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Sunshine, parrots and a nice cup of tea

I love this time of year. Winter is almost over. The days are getting warmer. Spring is almost here. Nothing better than to sit in the sun and share a cup of tea with Portia and Bubba our Sun Conures. There's nothing that a parrot loves more than a nice cup of tea ... except a nice cup of tea and a piece of toast.

Portia (the girl) on the left. Bubba (the boy) on the right.

Out from the shadows behind my head. Hello Bubba. He likes to chew ear lobes. I like it when he doesn't.

Hello Portia. So pretty and such a sweet character. She likes to pull hairs. I like it when she doesn't. Just a couple more shots of Portia. Took these with my iPhone. No filters. Sun Conures really are that bright.


On rotation this week

Nina Simone of course. I've been screeching my lungs out singing along except my French is so bad that my "Ne Me Quitte Pas" sounds like "where's my keys for the car".


In the garden

I can't believe it's winter and the temperature today will be 27o C. I guess it is really only cold(ish) here for a couple of weeks a year. It is very dry though. Very little rain and a garden that is suffering. Most days I try to spray a little water around. This morning I got a chance to turn the hose on and play. Nothing like early morning light through stands of bamboo and a little jet of water.



A year ago

I've been going through old photos and found this table I set for a friend's birthday roughly this time last year. As I've spent today styling a wine maker's dinner at work today from the very early morning hours and no photos to share because my battery was flat I thought I'd pop these ones up instead. It's times like today that I wish I had a bathtub (only a shower) because my legs ache from climbing up and down a ladder hanging tree branches and fairy lights.

Day time shots just after the set up. Look how wonky those candles were. All of this was done with bits and pieces from home and foraged plants and fruit. Read that as no budget. And the night time shots. Ah so much better. Candle light is so forgiving :)


Collections #2

To polish or not to polish? That is the question.