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The ones that got away

Sometimes eBay can be a bitch. It leads you on, promises so much then disappoints you bitterly. I love these chairs. I'd pay a small fortune for them but my idea of a small fortune is obviously in a much different league to the small fortune bidder v***n paid. Oh why eBay? Oh why did you show me these beauties and toy with my heart? I'm saving the pictures here and sending my spies out to find me some more. If one pair could be found in Brisbane then there must be more.

Here are just a few more shots. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. One day you will be mine!


Valentine's Day

I bought these on eBay for Kelvin for Valentine's Day. Two old medicine/herb containers cow bone and horn c1960. Hand carved buffalo horn top with cow-bone base with waxy natural patina typical of  Sindu Village, Lombok Island, Indonesia. So the seller said in his detailed description. They are part of the Rick Bennet collection of South East Asian and Melanesian tribal artifacts that is being sold on eBay for the next few months. Rick had a store in Brisbane some years ago and I bought a few pieces way back then. Oh how I loved that store. It was like an Aladin's cave. Kelvin is blind as most of you will know by now and I love buying him sculpture, actually anything 3D, so he can experience it through his hands. I also thought that he would get a kick out of the shamanistic connection. Haha! He got their Valentine's Day meaning straight way. He says he is going to store his Spanish Fly in them! Happy Valentine's Day my love even if I am a day early.





Sorry that I've been missing in action. Truth is I haven't been doing anything exciting. Work, work, work and blogging. I did however spend several hours with 1 million books on Sunday at the world's biggest secondhand book fair - the Lifeline Bookfest. There were reportedly over 4km of tables stacked with books so maybe I could count it as my daily exercise. My mission was to find retro design books and vintage Penguins. Sadly this year there weren't as many classic penguins from the 30s and 40s. (I'm to blame. I've been clearing out their stock every year!) Lots from the 60s and 70s though especially from the Pelican series. Eight bags stuffed with paperbacks. About 175 (or was that 172 ... I lost count) for $40. OK I won't waffle on about my love for Penguins. Instead I'll show you what I do with them. I keep the really old vintage ones in good condition for bookcases and the randomly styled book pile around the house but any damaged ones (and that's the majority) I use in mixed media pieces. These are some examples from a recent sell out exhibition.



At last....

Hello it's me. I had to take a couple of self portraits for a little project and I thought it might be time to post one here on the blog. Still shy. Still not the world's best photographer but here I am in all my 47 years of wear and tear. Hello at last!


This week's finds

I'm trying to cut down on my thrifting addiction. Fingers crossed we'll have a house soon (I hate auctions!) because I'm seriously running out of space. This week I did find a few treasures though that I couldn't resist. The laboratory jar is HUGE ... 53cm in fact. It and the shell lamp were eBay purchases. My second shell lamp. I'm hoping to use these on a veranda with lots of cane furniture and greenery. The sailing cup is from the 1931/1932 sailing season and is going straight to the man cave. Kelvin is a very good sailor so he's particularly happy with this find. Secretly my favourite is the Trobriand Island footed bowl. I LOVE Papua New Guinea pieces and I have several of these island carvings. OK that's it for this week. I just have to promise not to buy anything more next week. Most of these are going in my prop cupboard. It's so bad now that I have to rotate things out of storage because I have no room. Fingers crossed soon I will have news!!!!