Rove Concepts

How did that happen?

It's been months since I posted on this page. I know I have been crazy busy but honestly that's no excuse. I promise to be better. I really do. Here are a few photos from around the house where things haven't changed much. There are big plans afoot for starting to paint the exterior and install a new kitchen. I had hoped to stretch my renovation budget to include a new bathroom but serious rising damp issues have come up and money to install a drainage system must be found instead. More on my plans soon.

I sent my beni ourain out to be cleaned (Rug Wash at Richlands - cannot reccommend them enough!) and it was only when I took these pictures did I realise that the rug wasn't centred in the room. How did I not notice that there is a chair and a side table floating out on the tiles all on their lonesome? Needless to say that I got down on my hands and knees and dragged that bloody heavy rug back into the right position after I took these snaps. I feel so much better now.



The Klong Svante brass watering can by Broberg & Ridderstråle.


Collections #14

Bingo! Old lead flower flogs and vintage bingo cards. I have a thing for paper ephemera and find these frogs great for holding all sorts of things for a temporary/pop-up display.



Seriously in love with these buttery soft gloveskin leather shoes by Nashville-based Elizabeth Suzann. And there's even hair-on cowhide. Dear Lord how am I supposed to resist? I just have to keep chanting my mantra ... "need a new kitchen more, need a new kitchen more."


Tarlo and Graham

If I lived in Melbourne Tarlo and Graham's shop windows would always be dirty. They would be covered in my finger and nose prints. I'm sure I would never get enough during their opening hours. I'd spend my evenings peering into their wonderland through their plate plass windows. I love everything!