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Who is Jo? Where does she live? Why have we never seen a photo of her? Why is she writing in the third person? Welcome to my page. When I heard I had my own page on this blog to say that I was a little nervous is an understatement. You see I'm a very private person. A very private person who, along with Kim, writes what has become a very popular blog. So it is time to reveal just a little bit about me.  

Hi my name is Jo and I am an interior design junkie. I live in Brisbane, Australia where for the moment my husband and I are renting an apartment. Perhaps by the time you read this I may have a new home. We have been trying to buy something for some time now. (Don't get me started on the real estate market here in Australia ... far too overpriced and under supplied.) The third member of my family is Mickey, my husband's guide dog and our fur baby. My husband you see is blind. Has been since he was 18. Ironic isn't it that I am obsessed by a highly visual field and Kelvin can vaguely remember green but has no idea what chartreuse is!

I think that's enough for my first entry. Hopefully this is where I'll reveal my dream home when we find it, take you on the journey to make it my own and curse, laugh and cry along the way. Welcome to my page!




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