Rove Concepts

Collections #13

Vintage copper and brass platters.


Random kitchen things

After all this time (5 years) I'm still living with my old kitchen. We tarted it up as best we could. Paint on the walls, a vintage Penguin book cover feature wall, painted the cupboards, hang some old glass lights and covered the stained laminate benches with plywood but it's starting to get a little tired. I know exactly what I would do if money was no problem but things are a bit tight at the moment. I have plans for a simple renovation in the meantime. It involves IKEA carcasses, a stone counter top, new sink and taps and a long zinc topped table as workbench and a place to eat. No upper cabinets but I will need a stainless steel rangehood. Eventually the bathroom next door will move down into the stables and the laundry will move up to the bathroom and be part of a butler's pantry. Confused? I'm not. I've been planning this for years.


Favourite things

Another one of my favourite things. I bought this vinatge curly cane bedhead from @katherinetheoldboathouse far too many years ago. I do believe Katherine that it was the very first thing I purchased from you. I love how striking it is against my black walls.


Leather love

Oh my! Want. Need. Piper bedhead by Heatherly Design.


Collections #11 and #12

Rust. Some real. Some painted with Porter's Paint Liquid Iron and Instant Rust.

Old pottery bottles. I have dozens of these but they are packed away in a box at the bottom of a big pile of boxes. Hmmmm. Should I dig them out and scatter them around the house?