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Will this work as a bathroom vanity?

Bought this vanity this morning at a thrift store. I would use it in my bedroom but I already have a lovely art deco veneer and mirror waterfall dresser but this was such a good bargain I couldn't leave it. Plan one is if the art deco dresser is too big for the room then I'll use this (after restoring it and replacing that god awful green curtain fabric skirt) or perhaps I can modify it and use it with a basin as a bathroom vanity. Think stark modern wet room box inside an old room and this as a counterfoil to it. Still working on this idea. We'll see. Maybe I'll just sell it after I work on it :)

My poor little workshop patio is full of ongoing jobs. I'll be so glad to move in a few weeks and have a larger space to work in!


I'm on a roll! Fibreglass and leather 2 seater and chair

In the 70s and early 80s the Queensland Government commissioned these sets for the public spaces of their buildings. Some of you from Brisbane may remember them from the Art Gallery when it first opened. Yesterday I got my hands on 2 of them, a 2 seater sofa and a chair.


I was coming home on the train on Wednesday when I saw them outside a thrift store. A phone call or two and they were mine. I have loved these chairs ever since I first saw them in the art gallery way, way back. Now they are sitting in my tiny courtyard waiting to go to my new house! The best thing was the price. $150 for both.



They are in fairly good condition. A couple of small holes in the fibreglass shells but I'll get those fixed and then have them resprayed. The leather is lovely and beaten up and will just need a clean. Before you say where am I going to put them Kim I know exactly where and you'll have to wait 4 weeks to see :P The move is on soon and I can't wait!

Addit: I should have known that Katherine would lead me to what I needed to know. Designer of the art gallery = designer of the chairs. Robin Gibson. Here's a picture I borrowed from here with the chairs in place in the water mall of the gallery. Too cool! Can I fit a water mall in my 1860 house?


A post for Anita 

I have been sick all week. I vaguely remember going to work Monday then most of it is a blank. Unfortunately on top of a bad flu I developed a bacterial infection of my sinuses. Fun. Let's just say that antibiotics have kicked in and I feel just a tiny bit better. Thrifting has been on the back burner as my only journeys have been to and from my bed to the bathroom and once to the doctor's. Still I have a few treasures to share. Anita from Fun and VJs posted about Timo Sarpaneva's Festivo candlesticks last Tuesday and look what I found on Thursday after I visited the doctor ...


I think my favourite part of the doctor's visit was the thrift store next door and yes, I do choose my medical practitioners by their proximity to good thrift stores :) Keeping with the Finnish theme I found these cute little Arabia blue Anemone demitasse cups and saucers the week before just around the corner from work and yes, I do choose my workplace based on its proximity to good thrift stores :) The beauty of these little babies was the price - $4 for the pair while ugly bad ass coffee cups with no pedigree were going for so much more. This is the same thrift store were I found this Arabia beauty.


I'm finishing off my Finnish thrifting with this teeny, weeny Arabia vase. Truth be told I found this one a couple of months ago at, you guessed it, the Arabia shop thrift store around the corner from work. It was in the ten pieces for $1 throw out bin. For 10 cents! At least someone loves you now little vase.


If you'll excuse me now I'm off back to bed but before I go I was wondering if Anita would do a post on Ligne Roset's TOGO sofa. I need one to pop up in a thrift store near me!


Gone fishin' ...

We are waiting for the contract to go unconditional and then just a few more weeks after that and we move.  (Time frame is sometime in November.) In the meantime I'm doing what I always do when I have downtime. I shop. Here are my recent finds.

Yes that really is a fish diorama. Yes it is quite large and no I'm not stark raving mad. It's for Kelvin's office. I'm going for a gentleman's club meets vintage industrial meets artist look.This will add just a little kitsch to the mix. Really dark walls ... thinking inky blue, Oreo biscuit brown or even black (although I want the bedroom to be black), vintage metal desk, leather wing chair, divan upholstered in old kilims, big old silky oak and glass bookcase, lots of found objects, art and the fish. I need a name for him I think. I found him in my new favourite shop a few weeks ago. If I tell you it is called The Vintage Advantage and is owned by Glen Smith who is a worse hoarder collector than I am then you have to promise me that you won't rush to 185 Brisbane St, Ipswich and plunder all the good stuff before I can get back. Kelvin goes there a couple of times a week to keep me up to date on what's in. A few shots to whet your appetite. It's stuffed full of treasure and junk and must haves and oddities and don't get me started on the prices ... so cheap compared to Brisbane. OK I'm going to have to kill you now that I've let the secret out.



Love my new Bay Keramik viking boat vase from Glen and how about that West German pottery floor vase?! Still salivating over it weeks later.  I also won an old bench/pew on ebay from the lovely Katherine. A good clean, sand, oil and wax and it is waiting for its new home as a book bench/shelf/seat/lamp table along a long wall in either my office or the living room or perhaps the sunroom. Don't know yet. (OMG my grass is dead after winter. No sun in that part of the courtyard.)



before                                                                                     after



Thrift shops have been a bit hit and miss lately. Actually more miss than anything. A Wegdewood Pennine coffee pot for $4 and a Crown Lynn (New Zealand) dinner set for not a lot more. I'm hoping to do a rustic aged timber, black, brick and white kitchen and I'm on the hunt for crockery etc in rustic browns, wood and creamware for the open shelves. A pretty Italian handpainted vase. Unusual shape. Picked up a couple of iron and glass lanterns at Lifeline for a few dollars and they will be great for the outdoor area. My other great find lately was a set of 6 beaten brass bowls. Beautiful patina. Lovely footed Indian silver bowl too. Oh the purple West German vase is from Glen. He knows now that I'm a sucker for vintage WG pottery.  Help me! I already have over 50 pieces. I'm an addict! Last but not least my spy Ron (Hi Ron!) found me a metal medical cabinet. Beaten up, rusty and just perfect! Mickey likes it too.

Time to go. My latest eBay buy has been delivered (seller's pic above) and I have a lot of sanding ahead of me. I paid too much for this old stationery cupboard but it will make a great linen cupboard for my new bathroom ... in the house I haven't settled on yet. Wait till I'm done with it. You won't recognise it!


The chair gods were smiling ... or why a middle aged woman did a happy dance

My new chairs! Oh my new chairs!!! Can a chair give you an orgasm? What a silly question. Of course it can! Anita from Fun and VJs emailed me to let me know that a well known Brisbane retro collector was selling a few pieces to finance a new acquisition. The list was just too tempting. I gave in and bought 2 pairs of chairs. The first pair are Tanderra chairs from the Studio Line by Robert Dunlop. 70s, chunky and downright sexy. Pine, leather and anodised aluminium. I am in serious love with these. I told Kelvin they were for his man cave but I think they may have to live in my office. You can read more about Robert Dunlop here.

The second pair are Viking Chairs by Danish Quality Furniture (DQF). DQF was founded in 1958 by Eric Peterson, a Dane who immigrated to Brisbane. It bears an uncanny resemblance to Finn Juhl's Model 137 and is from the early 70s. Naughty Eric! But now I have two leather and blackbean chairs for a fraction of the cost of a vintage Danish piece. These will go in my new living room. The leather is divine. So soft. In case you didn't realised I'm actually purring as I write this.

I am so excited to share these that I didn't style anything, didn't try to snap at an angle to avoid the dead patches in the grass or the dog's tennis balls or the church pew up on carpenter's horses waiting to be restored. This is my "furniture workshop" where I tinker, restore and meditate while waxing or sanding. One day I'll have a real shed not a patio. Thanks again to Anita and many thanks to Chris. I'm off to do another happy dance and stroke my chairs :)