Presents from Kim

Kim and I have a quaint habit. We are, you see, addicted to thrifting and to justify our never ending hunt for junk treasures we collect things for each other. Then to increase the fun we parcel them up and pay more than they are worth to post them to each other. Boxes travel regularly across the Pacific Ocean and Canadian land mass and the first we know about them is a note in our letter boxes because we missed the postman who won't leave them unattended. A trudge to the local post office and the junk treasure is ours. I just got my latest from Kim. LOVE it!

If I ever get my new house (fingers crossed there may be some sort of outcome this week), I plan to go a bit more neutral in my living room. The fabrics are wool and linen and just right for the layers of mattresses (think Princess and the pea) I plan for my sofas. The locker basket has me dancing a freestyle interpretative dance of joy. Australia never had a locker scene going on at school or work hence no locker baskets. My husband has already stolen this for his own use. I wonder where he put it. Extremely large rosary beads are cute, the chalk ware Mary and Jesus head is kitsch and the Quan Yin head is perfect for my shelves. Cute little trine boxes, some bright retro fabric, a great piece of screen-printed tree fabric, 2 Canadian magazines (DTI is featured in both) and the largest Chinese cork carving I have ever seen round out the box's contents. I collect cork carvings and this one is taking pride of place. Thanks Kim! You will have to wait a little longer for my parcel. I sent it surface mail, unlike you, you naughty girl!


Jo's page

Who is Jo? Where does she live? Why have we never seen a photo of her? Why is she writing in the third person? Welcome to my page. When I heard I had my own page on this blog to say that I was a little nervous is an understatement. You see I'm a very private person. A very private person who, along with Kim, writes what has become a very popular blog. So it is time to reveal just a little bit about me.  

Hi my name is Jo and I am an interior design junkie. I live in Brisbane, Australia where for the moment my husband and I are renting an apartment. Perhaps by the time you read this I may have a new home. We have been trying to buy something for some time now. (Don't get me started on the real estate market here in Australia ... far too overpriced and under supplied.) The third member of my family is Mickey, my husband's guide dog and our fur baby. My husband you see is blind. Has been since he was 18. Ironic isn't it that I am obsessed by a highly visual field and Kelvin can vaguely remember green but has no idea what chartreuse is!

I think that's enough for my first entry. Hopefully this is where I'll reveal my dream home when we find it, take you on the journey to make it my own and curse, laugh and cry along the way. Welcome to my page!




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