbles. After looking at these photos I went back with a credit card and pushed the air out. I use a small hand-held sander to take the covers back a bit and apply glazes to tone the colours down, age them or wash them out and finally seal them. It's like a giant version of my art. I figured I'll need over 200 covers for this wall. I'm using the back covers primarily interspersed with 60s and 70s front covers all in blues (this ties in with the blue and white tesselated tiles in front of the wood burning stove) and occasionally I'm throwing in a vintage orange cover. Why back covers? Because I have heaps of them and I'm jealously hoarding the front covers for an upcoming exhibition.

Now I have to decide whether I go back to "wallpapering" my wall or finishing this week's posts. All I know is that until I get MUCH better at painting that side of things will stay unfinished. Help!!


A cautionary tale of knowing when to stop


Doesn't look like I've done much more does it? That's because every time I paint something I look up and think "damn the door needs painting now" or "I need to paint that bit of trim too" and on and on it goes. Lots and lots of things with one coat of paint. For now. I swear they will get a second coat this afternoon after a nana nap or a movie. It's a long weekend after all. I need to get my priorities right. If you are wondering what that metal cylinder is past the fireplace it's an old hot water heater that runs off the wood burning stove. It will go eventually probably when the plumber comes to do the new bathroom upstairs. Whenever that is! I'm getting good at selective vision. If I ignore it it isn't there :)